Nesbitt Memorial Library

Towell Collection

This collection is comprised of family correspondence, legal documents dealing with Spindletop and genealogical information on the Towell Family of Columbus, Texas. Information on the Shaver, Shaw and McAdams families is also included.
ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 Towell 1 Allright Parking, History Of Booklets By Durell Carothers Houston, TX 1976
2 Towell 1 Allright Parking News Articles Regarding
Houston, TX 1930s-1990s
3 Towell 1 Allright Parking Stockholder's Report Booklet Houston, TX (Home Office) Modern Era
4 Towell 1 Beaumont, Roy Towell, Jr. Businesses Community Activities Beaumont, TX 1940s-1990s
5 Towell 1 Boone, Daniel Genealogy Genealogy Worksheet, Letters Various 1600s-1700s, Modern Era
6 Towell 1 Brooks, Hester, Miller Families Brief Family History Essay, Book Excerpt Primarily Southern U.S. 1800s-1900s
7 Towell 1 Carothers, Durell M. Postcard Photocopy Of Unknown 1910
8 Towell 1 Carothers, Durell Allright Memorial Newsletter Funeral Program Houston, TX 1994
9 Towell 1 Carothers, D. M. Correspondence Business/Personal, Various Houston, TX/Beaumont, TX 1960-1991
10 Towell 1 Carothers, Mary Towell (Mrs. H.W.) Personal Information, Photos Personal Information, Obituary Texas Colony; Columbus, TX 1800s-1900s
11 Towell 1 Carothers and Related Families Newspaper Articles Regarding
Columbus, Houston, Beaumont, Other 1900s
12 Towell 1 Carothers and Related Families Obituaries
Houston, Texas 1970s-1990s
13 Towell 1 Columbus/Colorado County History Includes Shaw, Towell Families Includes Immigrant List Columbus, TX/Colorado County, TX 1922; 1982
14 Towell 1 Correspondence, Towell & Related Families Various Subjects Photocopies Various 1700s-1800s
15 Towell 1 Gulf States Utilities Stockholder's Meeting Booklet Beaumont, TX 1975
16 Towell 1 Historical Archives Lists Especially as per Tennessee List(s) Of Various Modern Era
17 Towell 1 Historical, Genealogical Groups, Books, Libraries Brochures, Etc. Various Modern Era
18 Towell 1 "Humphrey Family Quarterly" Newsletter Includes Genealogy Various 1986
19 Towell 1 Humphrey (or Humphries) Family Genealogy Of Variety of Sources Various 1780-Modern Era
20 Towell 1 Humphries' Family History Includes Fayette Cnty., TX History Variety of Sources; Photos Various 1600s-1900s
21 Towell 1 Humphries, Pelham Personal Information Primarily Re: Spindletop Tennessee, Texas 1800s-1900s
22 Towell 1 Humphries, Pelham Estate, Descendants Periodicals, Letters Various 1980s-1990s
23 Towell 1 Humphries, Uriah Uriah Sr.; Uriah Jr. Genealogy; Newsletter; Will Various 1700s-1900s
24 Towell 1 Maps Tennessee, Other
Various Modern Era
25 Towell 1 McAdams Family Correspondence Regarding Genealogy Various 1700s, 1900s
26 Towell 1 McAdams Family Family History/Genealogy Research, Letter Various 1700s-1800s, primarily
27 Towell 1 McAdams Family Newsletters
Sherman Oaks, CA 1990-1992
28 Towell 1 McAdams Family Newsletters
Sherman Oaks, CA 1993-1995
29 Towell 1 McFaddin Family C. McFaddin Obit; Perkins Murder News Articles Regarding Beaumont, TX 1984, 1986-87
30 Towell 1 "The Marlett Story" Manuscript Re: Marlett Family Family History Tennessee, Texas Written in Modern Era
31 Towell 1 Mier Expedition (1842) Essay, Map, Other Connection to Shaw Family Texas, Mexico Written in Modern Era
32 Towell 1 Peskett, Hugh Re: Humphries Family Genealogy Preliminary Report, Other Texas 1980s-1990s
33 Towell 1 Photographs (Photocopies of) Unknown Perhaps Towell Family Unknown Unknown
34 Towell 1 Shaver Family Photos, Obituaries, Other Relation to Humphries Family Primarily Colorado County, TX 1911, 1960s-1980s
35 Towell 1 Shaw Family Censes Regarding
