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Mary Ann Pickens Family Papers (Ms. 90)


Documents regarding the Hopkins and Pickens families and local history donated by Mary Ann Pickens.


Box 1

  1. Columbus High School Class of 1930 graduation news articles, May 1930 and 50th class reunion April 19, 1980. Both James Hopkins and Mary Elizabeth Youens Hopkins were graduates, copy of a photograph of students from that class (better copy in archives photograph collection), original invitation to Commencement Exercises for Columbus High School Class of 1930.
  2. Article about Oscar Zumwalt from The Texas Druggist, March 1930.
  3. A Hundred Years of History 1837-1937.
  4. James Hopkins membership certificates to American International Charolais Assn, 1957,

American Charbray Breeders Association, 1951 and The Lions Club of Garwood, Past President recognition, 1947-1948.

  1. Zimmerscheidt-Leyendecker Home La Salle Chapter of Daughters of American Colonists Marker Dedication, October 25, 1961 and articles about the Zimmerscheidt-Leyendecker Home.
  2. Copies of Gedeon Stram Pen and Ink Drawings, 1968.
  3. History of the Colorado County Courthouse written and presented by Mary Elizabeth Hopkins around 1970.
  4. Documents related to the history of Winedale, Texas including Winedale Inn booklet.
  5. Certificate from Texas State Historical Survey Committee recognizing the Youens-Hopkins House as a Recorded Texas Historical Landmark, 1973.
  6. Newspaper clipping of DAR Daughters of the American Revolution tribute to Hattie Mae Everett Dick, October 1974.
  7. Newspaper clippings of the Historical Marker Dedication at the Mansfield Memorial Library, May, 1975.
  8. Newspaper clipping of presentation about Dr. Lawrence Augustine Washington, Jr. by Mary Elizabeth Hopkins to the Colorado County Historical Commission, March 18. 1976.
  9. Photos of Mary Elizabeth Hopkins with Historical Marker at the Stafford Opera House, Programs from the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration of the American Declaration of Independence, March 7, 1976, and Dedication of Official Texas State Historical Marker for the Trinity Lutheran Church of Frelsburg, April 23, 1978.
  10. Original Manuscript by Mary Elizabeth Hopkins “A Short History of Colorado County,” Chairman of the Colorado County Historical Commission, 1978.
  11. Newspaper clipping of Historical Marker dedication of the Montgomery-Thatcher Cemetery near Matthews, July 2, 1981.
  12. Newspaper clipping concerning program presented by Mary Elizabeth Hopkins entitled History of Colorado County Courthouses, September 24, 1981.
  13. Newspaper clipping concerning “Old Frelsburg Landmark Being Removed” (Dr. Bernhardt Fehrenkamp clay brick home,) March 11, 1982.
  14. Various correspondence during service as Chairman of the Colorado County Historical Commission:

1) Bob Bullock, Comptroller of Public Accounts

2) James Hightower, Commissioner of Agriculture

3) Texas Department of Agriculture Family Land Heritage Program

4) San Antonio Museum Association

5) Winedale Museum

6) National Guard Month

7) Butch Strunk concerning rural cemetery locations

8) Lester Cranek, Colorado County Judge, concerning appointment to Colorado County Historical Commission.

  1. Mary Elizabeth Hopkins named 1986 Woman of the Year by Beta Sigma Phi of Columbus, letters of congratulations, proclamation, and news clippings of the award.
  2. Magnolia Homes Tour newspaper insert, May 12, 1986.
  3. Program, poster, news clipping and correspondence concerning Our Hometown III, written by Nancy Stiles, performed on Feb. 17, 1996.
  4. Historic Texas Cemetery Marker Dedication for the Zimmerscheidt-Leyendecker Cemetery Jan 18, 2012.
  5. Notes on Antique Glass compiled and written by Mary Elizabeth Hopkins. Date unknown.
  6. Copy of article about mission that Lt. Albert Hahn was part of entitled Kiska Mission, June 19, 1943 issue of Saturday Evening Post. Original in General Archives, Oversized 4A 1
  7. Christmas card from S.K. Seymour to E.J. Brune posted Dec 23, 1935.
  8. Application for Texas Historic Cemetery for Osage Community Cemetery June 24, 2016; letter notifying of pending status June 15, 2016; letter, press release and certificate designating Osage Community Cemetery as an Historic Texas Cemetery June 24, 2016.

