Nesbitt Memorial Library

Gus Steger Papers (Ms. 23)


The personal files belonging to Gus Steger, an attorney and district attorney in Colorado County. Mr. Steger frequently dealt with oil leases in Colorado County. The assortment also relates to Steger’s personal interests.

 Includes: sports memorabilia, oil, gas, and mineral rights leases.  Material dates from 1914-1997.

Items in individual boxes described below were donated by the family of Gus Steger.


Box 1

001—Blue Bonnet Bowl correspondence, re-ticket (1960-1972) and tickets (1959-1968).

002—Newspaper articles re-football (1956-1969).

003—Programs and tickets to football and hockey games.

004—Correspondence, re-purchase of tickets (1953-1968), and cancelled checked (1959-1967). 


Box 2

001—Colorado ct savings and loans, mortgage payments ledgers, canceled checks (1958-1973), correspondence re-escrow (1965-), lien on property (1958), and construction on property (1958).

002—Rock Island area: maps of property and owners (oil and gas), and correspondence of re-sale of property (1950-).

003—Automobiles, canceled checks re-car purchase, info on cars (new and used), info on car accidents, Texaco maps, and maintenance of cars.

004—East Garwood area. Mineral info (1927-1965) and claims on land due to river bend change.

005—Northeast Bernardo area. John Martin Survey Abstract 401 and owners of plats (1849-1997).

006—The Texas Company (1951-1956). Introduction on mineral leasing of property, loaaᴕorm 1951 for G. F. Steger.

007—East Ramsey area. Mineral leasing information (June 1958-October 1963).

008—Northwest Frels Burg Area, Mineral leasing information (May 1960).

009—Southwest Eagle Lake. Plats of Eagle Lake area: mineral leasing information (1960-1961).

010—North Borden area. Mineral leasing information (1960-1961).

011—Texas Co.—Chesterville. Mineral leasing information (1956-1961).

012—Fayette County. Mineral leasing information (1960-1961).

013—North Alleyton. Sale of county property at public auction (November 1959), Platt of north Alleyton area (October 1961), owners of tract #16 (1914-1961), leasing information, will of Mrs. Lula Nichols, Annie Heller Lease 1962, Information on C. H. Wooten lease (1961), plat James Cornett survey abstract 141, Regional Taylor lease information (1961), Lucie D. Mitchell Et. al. lease information (1957), field notes 80.96 Acres—James Cornett Survey, C. H. Wooten lease information (1961), Mary A. Helfrick lease information (1959), Arnold Kansteiner—Awald Miller lease information (1959), J. H. Wooten et. Al. lease information (1958), sale of property Walter Kansteiner et. al. to H. L. Graff (1955), owners of land Jas. Cornett survey 141, R. J. Frocken survey 202, wm. David Survey 170, Katie J. Taylor estale (1957), and leasing information James Cornett Survey tracts 11 and 12 (1957).

014—Housh C.N. Oil operator (1951), correspondence re-water pollution claims, legal documents re-resolution of w.d. claims, and legal documents and correspondence re-right of way for access to leased property with mineral rights. 

015—Pipeline H.G.W. Department. Temporary gas line permit information Highway 71 and Highway 90 (1954), gas pipeline north street Columbus (1954), temporary gas line Washington St. and highway 71 intersection (1954), pipeline right of way across Whitfield 82 acres, temporary gas line correspondence across southern pacific lines (1956).

016—Legion Addition. Correspondence to W. J. Henicke re-oil and gas lease (1953), Antonio Hanak oil and gas lease information, correspondence re-error E.M. Jarley oil and gas lease (1954), Frank M. Davidson Survey correspondence, F.M. Tolbirt deed of land to Columbus Post of America Legion, subordination re-oil and gas lease Frank Braden, W. J. Henicke, E.H. Hinze and C. V. Jarley (1953), Divisions of interest 40 acre oil unit (1955), legion unit 40 acres of E. Tumlinson League (1953), and field notes and pencil sketches of pierce tract and N. end of legion addition.

017—HGW. 90—west acreage. Survey of Cecil Nobel F. Columbus (1955), survey of Cecil Noble Field (1953), Survey of Cecil Noble Field (1953), oil and gas minerals lease Reginal Taylor, deed of Margaret Townsen to W. L. Fosler (1932), Deed of Felix Fehrenkamp to Ernst Lowak (1934), and oil, gas, and mineral lease Reginal Taylor (1958).

018—HGW 71 area acreage. Oil, gas, and mineral leases. 1. Lilliam S. Mehrens and husband Owen Mehrens (1952), 2. Elbert Cassell and wife Shirley Casse II (1953), 3. W.R. Sronce, Sr. and wife Hattie Sronce (1953), 4. Clara M. Holland and husband Sam Holland (1953), 5. W. Robert Sronce, Jr. and wife Susie Sronce.

019—Glidden Area. Oil, gas, and mineral lease—Duve Miles and wife Leona Miles (1953). List of leases—Nathaniel Connor (1953), Prince A. Naumann and wife Ester Naumann (1942-1962), State of Texas, Morris Naumann (1939-1959), F. L. Becica (1948), Louis Schulenburg (1943), Light Stephenson (1952), Mrs. Grace Wink (1944), J. William Reimars (1945), Henry M. Ilse (1945), and Mrs. May Gregory (no date). Information of descendants of Mary and Tom Holloway—marriages and locations of same memorandums, re-various leases.

020—Irwin Addition area. Correspondence re-sale of land in Irwin Addition, subdivision Irwin Platt, Bill of Sale for tract of land E. E. Irwin to C. N. Housh, Deed from E. E. Irwin and wife Lela Irwin to C. N. Housh (1955), amended subdivision map and dedication—restrictions, re-use of land.

Box 4

01—Confessions. Info re: legality of confessions.

02—Death Penalty. Memo to Texas prosecutors re: Death Penalty 1972.

03—Elections. 1. Codes governing elections. 2. Newspaper clipping re: campaign data required of all candidates 1971. 3. Letter re: candidate fee and cost assessed for general primary 1968. 4. 1968 calendar of important dates. 5. Form for primary ballot. 6. Application for voter registration certificate. 7. Newspaper clipping An Immoral Lam 1965.  

04—Fine—Jail. Indigent unable to pay fine can’t be jailed.

05—Forms, Misc.

06—Guilty/Plea of. Texas Lawyers Weekly letter 11/17/71 and 6/17/70.

040—Health Officer. 1. Notes on contagious diseases and codes for quarantine. 2. An Act Proposal re: safety standards in institutions.

041—Highways Obstructing. 1. Notes re: laws governing public roads.

044—Inventory. 1. Letter on required inventory of all County owned property 1967. 2. Inventories of all County owned property 1963-1967. 3. Letter for request of chairs for county. 4. Newspaper notice re: Colorado County general funds present and proposed, Officers salary funds present and proposed, Road and Bridge funds present and proposed, Additional Ad Valorem Funds present and proposed 1971. 5. Forms for Inventory of County owned property.

047—Jeopardy/Double. 1. Texan Lawyer’s Weekly Letter 1970-1971.

048—Judgement and Sentence. 1. Form for Judgement, Plea of Guilty or Nolo Contendere. 2. Article on Jails—commutation for good conduct. 3. Sentence after Conviction.

050—Jury. 1. Texas Association of Counties newsletter 1972. 2. Written instructions for jury. 3. Texas Lawyer’s Weekly Newsletter Attorney General Opinion of Juries and Jury Wheels.