Colorado County, TX 1850, 1860, 1910
36 Towell 1 Shaw Family Historical Research, Essays
Primarily Colorado, Fayette Counties Modern Era
37 Towell 1 Shaw Family Genealogical Worksheets
Various 1800s-1900s
38 Towell 1 Shaw Family History Of
Primarily Colorado County, TX 1900s
39 Towell 1 Shaw Family History Of Publications, Directories Re: Various Modern Era Publications
40 Towell 1 Shaw Family News Articles Regarding Photocopies, Typed Copies Colorado County, TX 1800s-1900s
41 Towell 1 Shaw Family Obituaries Photocopies, Handwritten Colorado County, TX 1886(?); 20th Century
42 Towell 1 "Southern Magazine" Re: Spindletop Controversy Photocopies (Includes Letter) Jefferson County, TX 1989
43 Towell 1 "Southwestern Historical Quarterly" (Index) Early History Of Colorado County By Norma Shaw, M.A. Austin, TX 1955, 1957
44 Towell 1 Spindletop Oil Discovery Area Maps Regarding Shows Original Humphrey Land Jefferson County, TX Undated
45 Towell 1 Spindletop Oil Field History Of Various News/Magazine Articles Jefferson County, TX 1990s, early
46 Towell 1 Spindletop Oil Field Lawsuit Regarding Various News Articles Jefferson County, TX 1933
47 Towell 1 Spindletop Oil Field Lawsuit Regarding Legal Papers Pertaining To Tennessee; Texas 1944, 1948
48 Towell 1 Spindletop Oil Field Lawsuit Regarding Legal Papers/Synopses Re: Primarily Texas; Various 1980s-1990s
49 Towell 1 Spindletop Oil Field Lawsuits Regarding I News Articles Regarding Various, Primarily Beaumont, TX 1960s-1989
50 Towell 1 Spindletop Oil Field Lawsuits Regarding II News Articles Regarding Various, Primarily Beaumont, TX 1990-1995; Some Undated
51 Towell 1 Spindletop Oil Field Lawsuits Regarding Newspaper Clippings Beaumont; Houston, TX 1987-1994
52 Towell 1 "Tennessee Baptist" Obituaries, Marriage Notices Photocopy of Compilation Tennessee 1844-1862
53 Towell 1 "Tennessee Genealogical Magazine" Tennesseans in Illinois Photocopy of Partial List Tennessee; Illinois 1814-1820 (Compiled 1988)
54 Towell 1 Tennessee History 1760-1795 "The Overmountain Men" Photocopy of Partial History Tennessee 1970, published
55 Towell 1 Tennessee Marriages, Bonds 18th-19th Centuries Lists Of Photocopies Tennessee 1900s, compiled
56 Towell 1 Tennessee Settlements 18th-19th Centuries Partial Censes (Photocopies) Tennessee 1900s, compiled
57 Towell 1 Towell Family History I Following Immigration to America Letters, Lists, Excerpts, Wills Various 1900, prior to
58 Towell 1 Towell Family History II In U.S. Essays, Marriage Licenses, Etc. Various 1900, after
59 Towell 1 Towell and Related Families Genealogy Worksheets, Lineages
Various 18th-20th Centuries
60 Towell 1 Towell and Related Families Miscellaneous News Clippings, Excerpts, Other Various 1800s-1900s
61 Towell 1 Towell, Juanita Brown Personal Info, Correspondence High School Diploma, Etc. Eagle Lake, Beaumont, TX 1936-1990
62 Towell 1 Towell, Roy H. Jr. Book By Research, Catalog Sales Various 1965-1992
63 Towell 1 Towell, Roy H. Jr. Correspondence W/Jane Blanks Beaumont, TX; Houston, TX 1983-1990s
64 Towell 1 Towell, Roy H. Jr. Correspondence W/Jackie Carroll Beaumont, TX; Alabama 1987-1989
65 Towell 1 Towell, Roy H. Jr. Correspondence W/Jackie Carroll Beaumont, TX; Alabama 1990-1995
66 Towell 1 Towell, Roy H. Jr. Correspondence W/Nesbitt Memorial Library Columbus, TX; Beaumont, TX 1984-88; 1993
67 Towell 1 Towell, Roy H. Jr., Et Al Legal Papers, Records Birth Certificate, Deeds, Etc. Eagle Lake, TX; Beaumont, TX 1915-1971 (Gaps in Years)
68 Towell 2 Hess Family Family History, Genealogy Correspondence Re: Beaumont, TX; Flagstaff, AZ 1987-88
69 Towell 2 Jim Crow Law in Columbus and Texas Regarding Ike Towell Involvement News Reports, Etc. Columbus, TX 1880s-1934
