Nesbitt Memorial Library


General Archives S
Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 S-1 Sabine Pass Civil War Moses S. Townsend Papers   1863
2 S-1 Sabine Pass, Battle of Reminiscence by Ben F. Mitchell r   1902
3 S-1 St. Anthony (Columbus) Fall Festival Newsletter Columbus 2003
4 S-1 St. Anthony School Halloween Carnival Raffle Columbus 1983
5 S-1 St. Anthony School Summer Camps Flyer Columbus 2004
6 S-1 St. Anthony School Graduation / Sports Banquet Program Columbus 2002
7 S-1 St. Anthony School History Essay by Elizabeth Kulhanek Columbus 1963
8 S-1 St. Anthony School "Paving the Way" Fundraiser Flyer Columbus 2004
9 S-1 St. Anthony School Protest / Controversy Letter from Suzanne Mazac Columbus 2002
10 S-1 St. Anthony School Catholic Schools Week Brochure Columbus 2006
11 S-1 St. Anthony School PTC Gala & Sweepstakes Letter, Ticket Columbus 2006
12 S-1 St. Anthony School Change in Administration Letter to parents, parishoners Columbus 2002
13 S-1 St. Anthony School Flowers Booklet Columbus 1957
14 S-1 St. Anthony School PTC Gala Flyer Columbus 2007
15 S-1 Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery Catholic Cemetery Listing of birth / death records Colorado County 1857 - 1912
16 S-1 Saloon Tokens Slutter & Brunson's Saloon Photographs of tokens Columbus Undated
17 S-1 Salvation Army (Columbus) Donation appeal Colleen Willrodt, chr; Kim Reichle, treas. Columbus Undated
18 S-1 Salzburg Salzburger Festspiele (Art Festival) Program and Maps Salzburg, Austria 1996
19 S-1 Salzburg Salzburg Festival Correspondence Salzburg, Austria 1996
20 S-1 Sam Houston State Teachers College Catalogue   Huntsville 1942-43
21 S-1 San Antonio Machine & Supply Co. Advertisement Calendar San Antonio 1946
22 S-1 San Augustine History / Tourism 7th Annual Tour Brochure San Augustine 1966
23 S-1 San Augustine East Texas Historical Association Spring Program Brochures San Augustine 2004
24 S-1 "San Antonio" Magazine January, 1979 Issue San Antonio 1979
25 S-1 San Bernard Electric Co-op Newsletters   Columbus 1941, 1949
26 S-1 San Bernard Electric Co-op History, Annual Report Booklet   1988
27 S-1 Sanders, Robert Clayton Black Pianist: Waco Recital Colorado County Citizen article Columbus 1959
28 S-1 Sanford, Carita Foley Poem: "Mother's Love" Printed card Columbus Undated
29 S-1 Sandlin Family Genealogy Sandlin & Massey Families   18th - 20th Centuries
30 S-1 Sandmeyer, E. J. and Family Genealogy / History   Colorado County 19th-20th Century
31 S-1 Sandmeyer, E. J. and Family Obituaries, E. J. and Martha Documents Columbus 1895
32 S-1 Sandmeyer Rent payment by H. P. Hahn Original document Columbus 1915
33 S-1 Sandmeyer Family Research Notes   Texas 1850's - 1920's
34 S-1 Sandmeyer House History / Tourism   Columbus 1861 -
35 S-1 Sandmeyer, Earl Oilman Obituary Columbus 1951
36 S-1 San Felipe (Texas) Stephen F. Austin's 200th Birthday Celebration flyers San Felipe 1993
37 S-1 San Jacinto, Battle of Honor Roll of the Battle Booklets San Jacinto 1974
38 S-1 San Jose Mission History by Wilma Madlem Booklet   1934
39 S-1 San Marcos City Cemetery History of the Chapel Article by Tula Townsend Wyatt Hays County 19th-20th Century
40 S-1 Santa Claus Museum Promotion of Marion Amberg Correspondence Columbus 1995
41 S-1 Santa Claus Museum Cultural History Brochures Columbus Modern Era
42 S-1 Sapp, Allen D., Ph.D. Columbus graduate Vita Columbus 1933-
