Nesbitt Memorial Library

Gresham Marmion Collection (Ms. 61)


Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other material relating to the 1935 double-lynching at Columbus. Some of the material was donated to the library by Charles Gresham Marmion in 1995. The xerographic copies of the district attorney’s papers were added to the collection in 1996.


Correspondence sent to Marmion by citizens and organizations regarding his attempt to stop the lynching (1-1)

Newspaper clippings and a cartoon regarding the lynching collected by Marmion (1-2)

Papers of the district attorney:

  1. Statement of Bennie Mitchell (1-3)
  2. Statement of Ernest Collins (1-3)
  3. Report of Everett M. Davenport, Texas Ranger (1-3)
  4. Letter from Rudolph A. Weinert to Otto P. Moore, November 7, 1935 (1-3)