70 Towell 2 Rainey, Catherine Towell Genealogy Of Including Rainey Family Tennessee, Illinois 1807-1868(?)
71 Towell 2 Towell, Alexander and Emily Family History Of; Stories Re: Includes Correspondence Re: Idaho, Alaska, Texas 1835-1937
72 Towell 2 Towell and Allied Families History Of Rockville, IN DAR Indiana, Various 1963, compiled
73 Towell 2 Towell, Carey Personal History Essay, Obituary Includes Photo Colorado County, Houston 1886-1956
74 Towell 2 Towell Family "The Towell Family Tree" Compiled by Raymond Towell Duncan, OK 1989
75 Towell 2 Towell, Frank and Glenda (Fink) Correspondence, Deaths Of
Illinois, Texas 1915-1987; 1986; 1988
76 Towell 2 Towell, Isaac Personal History Research Pennsylvania, Illinois 1764-1845
77 Towell 2 Towell, Dr. Isaac Personal History Research, Civil War Veteran Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas 1812-1890
78 Towell 2 Towell, Dr. Isaac, Children Of W/Mary Whitworth Towell Mary Died 1855 Tennessee; Columbus, TX 1832-1934
79 Towell 2 Towell, Isaac Jr. (Ike) Personal History, Suicide Of Includes Jim Crow Involvement Columbus, TX 1849-1934
80 Towell 2 Towell, Isaac Sr. & Descendants Genealogy Worksheets
Tennessee; Columbus, TX 1700s-1900s
81 Towell 2 Towell, Isaac, M.D. Accusations of Abortion, Murder Also Receipts Columbus, TX and Various Other 1800s
82 Towell 2 Towell, Ike, Wife, Others Wife's Obituary; Ina Towell Obit Other Newspaper Clippings Beaumont, TX 1964
83 Towell 2 Towell, James W. Civil War Records
Tennessee; Colorado County, TX 1864; 1917; 1990s
84 Towell 2 Towell, James W.; Others Photographs Photocopies, Reproductions Colorado County, TX 1900s, early
85 Towell 2 Towell, James Whitworth & Family Obituaries, Death Notices Includes Lizzie Rice Obituary Colorado County, TX 1919; 1925; 1953; 1964
86 Towell 2 Towell, James Whitworth Personal Information Re: 1910 Census, Other Tennessee; Colorado County, TX 1847-1919
87 Towell 2 Towell, James W./Shaw, Carey Cotton Gin & Electric Light Plant Essays, Platts Columbus, TX 1890s-Early 20th C.
88 Towell 2 Towell/Johnson/Williford Families Family Tree(s)
Various 1800s-1900s
89 Towell 2 Towells, Migrations Of In PA; VA; N. Carolina Book Excerpts, Letter, Other
18th-19th C.
90 Towell 2 Towell/Pyle Families History Of Research; Correspondence Various 1980s-?
91 Towell 2 Towell, Related Families "Little Brown Book" (Photocopy) Family History Various 1764-1834; 1914; 1925
92 Towell 2 Towell, Related Families Newspaper Clippings Re
Various 1920s-1990s
93 Towell 2 Towell, Related Families Obituaries Some Unknown Connections Various, Many Colorado County 1800s-1900s
94 Towell 2 Towell, Roy Jr. Towell Family Search Completed Genealogy Worksheets Various 1980s, 1990s, Probably
95 Towell 2 Towell, Roy Jr. Towell Family Search Correspondence Re: Various 1994
96 Towell 2 Towell, Roy H. Jr. Correspondence W/Bob & Judy Martin Oregon; Texas 1994-1995
97 Towell 2 Towell, Roy H. Jr. Correspondence W/Mary Lee Page Beaumont, TX; San Diego, CA 1983-1995
98 Towell 2 Towell, Roy H. Jr. Correspondence I Various Various 1973; 1976; 1982-1987
99 Towell 2 Towell, Roy H. Jr. Correspondence II Various Various 1988-1995
100 Towell 2 Towell, Roy H. Jr. Personal History
Eagle Lake/Beaumont, TX 1915-Late 1990s(?)
101 Towell 2 Towell Surname Directory List of Known Towells
Various Modern Era
102 Towell 2 Towell Surname & Family Origins Includes Maps
Primarily Ireland 900s; 1500s-1800s
103 Towell 2 Towell, Samuel Curtis M.D. Genealogy/Personal Information Censes, Cemetery Records, etc. Illinois; Texas 1839-1904
104 Towell 2 Towell, William W. Personal Information Research, Death Certificate, etc. Columbus, TX/Houston, TX 1891-1932
105 Towell 2 Walker Family Family History News Articles, Death Notices, etc. Colorado County, TX/Other 1800s-1900s
106 Towell 2 "The Virginia Locator" Excerpt From Re: Towells Maps, Lists of Names, etc. Indiana 1981
107 Towell 2 Vollentine Family Family History/Reunion Info Correspondence Re: Texas 1983-1988
108 Towell 2 Wills & Estates Towell & Related Families
Various 1754-19th C
109 Towell 2 Yates Publishing Re: Humphries, Towell Families Genealogy Information Ozark, MO 1986, 1989