43 S-1 Saunders Museum Colonel C. Burton Saunders Collection Brochure Berryville, Arkansas Undated
44 S-1 Saunders, Robert State Representative; Conservation Award News article La Grange 1992
45 S-1 Saustrup, Anders Celebration of Life Flyer Colorado County  
46 S-1 Savannah (Georgia) Tourism Visitors Guide Map Savannah Modern Era
47 S-1 Saw Mill (Sheridan) History Essays by Lupe Garza, John Kloppenburg Sheridan  
48 S-1 Schade, Lena Over-80 Club Memories of Columbus Columbus 1950
49 S-1 Schaffer, Charles Ownership Dispute Correspondence Colorado County 1996
50 S-1 Schawe, Henry Farmer Obituary Weimar 1832-1922
51 S-1 Scherer, Riley and Family Civil War Letter Letter and Photographs    
52 S-1 Schiller, Robert Report Card Columbus High School Columbus 1935-36
53 S-1 Schlecht, Friedrich (Fritz) Mein Ausflug nach Texas (On To Texas ) English translation and Biography of author   19th Century
54 S-1 Schneider - Leyendecker Marriage of Emma Leyendecker to William Schneider Wedding Invitation Columbus 1947
55 S-1 Schobel, Aaron Professional Football NFL Career notes Columbus 2000's
56 S-1 Schobel, Bo (Robert Edward) Professional Football College, NFL Career notes Columbus 2000's
57 S-1 Schobel Football Camp Ballparks Renovation Fundraiser Flyer Columbus 2007
58 S-1 Schobel, Matt Professional Football College, NFL Career notes Columbus 2000's
59 S-1 Schobel, Rudolph Local History Leon Hale article Colorado County 1966
60 S-1 Schobel's Tree Farm Business History Brochure Columbus Modern Era
61 S-1 Schoellmann, Elizabeth Leopold Autobiography Compilation: Documents, Photos Colorado County 2002
62 S-1 Schoellmann Family Johann Peter Schoellmann Decendency Includes Leopold, Labay, Watigura, Eggemeyer Colorado County 19th-20th Century
63 S-1 Schoellmann, Wilhelm and Related Families Genealogy Colorado County 1830 - Modern Era
64 S-1 Schoellmann, William German Immigrant, Farmer, Merchant Genealogy Colorado County 1830 -
65 S-1 Schoelman, Frederick Death Notice   Industry 1861
66 S-1 Scholastic Census Consolidated; Whites   Colorado County 1908-1913, 1918
67 S-2 School Laws, Public State Of Texas Dept.of Ed. Booklet   1924
68 S-2 Schoolmasters of Rostock German/American Play Playbill and News Article Winedale Early 19th Century
69 S-2 Schulenburg Argus, The   Book Schulenburg 1877-1878
70 S-2 Schulenburg Bishop Forest High School Newspaper Clipping Schulenburg 1964
71 S-2 Schulenburg History of Typed Paper Schulenburg 1875-20th Century
72 S-2 Schulenburg Historic Homes Drawing Schulenburg Undated
73 S-2 Schultz (Maude) Estate Business Papers & Corres. Original Documents   1970's
74 S-2 Schultz, Oscar and Maude Corres. From John & Sidney Keith Original Letters   1907-1910
75 S-2 Schultz, Maude Letters To/From John Wilbur Keith Original Letters   1939-1944
76 S-2 Schultz, Maude Letters From Oscar Schultz Original Letters   1904-1912
77 S-2 Schultz, Maude So. Pac. Railway Passes Original Documents Columbus 1922-23; 1952-54
78 S-2 Schultz, Oscar Misc. Papers Original Documents Colorado County 1916
79 S-2 Schultz, Maude Misc. Personal Letters Original Documents   1900-1907
80 S-2 Schultz, Maude Misc. Personal Letters Original Documents   1943-1950
81 S-2 Schultz, Maude Business Papers Original Documents   1870's-1880's
82 S-2 Schultz, Maude Business Transactions Original Documents Columbus 1955
83 S-2 Schultz, Mr. & Mrs. O. R. Bank Statements Original Documents Beaumont; San Antonio 1914-1915
