Nesbitt Memorial Library

James H. Wooten Collection (Ms. 14)


Letters and other materials accumulated by James Harbert Wooten, Jr. and his father relating to World War I, the Columbus Home Guard, and the Boy Scouts in Columbus, plus a series of deeds detailing the transactions by which William Harbert built his plantation in the 1850s, and estate papers and other documents of William Harbert, Daniel Webster Harcourt, and family members, dating from the 1850s to the early twentieth century. James Harbert Wooten, Jr. donated part of the collection to the library in 1989. Some material which he had earlier donated to the Colorado County Archives was added to the library's collection later.


Boy Scouts, Columbus, Minute Book, manuals, magazine, 1927-1928 (1-29 through 1-33)

"Brief History of Columbus," written by an unknown school student, c. 1925 (1-2)

Colorado County Council of Defense, letterhead, 1918 (1-4)

Columbus High School, valedictory address of C. Harcourt Wooten, 1912 (1-1)

Election of 1922, suggested questionnaires for county judge and county commissioners (1-28)

Home Guard, Columbus:

  1. Resignation of J. R. Wooten as commander (1-15, 1-17 through 1-25)
  2. Request for pistol, 1919 (1-16)

Home Guard, Eagle Lake, receipt for guns, 1918 (1-5)

Land deeds:

  1. Elizabeth Hadden Elliott and Thomas W. Elliott to Cleveland Windrow, 1850 (1-34)
  2. Cleveland Windrow and Sally Ann Windrow to William Harbert, 1850 (1-35)
  3. Elizabeth Hadden Elliott to Cleveland Windrow, 1853 (1-36)
  4. James L. Taylor to Cleveland Windrow, 1855 (1-37)
  5. Cleveland Windrow to William Harbert, 1855 (1-38)
  6. Leander Beeson to J. F. T. Payne and D. C. Payne, 1854 (1- 39)
  7. J. F. T. Payne and D. C. Payne to William Harbert, 1856 (1-40)
  8. A. James Blackman to William Harbert, 1856 (1-41)

Miscellaneous correspondence: J. R. Wooten to George McCormick, 1903 (1-3)

World War I correspondence:

  1. J. H. Wooten to Paul D. Oakes (1-4)
  2. C. H. Wooten to J. H. Wooten (1-6, 1-7, 1-14)
  3. C. H. Wooten to J. H. Wooten, Jr. (1-8 through 1-13)
  4. George Barnett to Mrs. J. R. Wooten (1-27)