Nesbitt Memorial Library

Harold Untermeyer Papers (Ms. 12)


Papers regarding activities of the Untermeyer Brothers Store and Mortuary in the mid twentieth century. The papers were removed from the Ehrenwerth building in Columbus, which once housed the store, and donated to the library by Jane Thomas in 1988.


Untermeyer Brothers Store: contracts and receipts (1-1)

Untermeyer Brothers Store: employee time books (1-11)

Mortician's quiz and answers, on Untermeyer Brothers letterhead (1-2)

Customer list?, on Untermeyer Brothers letterhead (1-13)

Untermeyer Brothers price list (1-12)

Untermeyer Burial Association certificate of membership (1-3)

Colorado Burial Association unpaid policy holders list (1-5)

Colorado Burial Association collection letter, April 16, 1940 (1-5)

Colorado Burial Association collection cards (1-7)

Colorado Burial Association rate schedule (1-7)


  1. Colorado Burial Association to agents, February 28, 1940 (1-6)
  2. Colorado Burial Association to Untermeyer Brothers, January 28, 1941 (1-4)
  3. Colorado Burial Association to E. J. Untermeyer, April 20, 1942 (1-6)
  4. Colorado Burial Association to E. J. Untermeyer, February 22, 1945 (1-6)

Columbus Burial Association: Contracts, 1939 (1-10)

Colorado Burial Association: Contracts, 1939-40 (1-8)

Colorado Burial Association: Contracts, 1944-45 (1-9)

Oil Lease, Untermeyer to Masterson, 1928 (1-13)