84 S-2 Schultz, Maude & O. R. Misc. Receipts Original Documents Columbus; San Antonio 1901; 1905
85 S-2 Schultz, Maude Personal Corres. Original Documents Columbus 1923
86 S-2 Schultz, Oscar R. Land In San Antonio Original Letter San Antonio 1911
87 S-2 Schultz (Maude) Estate Papers on San Antonio House Original Documents San Antonio 1911
88 S-2 Schultz, Maude Traylor Programmes, Dance Cards, Invitations, etc. Original Documents   1880's-1900's
89 S-2 Schultz, W. A. Tx A&M Grades Original Documents College Station 1928-1931
90 S-2 Schumann Family Cemetery With Schumann, Wied & Aschen Families Booklets Schulenburg 1999
91 S-2 Schwab, Charles   News Clipping/Book Review   Undated
92 S-2 Scribner's   Magazine   1909
93 S-2 Scull, Sally   List of Deed Records Colorado County Undated
94 S-2 Sculpture In Clay and Ash Artist Paulina Kearney Copy of Article   Undated
95 S-2 Science Forecasts   Copy of Article   2003
96 S-2 Scroggins Family Genealogy Copy of Letter Columbus 1971
97 S-2 Sealy Outlet Center   Pamphlet Sealy Modern Era
98 S-2 Sealy, TX The Texas Theatre Research Paper Sealy 1929-1981
99 S-2 Sears Catalogue Original Document   1966
100 S-2 Sebesta, Amellie Obituary News Clipping Weimar 1946
101 S-2 Secession & Reconstruction Texas Misc. Research   1860's
102 S-2 Secession Votes Texas Research Papers Colorado County Civil War Era
103 S-2 Sechting, Chas. Subscription Receipt for 'Good Stories' Original Document Cat Spring Modern Era
104 S-2 Seeds Moers Seed Company Catalogue Houston 1918
105 S-2 Seeds Cage Seed Co.; Jackson Seed Co. Price Lists Austin; Houston 1920
106 S-2 Seifert, Betty   Photo Montage Weimar Modern Era
107 S-2 Seifert-Hajovsky Family Genealogy Booklet   Undated
108 S-2 Senftenberg-Brandon House   Newspaper Clippings Columbus 1981
109 S-2 Senftenberg-Brandon House Renovation Proposal Copy of Plan Columbus Modern Era
110 S-2 Senftenberg, Adolf Accidental Shooting Copy of Obituary Halletsville 1901
111 S-2 Senior Citizens Nursing Facilities Directory Booklet Houston 1994
112 S-3 Sesquicentennial History of Commemorative Book Colorado County 1986
113 S-3 Sesquicentennial Homes Tour Misc. Papers Columbus 2004
114 S-3 Sevior, Walter Death of Handwritten Paper Sheridan 1930's
115 S-3 Seymour Family Genealogy Misc. Papers Columbus Various
116 S-3 Seymour, S. K. Mason's Handbook Original Book Columbus 1908
117 S-3 Seymour, S. K. Bio/ Lumber Business Original Booklet Columbus 1956
118 S-3 Seymour, Sam K., Jr. Bio/Interview/Clippings Copies of Documents Columbus Undated
119 S-3 Seymour, Sam K., Jr. LCRA Research Notes Colorado County 1988
120 S-3 Seymour, Sam K. New Residence Newspaper Clipping Columbus 1952
121 S-3 Seymour, Sam K. History Various Items Columbus Various
122 S-3 Seymour, Sam K. LBJ/Lady Bird/Rayburn Original Correspondence Columbus 1959; 1978
123 S-3 Seymour, Sam III Football Devotee Newspaper Clipping Bryan 1931
124 S-3 Seymour Family   Picture Postcard Columbus Undated
125 S-3 Seymour, Mr. & Mrs. L. K.   Christmas Card   Undated
126 S-3 Seymour, S. K. Land Dispute Attorney's Briefs Columbus 1899
127 S-3 Seymour, Sam & Marian   Original Photo Columbus 1985
128 S-3 SFA Library Special Collections Guide Original Booklet Nacogdoches 1990
129 S-3 Shannon, Willie Marcell Murdered Protected Witness Newspaper Clipping Columbus 1993
130 S-3 Sharecropping Freedmen Copy of Contract   1870
131 S-3 Shaver, Mary Ann Bio/Obituary Copy of Research   Rep. of TX to 1912