Box 2

  1. Historic documents relating to Zimmerscheidt School, 1857-1893; original pencil sketch by Bob Pickens showing location of two different school buildings and deed records from 1856 to 1874.

1) list of students Feb. 1857-Aug. 1857 School District 8.

2) Certificate appointing J.F. Leyendecker as trustee of Leyendecker Neighborhood School #17 in Colorado County.

3) Survey of school and in school precinct No 57 of Zimmerscheidt League—H.F. Ditman Surveyor.

4) Deed from F. Buescher to W.G. Frels, et al Trustees of School District #27-1884.

5) Translation of 2 documents pertaining to school construction in 1855.

6) 1856 translation of application to teach at Z. League School.

7) Notes and sketch of Zimmerscheidt School, second location in 1884, research by Bob Pickens.

8) Historic School Cook Book.

  1. Translation of German letter from John Kraus to Johann Leyendecker, trustee, 1858 (original in German at Center of American History, University of Texas at Austin).
  2. Draft of history of Zimmerscheidt School History by Mary Elizabeth Hopkins. Undated.
  3. Memoir by Irene Frnka Meyer of teaching at Zimmerscheidt School, 1930.
  4. Programs and Newspaper Clippings of Zimmerscheidt School, 1994-2001.
  5. Copy of J. B. Leyendecker, Sheriff, Deed of property to F. M. Burford. 1868 and Lease between J.F. Leyendecker and Herman Menschburger for Leyendecker Bar Room, January 1872. J.B. Leyendecker ran the bar.
  6. Copy of letter from Dilue Rose Harris to J. F. Leyendecker concerning Confederate pensions for her daughter, Victoria Harris Leyendecker, wife of J.B. Leyendecker. Original envelope. Sheriff’s Deed from Sheriff J.B. Leyendecker to F.M. Burford, December 14, 1868.
  7. Bill of Sale from John D. Campbell to J. F. Leyendecker concerning sale of cotton crops on Gillespie Plantation, 1870. Original document.
  8. Copies of 9 political documents and letters of J. F. Leyendecker, 1870-1906. Originals at Briscoe Center for American History, U. T. Austin.

1) Letter to J.F. Leyendecker urging him to run for office again from numerous gentlemen in Lavaca County, September 10, 1873.

2) Letter to J.F. Leyendecker from Tendrich in the House of Representatives, Austin, October 13, 1871.

3) Report of County Taxes, 1869, including delinquent and names of Freedmen. J.F. Leyendecker was the official.

4) Tax receipt for 1885 from Adam Leyendecker to J.F. Leyendecker, official.

5) Geroge McCormick, May 14, 1892, to Voters of Texas.

6) Letter from Democratic Executive Committee to J.F. Leyendecker, September 20, 1902.

7) Letter from R.H. Beyer to J.F. Leyendecker concerning recent election, May 13, 1906.

8) Certification of J.F. Leyendecker as Notary Public, 1874.

9) Certification of J.F. Leyendecker as J.P for Precinct No. 5, November 15, 1880.

  1. Fisher Miller Emigrant List, undated. Original Document.
  2. Copies of Pearfield Nursery Ledger Book, 1885-1908. Originals in Briscoe Center for American History, U. T. Austin. Includes names of buyers, names of plants, and cost.
  3. Copy of Paper on J F. Leyendecker and his Pearfield Nursery presented by Mary Anne Pickens at Winedale Historical Society’s Gartenfest program, 1994.
  4. Abstract of Title from several lots purchased by Dr. Willis G. Youens and his wife Fay Burford Youens in the Smith and Jones subdivision in Columbus, Texas in 1915.
  5. Records from Brune Florist for the years 1941-1942. Mary Elizabeth Youens Brune (later Hopkins) owner, prepared floral arrangements for weddings, funerals, special occasions.
  6. Collection of various Colorado County business advertisement and promotional cards. Includes Columbus, Alleyton, Frelsburg:

1) Columbus Bakery—oval glass picture glued to back of glass

2) Harrison & McDaniel—Advertising Cheatham’s Tasteless Chill Tonic

3) Columbus State Bank—Ink blotter

4) Schobel Service Station—Christmas Card 1925

5) Columbus Motor Company—Fold out brochure showing new Ford V c1930

6) The City Drug Store, Byars & Byars—Printed advertisements for sarsaparilla. Kittens on front, pushing buggy

7) The City Drug Store, Byars & Byars—Printed advertisement showing Horse & Cattle Powders. Holland windmill scene on front.

