Nesbitt Memorial Library

Richard Waldron Byars Papers (Ms. 31)


Photocopies of diaries kept by Richard Waldron Byars and of family Bible records and inserts, together with a transcription of a reminiscence written by Byars. The diaries and reminiscences deal with the cattle business around Colorado County, and various other subjects, including hog raising, rice growing, the sheriff's office, and early oil speculation near Beaumont. The original material was loaned to the library for photocopying in August 1995 by Martha Connor.


Reminiscence of R. W. Byars, written c. 1905, transcription (1-1)

Diary, 1895-1899, R. W. Byars, photocopy (1-2)

Diary, 1896-1899, R. W. Byars, photocopy (1-3)

Diary, 1898, R. W. Byars, photocopy (1-4)

Diary, 1899, R. W. Byars, photocopy (1-5)

Byars family Bible records, photocopy (1-6)

Simpson Bank check, photocopy (1-6)

Funeral notices, Casper W. Byars, Jesse Joyner Harrison, Nannie Thatcher Andrus, William Eldridge Bridge (1-6)