Nesbitt Memorial Library

Railroad Manuscript Collection (Ms. 91)


Assorted railroad documents from the collection of J.T. Johnston, primarily relating to his work as agent for Southern Pacific Railroad in Glidden, Texas. Includes railroad receipts, expense bills, copies of booklets relating to locomotives, and blueprints of tables for gauging and maintenance. Material dates from 1880 to 1953. Oldest items are receipts from H.C. Everett, agent at Alleyton, Texas.

Items in individual boxes described below were donated by unidentified individuals.


001—Five railroad receipts showing payment by H.C. Everett, agent at Alleyton, Texas. Signed by Jacob E. Fisher, Assistant Treasurer, January 19, 1880--February 23, 1880.

002—Two Southern Pacific expense bills, 1888.

003—Railroad Shipping orders from Glidden store (33 items) from various clerks and locations dated December 6, 1912—May 5, 1914.

004—Two copies of booklet On the Road Trouble Shooting for General Motors Freight-Passenger Locomotive Models F7 and FP7, 5th edition, August 1952. Includes questions and answers, illustrations, and charts.

005—Two copies of operating manual for Alco Diesel-Electric GE Motor for railroad switches from American Locomotive Company, G.E. Co, Schonectady, NY, January 1953.

006—Three letters from Superintendent’s office to agents; Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio, Texas and New Orleans RR Co., July 7, 1913, July 25, 1913, April 11, 1914; three miscellaneous requests for items from agent to superintendent, March 9, 1914, March 17, 1914 and December 4, 1914

007—Book of Vouchers: request for time vouchers from Glidden to Assistant Superintendent dated June 21, 1912—August 31, 1912.

008—Code of rules, Association of American Railroads, January 1, 1946, 1947 1949 . Signed by J.T. Johnston, Roundhouse Foreman. Supplement to rules and regulations for employees, G,H,& SA RR, 1902.

009—Letter from Tyson Secrest, Division Chairman to W.L. Hershberger (Del Rio) and R.B. Moss (Glidden) regarding closing Round Houses on Sundays, May 19, 1946 and response letter from Moss to Secrest, May 27, 1946.

010—Track Inspector Record Book showing dates, mile markers and ties from 1947, 1948 and 1949.

011—Two blueprint tables for Gauging of various steel storage tanks at Algiers, Berwick, Lafayette, Echo, Glidden, San Antonio, D’Hanis, Del Rio, Sanderson, Valentine, El Paso dated November 15, 1912. Note from train historian: The chart shows the capacity and size of oil storage tanks with conversion size of tank to barrels it holds. Atlantic System. OVERSIZE Original in General Archives, Oversized 4A 1

012—Blueprint of table for gauging 55,000 bbl steel oil storage tanks, Del Rio, Glidden, San Antonio, Henderson, Valentine, El Paso. Illustration of Sanderson Tank.  OVERSIZE Original in General Archives, Oversized 4A 1

013—Blueprint of lubricating oil schedule. Includes passenger and freight service, local and through, no date. Note from train historian: 1940’s—1950 was the period of early diesel locomotives. OVERSIZE Original in General Archives, Oversized 4A 1

014—Blueprint chart showing content of oil cars and three letter size typed pages with capacity charts, inches to gallons. Oil cars for ML & T 17986—18085; LW—18086—18185; GH & SA – 18186—18285. OVERSIZE Original in General Archives, Oversized 4A 1

015—Blueprint Diagram of Flue Tools and Gauges #R—2545 giving revisions through 6-1-11. Dated March 24, 1912, San Antonio. Note from train historian: Series of pipes that go through the boilers. OVERSIZE Original in General Archives, Oversized 4A 1

016—Blueprint of Water Heating and Refilling System for Glidden Round House. No Date. Note from train historian: also known as the Boiler. OVERSIZE Original in General Archives, Oversized 4A 1

017—Biographical information about J.T. Johnston and family.


Box 2

018--Car Inspector Report Book not used as intended. Signed by Perry Chapman, caller. Opened on April 1, 1916. Forward call book for maintenance crews or locomotive crews of engineers and firemen.

Box 3

019--Glidden Roundhouse Fuel Book Dated January 1916 and Glidden Roundhouse Fuel Book dated July 1916.

Box 4

020--Cash Book for Alleyton Station signed by L.E. Letulle and dated 1886-1888. Note from train historian: payment for shipments on left side of page and outgoing monies on the right side of page.