8) Boedeker & Phillippi Drug Store—Printed advertisement for Crudoform Liniment. Young woman on front, advertising cologne.

9) F. Stupl, Watchmaker & Jeweler—Compliments of card. Young couple on front.

10) Frank Prucha musical instruments—Advertises musical instruments, toys, groceries. Two children playing on front.

11) Frank Prucha musical instruments—Advertisements instruments, toys, staple and fancy groceries. Children on front.

12) L.L. Beach & Co. Druggists—Printed advertisement for Dr. C. McLane’s Liver Pills. Pansy bouquet on front.

13) Boedeker & Ilse—printed advertisement for Certain Chill Cure. Rose and bird on front.

14) C.E. Smith & Co. Drug Store--Printed advertisement for Sikmons Liver Medicine. Cartoon of man with baby on front.

15) W.A. Reinhardt, Alleyton—General News & Collection Agent

16) Louis Wink, Alleyton—Printed advertisement for Family Tonic. “The Beggar Children” on front.

17) E.G. Frels Frelsburg—Printed advertisement for IXL Chill Cure. Unicyclists on front.

18) E.G. Frels, Frelsburg—IXL Chill Cure. Two little girls under umbrella on front.

19) E.G. Frels, Frelsburg—IXL Chill Cure. Two little girls with fan on front.

20) E. Kollmann, Frelsburg—Printed ad for Chillarine, Mexican female remedy. Flowers and woman’s hand on front.

21) E. Kollmann, Frelsburg—Printed ad for Jayne’s Expectorant. Dog and two boys on front.

22) Chas Ernst, New Ulm—Ad in German advertising Cheatham’s Fever Medication made from plants. Little girl with flowers on front.

23) Hand-held fan—Columbus advertisers on reverse

24) J.L. Cunningham Druggist, Waelder—advertisement card

  1. Columbus Concrete Products Work capital stock certificate for 1929. Sold to Dr. W. G. Youens by H. Paulsen and H. A. Schindler.
  2. Invitation to a Grand Masquerade Ball sent to Miss Kate Leyendecker (Catherine) in 1871. A. Bartels and Cl. Morris were two of the hosts. One part of invitation missing.

Box 3

Burford original letters and documents:

  1. Arthur Burford’s last letter, January 14, 1900.
  2. Mattie Burford letters and cards.
  3. Letter from Dora Burford to Fay Burford 1893.
  4. Letter from Florence Burford Willer to niece Florence Fay Burford 1896.
  5. Letter from W.T. Burford to parents F.M. Burford and Cordelia A.Burford 1872.
  6. F.M. Burford sons—education.
  7. Letter to W.T. Burford from son, Dick, 1893.
  8. Letter from Mattie Burford from William T. Burford.
  9. F.M. Burford—bill from lawyer.
  10. Letter from Mattie Burford to daughter, Elizabeth Hahn
  11. Burford check on Simpson Bank.
  12. Letters of condolence about Arthur, January 1900.
  13. Letter from Arthur Burford to mother, Mattie Burford, July 2, 1896
  14. Life of German Pioneers in Early Texas.
  15. H. Austin five League subdivision, undated, surveying notes by William Banks, surveyor.
  16. Confederate Pay Invoice by 2nd Lt. Moses J. Townsend, 1863.
  17. Ration Books.
  18. Inventory of F.M. Burford Estate.
  19. Letter to W.T. Burford from Mame Grace (Mrs. J.E. Grace) original and transcription.
  20. Letter from Thomas Gillespie to A.J. Gillespie.
  21. Zimmerscheidt-Leyendecker Cemetery application, approval, pictures of cemetery.
  22. Letter from Robert Franklin Burford to William Burford, 1890.
  23. Apology note Carolyne to Mr. Burford, no date.
  24. African-American Burford Family notes.
  25. Plat and Field Survey notes, August Weller 160 acres, 1856
  26. Deed: G.K. Hubbard to E.D. Neal, 1866.
  27. Letter from M.H. Townsend to W. T. Burford, 1898.
  28. Deed: Edward T. Austin to J.D. Riggs, 1853.
  29. Dry Branch School Report, 1875.

