Nesbitt Memorial Library

Lillie Reese Papers (Ms. 85)



Material recovered from the former home of Lillie Reese, including the scrapbook which was the basis for the book Flaming Feuds of Colorado County. The Reese home was inherited by Mildred Campbell, who lived in it until the mid 2000s. Her son, Bruce Austin, began cleaning up the house in 2007. He donated material collected by Reese to the library on July 31, 2007 and on December 3, 2008.




Scrapbook of John Walter Reese (Box 1)

Letter, H. J. Strunk to Sam H. Reese, April 5, 1897 (1-1)

Letter, Oria Boone to Keron Reese, March 18, 1899 (1-1)

Iva Reese to Keron and Lillie Reese, November 11, 1920 (1-1)

Letter, John Walter Reese to Lillie Reese, June 27, 1917 (2-2)

Letter, John Walter Reese to Lillie Reese, July 4, 1917 (2-2)

Letter, John Walter Reese to Keron Reese, August 8, 1917 (2-2)

Letter, John Walter Reese to Keron Reese, October 17, 1917 (2-2)

Letter, KNOW Radio Station to Lillie Reese, October 2, 1933 (2-3)

Austin Conservatory of Music materials, 1931-1937 (2-3)

Reminiscence of Keron Reese written on the occasion of her death, 1944 (1-4)

Membership certificates, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Lillie Reese and Nuddie Lessing, 1960 (1-5)

Excerpts of the manuscript of Flaming Feuds of Colorado County (1-6)

Notes for Flaming Feuds of Colorado County (1-7)

Letter from Lillian Stallman to Lillie Reese, April 5, 1974 (1-8)

Card from Emily Flachmeier Engel to Lillie Reese, October 20, 1974 (1-8)

Program for Centennial celebration of First Baptist Church, Columbus, 1955 (1-8)

Columbus Music Club notes and programs, 1948, 1960s (2-9)

Family recipes (1-10)