132 S-3 Shaving Mugs Collection of Stafford Opera House Article Columbus 1976
133 S-3 Shaw Family Genealogy Descendents List   1780's - 1920's
134 S-3 Shaw Family Genealogy Excerpt   Undated
135 S-3 Shaw, Josiah Bio/Obituary Typed Research Colorado County 1877
136 S-3 Shaw, Joseph Bio/Obituary Clipping LaGrange 1934
137 S-3 Shaw, Norma Early History of Colorado County Typed Thesis Columbus 1939
138 S-3 Shaw Bend History of Clipping Colorado County Undated
139 S-3 Shaw Family Genealogy Typed Notes Colorado County 1817-20th Century
140 S-3 Shaw's Bend History of Typed Notes Colorado County 19th-20th Century
141 S-3 Shaw, Frank L. Funeral Notice Printed Copy Weimar 1896
142 S-3 Shaw, R. H. Funeral Notice Printed Copy Weimar 1893
143 S-3 Shaw Family Genealogy Copy of Family Record   1887-1979
144 S-3 Shaw's Bend People of Handwritten Notes Colorado County Undated
145 S-3 Shaw Family Genealogy Copy of Notes   1851-1963
146 S-3 Shaw's Bend Fishery Project Lower Colorado River Various Statistics Colorado County Various
147 S-3 Shearith Israel News Newsletter   Wharton/Columbus 1943
148 S-3 Sheen, John D. Bio Book Excerpt; Misc. Papers   Undated
149 S-3 Shellfish Harvesting Prohibited Areas TX Dept. of Health Document   1983
150 S-3 Shell Service Station Business History Handwritten Report Sheridan Undated
151 S-3 Sheridan Education Photo Class of 1935 Sheridan 1935
152 S-3 Sheridan High School Graduation Notice Newspaper Clipping Sheridan 1948
153 S-3 Sheridan Water Park Controversy Newspaper Clipping Sheridan 1996
154 S-3 Sheridan Cheetham Cemetery Handwritten Report Sheridan Undated
155 S-3 Sheridan Post Office History of Handwritten Notes Sheridan 20th Century
156 S-3 Sheridan History of Typed Notes Sheridan Undated
157 S-3 Sheridan Hotel History of; Est. 1905 Sheridan Sheridan Undated
158 S-3 Sheridan ISD History of Typed Research Sheridan 2003
159 S-3 Sheridan Pickling Co. History of Handwritten Notes Sheridan 20th Century
160 S-3 Sheridan Pickle Plant Business History Handwritten Notes Sheridan Undated
161 S-3 Sheridan Shell Oil Plant Handwritten Notes Sheridan 1945
162 S-3 Sheridan Creamery History of Handwritten Notes Sheridan 20th Century
163 S-3 Sheridan Invention of Road Grader Handwritten Notes Sheridan 1899
164 S-3 Sheridan Cannery Business History Handwritten Notes Sheridan 1930's
165 S-3 Sheridan   Newspaper Clipping Sheridan 1965
166 S-3 Sheridan Geological Features Booklet Sheridan 1920
167 S-3 Sheridan Cycle Plant Income/Expenses Typed Notes Sheridan 1952
168 S-3 Sheridan Splashway Water Park   Pamphlet Sheridan Undated
169 S-3 "She Was Only A Farmer's Daughter" Stage Play Program Columbus 1966
170 S-3 Sholz, Mary German Immigrant Handwritten Notes Nada/East Bernard Undated
171 S-3 Shrine Club Circus Article re Children's Tickets Houston Undated
172 S-3 Shrine Club Colorado Valley Roster Booklet Colorado Valley 1973
173 S-3 Shropshire Cavalry Muster Roll Copy of List   Undated
174 S-3 Shropshire, Major John S. Attorney/C.W. Vet/Led Volunteers Book Excerpt Columbus 1862
175 S-3 Shubert, E. Civil War Court Martial Copy From Archives Colorado County 1863
176 S-3 Sibley Brigade, Company A Fifth Regiment TX Mounted Volunteers Typed Research   1861-1862
177 S-3 Siegel, Betsy L. Photography Exhibits Printed List Houston 1980's - 2006
178 S-3 Sigler, Henry C. Death Certificate Photocopy Weimar 1924
179 S-3 Sigler, J. B.   Newspaper Clippings Eagle Lake 1940
