Nesbitt Memorial Library

James C. Kearney Manuscript Collection (Ms. 92)

MS 92 James C. Kearney Manuscript Collection


Description: The James C. Kearney Manuscript Collection contains genealogy research on individuals related to the origins of a family feud: Townsend-Reese Feud, in Columbus, Texas. The collection also contains case scripts, flyers, photocopies of copyright agreements, case files, letters, and manuscripts as well as Live Oaks and Dead Folks Cemetery Tour scripts.


Collection was donated by James C. Kearney in 2016


Box 1

01. Live Oaks and Dead Folks (2003-2006)

  1.  Scripts and Flyers

02. Photocopies of copyright agreement

  1. Photocopies of images/ paper with list; the page is titled “Illustrations.”
  2. Copies of newspaper articles/ written notes
  3. Copies of land Maps
  4. Bibliography of course readings (2014)
  5. Folder: Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal contains: The Epidemic of 1873, in Columbus, Texas and a folder full of images (copies).

03. Case Files (copies)

  1.  State of Texas v. Various Individuals
    1. Ben Stafford, has transcripts and summary of oral interview
    2. Sumner Townsend
    3. George Easley
    4. Richard Stafford
  2. Daughters of the American Revolution Application for Katherine Stafford Heatly
  3. Marriage Records
  4. Confederate Pension Application for William Henry Stafford

04. Manuscripts

  1. The Hanging Tree: The Murder of Geraldine Kollmann
  2. Short manuscript (2001)
  3. Audio Tape Transcripts (copy from November 1992) that concern Race Relations.
  4. African Americans and Texas Folklore- Paper by Brice A. Glasrud

05. Stafford

  1. Copies of records and newspapers
  2. Copy of Thomas Barnette Daniels Death Certificate, as well as
  3. Birth and Death Records for the Stafford family, hand written notes, and family genealogy

06. Various Articles/ copies

  1. Pictures and Articles from East Texas Historical Association
  2. Photographs at Conferences
  3. Christmas Cards

07. Letters

  1. Letter from Bill Stein to Jim Stafford
  2. Copies of Images
  3. White folder with Copies of German papers
    1. German Stamps (1922?)
    2. 3 cent US postage stamps (1846)
  4. Authentic Letter from High Kirkpatrick

08. Townsend-Reese Feud

  1. James Hopkins Compilation of Material

09. 1 Feud Documents (Starting in 1899)

10. 2 Feud Documents (1900 - ).

Box 2—Welch, Clapp-Ijams Families donated in 2022.

  1. Ledger Book and Tally Book belonging to J.M. Welch—1902
  2. Postcards—Correspondence—Welch-Clapp-Kearney—1906-1911
  3. Postcards—Correspondence—Welch-Clapp-Kearney—1907-1913
  4. Letters—Correspondence—Welch-Clapp-Ijams-Kearney—1907-1948
  5. Postcards—Correspondence and blank cards—Welch-Clapp-Kearney—1909-1937
  6. Obituary Newspaper Notices of Robert Clapp 4.18.1918 and Ninon Welch 9.26.1960
  7. Welch-Clapp Family Bible Pages—Births—1848-1885 and Deaths – 1878-1961
  8. Funeral Guest Registration Book for Ninon Welch—9.26.1960
  9. Photograph negatives
    • Briggs-KielionShop—1943;
    • Eleanor Freehorn Graves—1943;
    • Paul’s-- Julie, Ruth and Herbert Group—Christmas 1943
  10. Photograph negatives—

1) Hamilton Family—Gladys Kearney and Bob Hamilton—1943 and

2) 88 Ranch—Kearney—1970

  1. Photograph negatives—

1) Buddy and Patricia Ann Snow with Bob Snow at their Kerrville, TX home—1943

2) E. Esther’s baby—undated

  1. Photograph negatives—Johnnie Walder Family—1943--unidentified individuals in 3 envelopes
  2. Carte de visite—Welch-Clapp-Ijams—unidentified individuals—circa 1860-70s
  3. Tintypes—Welch-Clapp-Ijams—unidentified individuals—circa 1870-1910
  4. Unidentified pbotos—Welch-Clapp-Ijams—undated
  5. Unidentifed photos—Welch-Clapp-Ijams—undated
  6. Unidentified photos—Welch-Clapp-Ijams—undated
  7. Research and Supplemental Materials used to Identify Photographs
  8. D. Clapp—copy of Confederate Pension (Indigent Soldier) Application, 1899 and Muster Rol, 1863