Nesbitt Memorial Library

Henicke Family Collection (Ms. 77)


Material collected by Oscar and Josephine (Miculka) Henicke, including some school material from Columbus, Weimar, and Shaws Bend, and considerable material dealing with St. Paul Lutheran Church in Columbus.



Shaws Bend School, report card of Oscar Henicke, 1922-1923 (1-1)
Shaws Bend School, text book card of Oscar Henicke, 1923-1924 (1-1)

Weimar High School, memory book of Josephine Miculka, 1930-1931 (1-2)

Columbus High School, Future Farmers of America Father-Son Banquet program, 1952 (1-3)

Columbus High School, band concert program, 1954 (1-3)

Columbus High School, program for U. S. Marine Band concert, 1955 (1-3)

Columbus High School, program for senior play, “House for Sale,” 1964 (1-3)

Columbus Elementary School, diploma and graduation program, 1950 (1-4)

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Columbus:

            The Lutheran Caller, church publication, January 1946 (1-5)

The Lutheran Caller, church publication, July 1947 (1-5)

The Lutheran Caller, church publication, April 1952 (1-5)

The Lutheran Caller, church publication, May 1955 (1-5)

The Lutheran Caller, church publication, August 1962 (1-5)

The Lutheran Caller, church publication, June 1963 (1-5)

Letter of Elsie Hillmer Bolton discussing the end of her tenure as church organist, October 15, 1947 (1-6)

Mary Martha Society Yearbook, 1939-1940 (1-7)

Mary Martha Society Yearbook, 1958 (1-8)

Program for ordination of Bill Willms, 1967 (1-9)

Program for dedication of new church, 1968 (1-10)


Notebook of Joseph Heiland, in German, inscribed on the first page, “Aufzeigungsbuch für Joseph Heiland in Wirtzenzell,” including remarks about his emigration to America, 1872 (1-11)

Letter of Terry J. Balhorn to Gustav Henicke regarding registration for the military draft, May 25, 1917 (1-12)

Lee Nesbitt to Oscar and Josephine Henicke, postcard from Paris, June 8, 1953 (1-13)

World War II ration coupon book (1-13)

Oscar Henicke notary public records, 1937-1942 (1-14)

Schobel Truck and Tractor advertising booklet, 1950 (1-15)

Henicke family photo with names (1-16)

Shaw’s Bend School photo, 1925, and souvenir books (1-17)

House plans for Charles Henicke home, undated (1-18)

House plans for Arthur Leyendecker home, undated (1-19)

Gus Henicke bank book and receipt (1-20)

Mrs. Thomas Peterson’s exemption from paying poll tax, 1942 (1-21)

Brune Cemetery listing, Shaws Bend, 1890 (1-22)

Temporary Teacher’s Certificate, Miss Lydia Henicke, 1925 (1-23)

Gus Henicke house plans, undated (1-24)

Business record books 1926, 1928, 1931 and 1944 (1-25)

Leon Hale article on Zumwalt’s Pharmacy in Columbus, undated (1-26)

Houston Post Office Host National Convention, 1939, Mrs. Walter Killman delegate medal (1-27)

Alley family history, 1821 (1-28)


Items from Ann Fleming Henicke, wife of Oscar Henicke:

R.J. Flemming’s U.S. Thrift Card, 1922 and Boy’s Savings Bank Certificate, 1920 (1-29)

Ann Flemming Henicke’s Southwest Texas Teacher’s College graduation announcement, undated, father’s obituary, and Stone Mountain Post Card, 1942 (1-30)

Elizabeth Flemming’s WWII Ration Books (1-31)

Marine Band Program from visit to Columbus (1-32)

R.J. Flemming Revenue Bond to construct baseball field in Columbus, 1949 (1-33)

150th anniversary 1822-1972 First United Methodist Church, Columbus, Yearbook Directory (1-34)

Bylaws of Colorado County Historical Commission, 1976 (1-35)

Sesquicentennial Celebration in Columbus Program 1973 and article in Texas Highways Magazine (1-36)

History of D Square Club, 1977 (1-37)

Invitation to L.B. Johnson’s Inauguration to Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Flemming, 1965 (1-38)

Colorado County Savings and Loan Association 34 years, 1969 (1-39)

Friends of Jazz Party invitation 2005 (1-40)

Letter from Houston Wade to Miss Ruth Nation regarding assistance with old age pension for Mr. Smith Roche, 1947 (1-41)

Columbus Study Club Annual Guest Day Musical and poem by Clara Dugan Madison, 1962 (1-42)