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Check out our Dungeons and Dragons Club for ages 12 to 18. Learn and play the worlds greatest role-playing game.
"In play, kids play learn focus, cooperation, problem-solving, leadership, risk-assessment, and pretty much everything good except how to bake brownies" - Lenore Skenazy at

Looking to learn Dungeons and Dragons? We recommend reading the Player's Handbook for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. We have multiple copies in our collection available to check out, as well as you can find a PDF version here. If you have any question about playing  Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), or about the D&D Club, you can call and ask our Dungeon Master Cody at 979-732-3392 or email him at

Check Check out a Player's Handbook from the YA section here

Check out a free PDF version of the Player's Handbook here

DND Player's Handbook catalog.jpg DND Player's Handbook PDF.jpg

Check out a free PDF version of the
Monster Manual here


Check out a free PDF version of the Dungeon Master Guide here


Check out these recommended resources to both learn and research more about Dungeons and Dragons (DND). Also make sure to print out Character Sheets to get started, and you can also use google if you don't have a standard set of role-playing dice. If you would like your own physical set of dice we recommend checking online with the search "dnd dice set", or "campaign dice", or just look at your local store such as Walmart in the board and card game section.

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