180 S-3 Silvery, Peter G. Will of Copy of Record Book Listing Colorado County 1838
181 S-3 Simicek, Sugarek, Janak Genealogy Booklet Beaumont 1976
182 S-3 Simmons, R. L./Geo. W. White Deed Original Document Columbus 1882
183 S-3 Simpson Family Prominent French Pioneers 1870 Census/Handwritten Notes Halletsville 19th Century
184 S-3 Simpson Case Court Summons Original Document Colorado County 1915
185 S-4 Simpson Jr., F. New York Times Copy New York, NY 1895
186 S-4 Simpson-Middlebrook House Description of Home's Interior Typed Original Columbus Undated
187 S-4 Simpson-Williamson-Rankin House "Texas Highways" article Original Document Austin, TX 2004
188 S-4 Simpson-Youens Home Small Card Original Document Columbus Undated
189 S-4 Simpson-Zimmerman House History of Photocopies Columbus Undated 20th Century
190 S-4 Simpson-Zimmerman House History of Photocopies Columbus Undated 20th Century
191 S-4 Simpson-Zimmerman House History Typed Original Columbus Undated 20th Century
192 S-4 Sinor Family Genealogy Photocopies Columbus 1999
193 S-4 Six Flags Over Texas Map Original Document Dallas/Fort Worth Undated
194 S-4 Skeeters, Bryan Obituary Photocopy Eagle Lake 1973
195 S-4 Slaughter Family Family History Original Handwritten Notes Garwood 1971
196 S-4 Slave Owners in South America Report, News Articles Originals, Photocopies Columbus Various Dates
197 S-4 Slave Research Letters, Brochure Original Documents Colorado County 1978
198 S-4 Slavery Controversy in U.S. Newspaper Clipping Original Document Mississippi Undated
199 S-4 Sloan, William E. Obituary Original Document Eagle Lake 1984
200 S-4 Slominski, Vince Computer Printout Original Document Frank M. Tejeda Center 2007
201 S-4 Smallpox Outbreak Newspaper Clipping Photocopy Weimar Undated
202 S-4 Smith-Blumberg Family Photograph Photocopy Unknown Undated
203 S-4 Smith, George Biography Photocopy Colorado County Undated
204 S-4 Smith, George W. Letter Re: Historical Marker Typewritten Original Columbus 1998
205 S-4 Smith, Lan Obituary Photocopy Eagle Lake 1948
206 S-4 Smith, Mary Ann Holt Greeting Card, Letter Original Documents Cameron, MO 1994
207 S-4 Smith, Mary J. Handwritten Notes Photocopies Unknown Undated
208 S-4 Smith, George W. History Of, Letters Regarding Original Documents Colorado County 1991
209 S-4 Smith, Lan Death Certificate Photocopy Eagle Lake 1948
210 S-4 Smith, Susan Elizabeth Birth Certificate Photocopy Houston 1973
211 S-4 Smith, Z.B. Texas Ranger Documents Photocopies Eagle Lake 1932, 1934
212 S-4 Smith, Zeno Newspaper Clipping Original Document Eagle Lake 1963
213 S-4 Smith, Zeno Obituary, Retirement Photo Photocopies San Antonio 1972
214 S-4 Southern Methodist University Postcard Announcement Original Document Dallas 2008
215 S-4 J.E. Snelson Printing Co. Notepad Original Document Fort Worth Modern Era
216 S-4 Snider, Gabriel Straw Clipping Photocopy Colorado County 1825-26
217 S-4 Somervell, Alexander Clipping Photocopy San Felipe, TX Mid-1800s
218 S-4 Sonsel, Mrs. August Handwritten Obituary Photocopies Colorado County 1912, 1930
219 S-4 Social Sciences Symposium Booklet Original Document Victoria, TX 1980
220 S-4 The Soldier's Service Dictionary Book (French/English) Original New York, N.Y., London 1918
221 S-4 Soldiers Census Photocopies United States 1890
222 S-4 German Language Songbook Book Original Document Boston, MA 1931
223 S-4 "Lilli Marlene" Handwritten Song Lyrics Original Document Unknown Undated
