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Abstracts of Colorado County (Ms. 43)


A survey of the rural lands of Colorado County made by the Works Progress Administration in 1936, giving data regarding ownership, agricultural production, and structures, complete with various maps. For each original survey in Colorado County, there is a master sheet listing the owners of the land within the survey in 1936 and providing a map showing the location of their tracts. There are also sheets for each 1936 owner within each survey listing the structures on the land and usually giving the date they were constructed, in addition to information regarding agricultural production.

Summary of Contents:

Master schedule (1-1)

Surveys, in alphabetical order:
J. S. Acuff - A. W. and J. W. Austin (Box 1)
Henry Austin - J. A. Blackburn (Box 2)
Oliver Blood - Edward D. Corbitt (Box 3)
S. M. P. Corder - George J. Duncan (Box 4)
John Dunlavy - Preston Gilbert (Box 5)
John L. Gilder - R. M. Johnson (Box 6)
Johnson & Stafford - William Lewis (Box 7)
Ludwig Lindstrand - Naham Mixon (Box 8)
Barnard Moller - N. D. Powell (Box 9)
M. A. Posey - H. & T. C. Railroad (Box 10)
Indianola Railroad - W. C. Railroad (Box 11)
John Ramm - Casper Simon (Box 12)
Emily Simpson - John Strider (Box 13)
Robert Tait - James Tyler (Box 14)
A. D. Valen - Adam Zumwalt (Box 15)