Nesbitt Memorial Library

Harbert Family Papers (Ms. 50)

Harbert Family Papers
Estate papers and other documents of William Harbert, Daniel Webster Harcourt, and family
members, dating from the 1850s to the early twentieth century, donated to the Colorado County
Archives by James H. Wooten, Jr.
William Harbert estate papers (1-1 through 1-4)
Daniel W. Harcourt estate papers (1-11)
William Harbert plantation, contracts for cultivation by freedmen (1-5)
Oath of Allegiance to the United States, Daniel W. Harcourt, 1867 (1-6)
Attorney's license, Daniel W. Harcourt, 1872 (1-7)
Colorado Citizen receipts, 1870s (1-8)
George W. Witting store account (1-9)
Louis Wink store account (1-9)
City of Columbus occupation tax receipt, 1904 (1-10)
John A. Harbert, accounts and correspondence (1-11)