Nesbitt Memorial Library

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Wade Collection (Ms. 87)

Original documents donated by Roger and Marilyn Wade.


Box 1:

01        Letter Robert Tait to CW Tait 1849—transcription included, 2013

02        Columbus Civic Club publication “Treasured Thoughts of My Friends” belonging to Mrs. Jas T. Johnson with personal comments

03        History of Columbus 1935-1973 by Mrs. O.A. Schade

04        Columbus Hotel Stationary from the Kudlow Hotel and Carter Hotel, Lockhart—5/2016

05        Pecan Valley Farm Stationary 5/2016

06        Oversized, located on bookshelf aisle 4A top shelf 1, box labeled oversided GA--Contains Colorado County 1969 Voter Registration—3 sets of records dated 2/28/1969, 3/1/1969, 3/14/1969—found on former site of Alleyton Post Office—2016

07        Paper by J.V. Woodrick “Routes, Camps and River Crossings of the Mexican Army near Columbus, TX March-May 1836.

08        Paper written by Bill Stein and presented at the Texas State Historical Association by Donaly Brice after his death “Tendick the Carpetbagger”

Contains a CDV of Senator Robert Peter Tendick—April 2014

09        Email correspondence relating to the Confederate Hospital in Columbus, TX, 10, 2016 Contains scanned copies of the following documents:

List from NARA M331 Confederate Hospitals in Texas

Office of Medical Director District of Texas, 1/8/1863 to Dr. R. B. Robinson, Surgeon in Charge

Document to Dr. Robinson 12/6/1863

10        Affidavit to an Account and Statement of Account from Dr. Robert Henry Harrison to estate of Warren S. Stafford Dec. 1895—10/2016

11        Cancelled checks (4) from the R.E. Stafford and Company dated 1895

12        Letter on Frazell & Autrey, Exchange and Banking Office, Columbus, Texas letterhead dated Sept. 25, 1877 to A.J. Hinton concerning affairs of Dr. Charles W. Tait and Louisa Tait with respect to the estate of Edward Blackdee.

13        Documents from Mrs. Henry Jacob Senftenberg: Driver’s License 1937-1939 and Dallas Public School record 1905

14        Documents from Mr. Henry Jacob Senftenberg: Birth Certificate 1877, marriage license 1908 and voting exemption card 1940

15        1908 calendar labeled “calendar year of Mother and Dads year of marriage Eula Willie and Henry Jacob Senftenberg” gifted together with Senftenberg family photos contained in the Archives Photo Collection 05709-05732

16        Account of sales of the effects of S.H. Peters deceased on the 24th March, 1843 for two/thirds of their appraised value on a twelve month credit.  Purchasers—John Pinchback, W.B. Deweese, Martin D. Ramsey, James Burleson, Leander Beeson, Moses Townsend, G.W. Gardner, John C. Samby(?), M. Hutchins, A. Carter, James Peacock, R.H. Hill;  Isam Tooke, administrator of estate; signed by John F. Miller, Chief Justice of Colorado County, July 31, 1843.

17.       Columbus Historic Preservation Trust History Forum Presentation “U.S. Hwy 90 Bridge History” January 22, 2013.

18.       Columbus Historic Preservation Trust History Forum Presentation “Great Flood of 1913” January 21, 2014.

19.       Columbus Historic Preservation Trust History Forum Presentation “Colorado County Courthouse” and “Colorado County Courthouse Interior and Exterior Restoration” by Chris Hutson, Volz O’Connell Hutson Architects January 20, 2015.

20.       Columbus Historic Preservation Trust History Forum Presentation “Colorado County Transportation” January 19, 2016.

21.       Columbus Historic Preservation Trust History Forum Presentation “Reminiscences of Columbus” January 31, 2017.

22.       Columbus Historic Preservation Trust History Forum Presentation “Colorado County Service Stations” January 16, 2018.

23.       Harbert’s Garage Restoration and Microbrewery Project, 2018.


24.       Notebook containing Application for Cultural District for Columbus, TX May, 2015



Box 2:

01    Property appraisal for M. Bostick, deceased dated September 2, 1840. Original document and transcription.

02    Petition by E. W. Perry concerning the estate of B.M. Dougherty, deceased dated May 1, 1847. Original document and transcription.

03    Administration of Sale Leander Beeson to Adm. L.L. Gibson, deceased, dated August 10, 1847. Original document and transcription.

04    Contract for property purchase Johann Tomek to Edwin Malsch dated July 16, 1873. Original document and transcription.

05    Deed of Conveyance Johann Tomek to M. Malsch dated April 1, 1874. Original document and transcription.

06    Deed of Conveyance Johann Tomek to M. Malsch, estate dated March 24, 1879. Original document and transcription.

07    Correspondence letter to Menger House in Eagle Lake from B.H. Tally dated October 5, 1879. Original document and transcription.

08    Correspondence letter from Wm. L.Buchanan to Mrs. W.A. Menger dated October 10, 1879. Original document and transcription.

09    Correspondence concerning supplying a fishery from C.C. Teal to Mrs. W.A. Menger dated March 6, 1880. Original document and transcription.

10    Correspondence letterhead Foard, Thompson and Townsend to D.H. Hardy concerning reserving the name “South Texas Oil and Mining Company” signed H.A. Townsend, dated April 24, 1901. Original document and transcription.