Nesbitt Memorial Library

Velva Burrell Papers (Ms. 26)


Manuscript copy of Velva Whitley Burrell's unpublished book Blacks of Colorado County, Texas During the Nineteenth Century 1822-1900 and correspondence relating to it. Burrell, working from her home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, collected the material largely by mail. She donated it to the library in 1990.

Summary of Contents:

Correspondence regarding manuscript among Velva Burrell, Bill Stein, Jim Kearney, Anders Saustrup, Larry Uhlig, and Lil Stallmann (1-1 through 1-7)

Title page, dedication, and preface (1-8)

Chronology of African Americans and Other Matters:
1. Before the Colonization of Anglo-Texas (With Illustrations and Pictures) 1519-1821 (1-9)
2. The Era of Anglo-Texan Colonization (With Illustrations and Pictures) 1821-1835 (1-10)
3. Before the Emancipation of Texas Slaves (With Illustrations and Pictures) 1836-1865 (1-11)
4. The Era of Reconstruction (With Illustrations and Pictures) 1867-1877 (1-12)
5. Era of Segregation and Disenfranchisement (With Illustrations and Pictures) 1878-1900 (1-13)
6. Sources to be Credited (1-14)

Part 1: Slavery and Slaves (1-15)

Slavery in Anglo-Texas. Section 2 (1-16)

Slaves in the Runaway Scrape. Section 3 (1-17)

The Republic of Texas Proclamations Against Negroes. Section 4 (1-18)

Slavery in Colorado County. Section 5 (1-19)

Manifest of Slaves. Section 6 (1-20)

Slavery in Colorado County. Section 7 (1-21)

Slavery in Colorado County. Section 8 (1-22)

Copies of Deed Records—Colorado County, Texas. Section 9 (1-23)

Slavery in Colorado County. Section 10 (1-24)

Slavery in Colorado County. Section 11 (1-25)

Slavery in Colorado County. Section 12 (1-26)

Slavery in Colorado County. Dividing or Partitioning Slaves Among the Heirs (1-27)

Slavery in Colorado County. Mortgaging the Slaves (1-28)

Slavery in Colorado County. Inventory and Appraisement of Slaves (1-29)

Slavery in Colorado County. Hiring Out of Slaves (1-30)

Title page, Part 2 (1-31)

Marriage Regulations of Freed Persons—1866 (1-32)

Marriage Records of Negroes—Colorado County. Years 1869-1870 and 1900 (1-32)

Marriage Records—Colorado County, Texas. Freed Persons 1870 (1-33)

Marriage Records—Colorado County, Texas. Colored Persons. Last Year of the Nineteenth Century—1900 (1-34)

The State of Texas from Secession to Reconstruction (1-35)

Freedmen of Colorado County, Texas, Exercising Their Constitutional Rights (1-36)

The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands:
Bill Establishing the Freedmen's Bureau (1-37)
Operations in Colorado County, Texas at Columbus 1866-1870 (1-38)
Imprisoned Freedmen from Colorado County (1867) (1-39)
Freedmen Bureau Schools in Colorado County, Texas 1866 to 1870 (1-40)

A Profile of the Blacks of Colorado County Gleaned from the 1870 Federal Population Census and from Other Sources (1-41)

Illustrations of the Whitley Family (1-42)

Black Education in Colorado County, Texas During the Nineteenth Century. The Public Schools System (1-43)

Colored Education in Colorado County, Texas in the Nineteenth Century (1-44)

Court Cases in Colorado County, Texas. Indictments of Blacks, 1865-1871 (2-1)

Freed Persons on Trial in Colorado County (2-2)

Post-Bellum Colorado County, Texas. Together They Fought for Justice, and Won. A Former Master and A Former Slave. 1869-1870 (2-3)

Violence in Colorado County, Texas. News Coverage (2-4)

Black Religion in the Nineteenth Century (2-5)

The Yellow Fever Epidemic—News Items (2-6)

Sufferers of the Colorado Overflow of 1869 (2-7)

Colorado County, Texas Weathers the Great Storm of 1900 (2-8)

The 1870 Federal Population Census—Colorado County, Texas Precinct 1, Columbus (2-9)

Precinct 2, Columbus, Osage, Content, Oakland (2-10)

Precinct 3, Frelsburg (2-11)

Precinct 4, Alleyton, Eagle Lake (2-12)

Precinct 5, Eagle Lake (2-13)

Colorado County, Texas—1866: Poll Tax and County Tax, Freedman List (2-14)

Colorado County, Texas—1869: Assessment of Property, Freedman List (2-15)

Colorado County, Texas—1869: Assessment of Poll Tax, Freedman List (2-16)

Negroes in Texas Politics In the Nineteenth Century (2-17)

Colorado County, Texas In The Nineteenth Century. Negroes In The News. (2-18)

The Texas State Police in Colorado County, Texas 1870 to 1873 (2-19)

A Farrago of Subjects Relating to Blacks of Colorado County, Texas (2-20)

Part 2: Freedmen and Their Descendents (2-21)

Title pages, Part 3 (2-22)

Slave Owners (2-23)

Reconstruction Era (2-24)

Appendix: Slave Manifests, Registry of Births, Mortality Schedule, Assessment of Poll Tax, First Enlistments (2-25)

1880 Mortality Schedule (2-26)

Appendix, Part 2: Lists of Voters, Enforcement Acts (2-27)

Marriage Record Index of Colorado County (2-28)

The Narrative of a Former Slave of Colorado County, Texas (2-29)

Correspondence regarding Velva Burrel, 2018 (2-30)