Nesbitt Memorial Library

Archival Manuscript Collections

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    Lee Quinn Nesbitt Papers (was Ms. 1, now Lee Nesbitt Collection) Page
    Thurmond B. West Collection (Ms. 2) Page
    Homer L. Koliba Papers (Ms. 3) Page
    Lois Stafford Burt Collection (Ms. 4) Page
    Small Donations Collection (Ms. 5) Page
    Draper/McCormick Papers (Ms. 6) Page
    City of Columbus Papers (Ms. 7) Page
    Dittmar/Hinkel Papers (Ms. 8) Page
    Colorado County Citizen Collection (Ms. 9) Page
    Simon H. Koenig Papers (Ms. 10) Page
    Seymour Family Papers (Ms. 11) Page
    Harold Untermeyer Papers (Ms. 12) Page
    Weimar Mercury Collection (Ms. 13) Page
    James H. Wooten Collection (Ms. 14) Page
    Keith/Traylor Papers (Ms. 15) Page
    Mary Breit Collection (Ms. 16) Page
    Columbus Study Club Papers (Ms. 17) Page
    Columbus Rotary Club Papers (Ms. 18) Page
    Columbus Music Club Papers (Ms. 19) Page
    Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce Papers (Ms. 20) Page
    Walter and Hattie May Everett Dick Papers (Ms. 21) Page
    Nada Photograph Collection (Ms. 22) Page
    Gus Steger Papers (Ms. 23) Page
    Arthur L. Schuette Papers (Ms. 24) Page
    Shropshire-Upton Chapter, U. D. C. Collection (Ms. 25) Page
    Velva Burrell Papers (Ms. 26) Page
    Charles Renz Collection (was Ms. 27, assimilated into photograph collection) Page
    Mary Cullinan Cravens Papers (Ms. 28) Page
    Columbus Garden Club Papers (Ms. 29) Page
    St. John's Episcopal Church Papers (Ms. 30) Page
    Richard Waldron Byars Papers (Ms. 31) Page
    Tait Family Papers (Ms. 32) Page
    William Henry Harrison Collection (Ms. 33) Page
    Joseph Jefferson Mansfield Papers (Ms. 34) Page
    Everett Family Papers (Ms. 35) Page
    Colorado County Chronicles Papers (Ms. 36) Page
    Leyendecker Family Papers (Ms. 37) Page
    Sophie Bridge River Observations Book (Ms. 38) Page
    Thomas T. Waddell Papers (Ms. 39) Page
    Ben H. Neal Family Papers (Ms. 40) Page
    Barry A. Crouch Collection (Ms. 41) Page
    Farmers Gin Company Papers (Ms. 42) Page
    Abstracts of Colorado County (Ms. 43) Page
    Magnolia Homes Tour Collection (Ms. 44) Page
    Trinity Lutheran Church Records (Ms. 45) Page
    Papers of the Alliance for a Clean Environment (Ms. 46) Page
    Tricil Papers (Ms. 47 Page
    Leon F. Dick Papers (Ms. 48) Page
    Osage Debating Club Records (Ms. 49) Page
    Harbert Family Papers (Ms. 50) Page
    First United Methodist Church, Columbus, Records (Ms. 51) Page
    Bianchi Letters (Ms. 52) Page
    Willow School Papers (Ms. 53) Page
    United Methodist Church of Eagle Lake Records (Ms. 54) Page
    New Beef Club Records (Ms. 55) Page
    Colorado Co. Economic Development Organization (Ms. 56) Page
    St. John's Lutheran Church of Ross Prairie Records (Ms. 57) Page
    Oakland-Mayes Collection (Ms. 58) Page
    Records of Xi Chi Kappa Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi (Ms. 59) Page
    Matthews Family Papers (Ms. 60) Page
    Gresham Marmion Collection (Ms. 61) Page
    Dusek Collection (Ms. 62) Page
    Prause/Uhlig Papers (Ms. 63) Page
    John O'Leary Papers (Ms. 64) Page
    Mid Town Park Papers (Ms. 65) Page
    Brandon Family Papers (Ms. 66) Page
    H. O. Priest Papers (Ms. 67) Page
    James T. Pettus Diary (Ms. 68) Page
    David C. Neer Letters (Ms. 69) Page
    Reconstruction Documents, Miscellaneous (Ms. 70) Page
    Klein Family Papers (Ms. 71) Page
    Caldwell Family Papers (Ms. 73) Page
    Docket Books of A. J. Ratliff, Justice of the Peace (Ms. 74) Page
    Mary Grant Papers (Ms. 75) Page
    William T. Eldridge Trial Transcriptions (Ms. 76) Page
    Henicke Family Collection (Ms. 77) Page
    First United Methodist Church, Weimar, Records (Ms. 78) Page
    Christ Episcopal Church, Eagle Lake, Records (Ms. 79) Page
    John S. Shropshire Papers (Ms. 80) Page
    Northrup School Scrapbooks (Ms. 81) Page
    Columbus Golf Association Records (Ms. 82) Page
    Schultz Family Papers (Ms. 83) Page
    Booker Memorial Temple, Columbus, Papers (Ms. 84) Page
    Lillie Reese Papers (Ms. 85) Page
    Illse Miller Collection (Ms. 86) Page
    Wade Collection (Ms. 87) Page
    Wegenhoft Family Papers (Ms. 88) Page
    Gordy Family Papers (Ms. 89) Page
    Mary Ann Pickens Family Papers (Ms. 90) Page
    Railroad Manuscript Collection (Ms. 91) Page
    James C. Kearney Manuscript Collection (Ms. 92) Page
    Dorothy Albrecht Papers (Ms. 93) Page
    Colorado County Democratic Party Papers (Ms. 95) Page
    Laura Ann Rau Manuscript Collection (Ms. 94) Page
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