Nesbitt Memorial Library

X, Y and Z

General Archives X, Y and Z
Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 XYZ-1 Yancy, W.T. Death Notice (Colorado College Student) Photocopy Columbus 1860
2 XYZ-1 Yellow Fever Epidemic, 1867 History Of Handwritten Original Document Colorado County Undated
3 XYZ-1 Yellow Fever Epidemics, 1867, 1873 Wide Variety of Materials Relating To Photocopies Colorado County Various Dates/Modern Era
4 XYZ-1 "You Are the Guardian of the Past" Archeology Booklet re: Texas Original Austin, TX 1991
5 XYZ-1 Youens, Cynthia Tanner Biography/School Dedication Photocopy Alief, TX 1974
6 XYZ-1 Youens Family Genealogy, Family History Photocopies (In Folders) Colorado County; Other Various Dates
7 XYZ-1 Youens Family Genealogy, Family History Photocopies (In Folders) Colorado County; Other Various Dates
8 XYZ-1 Youens, Janet Genealogy Worksheet Original Document Colorado County 19th-20th Centuries
9 XYZ-1 Youens and Related Families Genealogy, Family History; Letter Regarding Photocopies Colorado County; Other 1987
10 XYZ-1 Youens, Margaret Obituary (Citizen) Photocopy Columbus 1991
11 XYZ-1 Youth and Family Services "Trees of Light" Announcement Original Document Colorado, Fayette Counties Modern Era
12 XYZ-1 Zachmeyer, Mary Book re: Mexico Original Mexico 1997
13 XYZ-1 Zatopek, Perris Ray (Kulhanek, Michael Charles) Wedding Invitation Original Document Columbus 1970
14 XYZ-1 Zeigler and Related Families Family History, Obituaries, News Articles Photocopies San Antonio 19th-20th Centuries
15 XYZ-1 Zimmerscheidt School Photo Caption of Former Students Handwritten Original Colorado County Modern Era
16 XYZ-1 Zumwalt, Mrs. Malzena Memoirs of War of 1812 Photocopy Columbus Modern Era
17 XYZ-1 Zimmerscheidt School History Of Photocopies Colorado County Various Dates
18 XYZ-1 Zimmerscheidt School Open House Announcement Original Document Colorado County 2001
19 XYZ-1 Zimmerscheidt School Various Articles, Etc. re: History Of Originals and Photocopies Colorado County Various Dates
20 XYZ-1 Zimmerscheidt School History Of Typewritten Original Colorado County Modern Era
21 XYZ-1 Zimmerscheidt School Restoration Of Letters; Donor List; News Articles Colorado County 2001
22 XYZ-1 Zumwalt, Malzena Gregory Script for Historical Marker Dedication Typewritten Original Columbus 1953
23 XYZ-1 Zumwalt, Malzena Newspaper Article, Including Photo Photocopy Columbus (Houston Chronicle) 1940
24 XYZ-1 Zumwalt Pharmacy Receipt Forms Originals Columbus Modern Era
25 XYZ-1 Zwiener, William Obituary Photocopy Fayette County 1938
26 XYZ-1 Zweigel and Related Families Correspondence Regarding Typewritten Original Ruston, LA 1999
27 XYZ-1 Young-Stevenson, Rashad Funeral Program   Columbus 2010
28 XYZ-1 Zimmerscheidt School George Washington Print   Colorado County 2010
29 XYZ-1 Xeriscaping Extension Service Booklet; Weimar Garden Map Originals Weimar/Texas A&M Univ. Modern Era
30 XYZ-1 Zimmerscheidt School History & Early Teaching Experiences Originals & Photocopies Colorado County Early 1900's
31 XYZ-1 Youns, H.T. Mason Papers Issued Upon Death Originals Colorado County 1896