Box 4

Whitfield Family Original Documents:

  1. Whitfield and Wooten—letters from Dr. J.H. Wooten to Mrs. M.E. Hopkins; probate of Lampeda Nash 1886; genealogy records.
  2. Exum Phillip Whitfield (history)—Births from family bible; Deaths from family bible; Bio of Exum P. Whitfield; Newspaper clipping from 1875; Memoirs of Frances R. Lubbock; history of First Methodist Church.
  3. Genealogy—Whitfield family sheet for wife Margaret and children; wife Sara Jane and children; notice of opening of White House to public 1846; Census records 1850 and 1860; Births, marriages, and deaths from bible; record of missing horse 1890.
  4. Columbus Tap Railroad—Citation from Chief of Labor Bureau, Houston, TX 1863 for collection of slaves to work on railway.
  5. Exum P. Whitfield—the Grange Store in Columbus list of stock and prices
  6. Charge of assult against Fritz Leyendecker upon Fred Ernst 1861.
  7. Exum P. Whitfield—copy of photograph E.P. Whitfield Store and Post Office, Columbus 1857; short history of photography in Texas.
  8. Etta Whitfield –High School graduation 1891.
  9. Sally Whitfield—teacher in 1889; newspaper clipping 1994.
  10. Exum P. Whitfield—home property deeds 1859-1995.
  11. Colorado County History Program by Mary Elizabeth Hopkins; Unidentified photograph of Mansfield Plaque; Zimmerscheidt School report cards of Earl Brune 1922 and 1924; Newspaper clippings.
  12. World War II--Postal savings booklets 1944; Directions for how to knit a man’s sleeveless sweater 1941.
  13. Post Cards 1908.
  14. School Book—A History of Texas by H.S. Thrall used by Robert Leyendecker as a student at Zimmerscheidt School.
  15. Stephen F. Austin—includes a brief bio of Austin; published by Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin and San Jacinto Museum of History, San Jacinto Monument.
  16. Books—The Sisters; The Good Son; Busy Bee, The Youth’s Friend; 1830.
  17. Booklets: Afternoon on New Year’s Creek; Native Flora of Texas; Native Trees of Lower Rio Grande Valley; Footprints of Five Generations.

Box 5

  1. Columbus School Documents:
  • SS Report of Marquerite Cone, 1912.
  • Grammar School Diploma of Mary E. Youens, 1927.
  • Graduation invitation for Columbus High School 1931.
  • Graduation invitation for Columbus High School
  • Graduation invitation for Columbus High School,1895,
  • Ethyle Cone Memory Book,1906.
  • Columbus High School Senior Class of 1931 Commencement.
  • Reward of Merit presented to Lord Jim Hopkins from Mr. E. Shook, teacher dated September 6, 1880.
  1. R. Cone—list of items; letter of recommendation for W.R. Cone to the business public from his business college dated August 28, 1888, Memory Gems, undated, Invoice for furniture dated October 31, 1892.
  2. Cemetery Tour photo, pamphlet, and brief biography on Mattie Burford. 2009
  3. Bibliography of books on Texas Germans.
  4. Funeral notice for Harvey Zatopek May 18, 1935; page from Columbus Methodist Church with photo and info about Philip Gates, Brandon Fitzpatrick, Betty Davis, and Mrs. C.O. Pietzsch.
  5. History of and copy of the text of The Freemantle Diary—account of a trip through Texas to Louisiana during the Civil War 1863.
  6. The Architecture of the Texas Frontier—sponsored by the Texas State Historical Survey Committee and UT Austin; Winedale Inn properties; The Difficulties of Life in Frontier Texas 1972.
  7. Original book written by Mary Anne Pickens. Who Are These People?: A Family History told from tin types and crayon portraits to digital images. 2016
  8. J. Burford, lawyer, clipping from Colorado County Citizen. 1995
  9. Austin County—transcript of the Bellville Wochenblatt. German Language edition.
  10. Austin County, A Supplement to Bellville Wochenblatt. June 16, 1889. Translated to English.
  11. Osage Community—information from the Weimar Mercury about Osage of Other days.
  12. Lindheimers Collection of Texas Plants containing a biography of F. Lindheimer and remarks and descriptions of new species of plants.

Received 2/14/19:

Box 6 Leyendecker and Pearfield Nursery Documents, need to be indexed, 2/14/2019.

Box 7  Zimmerscheidt Leyendecker history documents, need to be indexed, 2/14/2019.

Box 8 W.G.Youens WWI letters, need to be indexed, 2/14/2019.

Box 9 W.G. Youens documents, need to be indexed, 2/14/2019.

Box 10 Zimmerscheidt Leyendecker property documents, need to be indexed, 2/14/2019.