Nesbitt Memorial Library

Oakland-Mayes Collection (Ms. 58)

Miscellaneous papers of E. B. Mayes and H. B. Mayes relating primarily to Oakland and from 1878-1961.

Map of Oakland used to sell first lots by A. C. Hereford, 1878 (1-1)

Deed of Sale by of former Stafford property on Lot 6, Block 13, in Columbus by Sheriff Bridge to Simpson Bank, Columbus, 1905 (1-2)

Deeds of E. B. Mayes for property in Columbus, Oakland, and Alleyton, Texas (1-3)

Handwritten Deed; McIntosh to Callaway for Lots 2, 4, 5 in Block 5, Oakland (1-4)

Abstract of Title of Lots 2, 4, 5 in Block 5, Oakland for John McIntosh, 1913 (1-5)

Deed for Lots 1, 2, of Block 13, Columbus, 1914, E. B. Mayes (1-6)

Deposit slip, Simpson Bank, Columbus, 1914 (1-7)

Stock certificates of Ignaz Russek Bank, Schulenburg, and Oakland State Bank (1-8)

Vender’s lien notes to be paid to E. B. Mayes, 1916-1939 (1-9)

Release of vendor’s lien, Annie Herder to Willie Schultz, E. B. Mayes, 1922 (1-10)

Deed: Leslie Moore to H. Braden, land in Jesse Burnam League,1929, Columbus State Bank (1-11)

 1-12: Oakland State Bank Notes-Max Fowlkes, 1925-1938

 1-13: Columbus State Bank Note: W. W. Glass-1930

 1-14: Columbus State Bank Note: M. A. Venghaus-1930

 1-15: Oakland State Bank- Loan to A.G. Tesch-1932

 1-16: H. B. Mayes: Deeds 1929, 1941, 1948, 1949-Columbus

 1-17: Surveyor Document (B, Fitzpatrick) of Block 13, Columbus, 1949, E. B. Mayes

 1-18: Notes/Envelopes to E. B. Mayes-No Dates

 1-19: Land Survey of Oakland Cemetery-No Date

 1-20: Sale Oil, Gas, Mineral Rights by Tulane Gordon to E. B. Mayes-1943

 1-21: E.B. Mayes-Certificate Ref. Oil, Gas lease Alley League-1944

 1-22: Loans from Oakland State Bank to E. B. Mayes-1930-1931

 1-23: Oakland State Bank –Deeds, Notes-John Woytek-1931-1938

 1-24: Deed: O. C. Strunk to George W. Strunk-Lavaca Co. -1935

 1-25: Extension of Liens-H. B. Mayes-1932, 1935

 1-26: Loan Made By H. B. Mayes to Mittermeonn, Jr-1938

 1-27: Release of Vendor’s Lien Ernst Strunk to H. B. Mayes-1939

 1-28: Individual Income Tax Return-E. B. Mayes-1939

 1-29: E. B. Mayes: Annual Report of Sheriff E. B. Mayes-1940

 1-30: Income from Various Sources-1941

 2-1: Notary’s Document Ref: George W. Strunk to O. Strunk-1942 Lavaca Co.-J. P. Mayes, Jr.

 2-2: Correspondence to H. B. Mayes as Executor of E. B. Mayes Estate-1942-1948

 2-3: Copy Oil and Gas Lease-H. B. Mayes-1943

 2-4: Quit Claim Deed: 1948-H. B. Mayes-Oakland

 2-5: Notes Ref.: Old Deeds Blk 13, Columbus, 1948

 2-6: Treasurer’s Receipts of H. B. Mayes (3)-1948

 2-7: Deeds to H. B. Mayes-1949

 2-8: Homer B. Koliba: Contract of Inheritance from E. B. Mayes-1949

 2-9: Mayes Hotel Registers (2)-Mayes Hotel Expense List (1)-1949

 2-10: Deed of Sale to H. B. Mayes from H. B. Koliba-Mayes Hotel-1949

 2-11: Family Trees on Mayes Hotel stationery-Stallion-No Dates

 2-12: Correspondence to Judge H. B. Mayes re: Birth Certificates-1955

 2-13: District Court Abstract of Judgment-H. B. Mayes vs. A. G. Tesch-1955

 2-14: Columbus Water/Sewer System Receipts-1954-1955

 2-15: Cancelled Checks (Columbus State Bank) Signed by H.B. Mayes for Mayes Hotel 1954-1955

 2-16: H.B. Mayes: Columbus State Bank Checking Acct. Statements for Mayes Hotel

 2-17: Deeds of Property to J.P. Mayes, Runge, Karnes Co.-1961

 2-18: H.B. Mayes Estate Deeds-1954-1955

 2-19: H.B. Mayes Estate Notes, Documents

 2-20: H.B. Mayes-Gravel Lease-Columbus-1961

 2-21: Run Sheet by Colorado Co. Abstract Co.-No Date