224 S-4 Songs of the Texas Wildwood Booklet Original Document San Antonio Undated
225 S-4 Songs of Stephen Foster Booklet Original Document Pittsburgh, PA 1952
226 S-4 Sons of the Republic of Texas Yearbook Original Document Unknown 1962
227 S-4 Sons of the Republic of Texas Yearbook Original Document Unknown 1998
228 S-4 Xi Chi Kappa Sorority Minutes, Other Materials Originals, Copies Columbus Early 2000's
229 S-4 Sour Lake High School Yearbook Original Document Sour Lake, TX 1924
230 S-4 Southern Families Geneology, Family Histories Photocopies Hawaii 1963
231 S-4 Southern Historical Collection Booklet Original Document University of North Carolina 1941
232 S-4 Southern Pacific Railroad Time Tables Pamphlet Original Document Houston 1937
233 S-4 Southern Pacific Society Brochure Original Document Pasadena, CA Modern Era
234 S-4 "South Texan" Hist. Quarterly Magazine Original Document San Antonio 1968
235 S-4 South Texas Teachers' Asso. Program Original Document Columbus 1891
236 S-4 Southwest Conference Football Programs Original Documents Various Locations 1953, 1956-58
237 S-5 Southwestrn Hist. Quarterly Journal Original Document Austin, TX 1940
238 S-5 Southwest Scots Magazine Original Documents Columbus 2000-2001
239 S-5 Southwest Studies (SMU) Newsletter, Other Items Original Documents Dallas 2008
240 S-5 Soviet Union People of, Map Original Document Washington, D.C. 1976
241 S-5 Spalinger, William Brief Biography Photocopy Texas Undated
242 S-5 Spanihel, Charlyne S. Funeral Documents Original Documents Colorado County 2005
243 S-5 Spanihel, Leon J. (Sonny) Funeral Documents Original Documents Eagle Lake 2004
244 S-5 Spanish Archives Booklet (Reprint) Original Document Austin, TX 1955, 1974
245 S-5 Spanish Land Grant Handwritten, Spanish Language Photocopy Austin County, TX 1825
246 S-5 Sparks, Ellis Milan Brief Magazine Biography Photocopy Eagle Lake Undated
247 S-5 Sparks, Ken Campaign Materials, Photo Original Documents Colorado County 2000
248 S-5 Sparks, Ken Campaign Postcard Original Document Weimar 2000
249 S-5 Spencer, E.R. Campaign Biography Photocopy Columbus 1934
250 S-5 Spillman Family Family History Photocopy Missouri 1909
251 S-5 Sorgum Sirup Manufacture USDA Bulletin Original Document Washington, D.C. 1901
252 S-5 Spooner, Judge Thomas H. Career Biography Photocopies Chicago, ILL 1907
253 S-5 Sports Bio of Coach"Dike" Rose Photocopies La Grange Mid-20th Century
254 S-5 Sports, Herder Truckers Team Area Players Variety of Materials Colorado County Modern Era
255 S-5 Square Dance Club Minutes of Meeting Typewritten Original Columbus 1984
256 S-5 Sronce, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Handwritten Obituaries Photocopies Columbus 1921, 1930
257 S-5 Stafford House Obituaries, House History Photocopies Colorado County (Columbus) 1800's-1900's
258 S-5 Stafford Jr., Joe Newpaper Photograph Original Document Columbus Undated
259 S-5 Stafford, Robert Earl Brief Biography Photocopy Columbus 1800's
260 S-5 Stafford, R.E. and R.R. Court Case Notes Original Document Weimar Early 1990's-2006
261 S-5 Stafford, Charles B. Request For Pardon, Misc. News Photocopy, Original Document Columbus, Eagle Lake 1931, 1950
262 S-5 Stafford Family Feud News Coverage Typewritten Originals Austin, TX Columbus
263 S-5 Stafford, B.F. Deed to Horace Carter Original Document Columbus 1880
264 S-5 Stafford Bank History Reports Handwritten Original Document Columbus 19th-20th Century
265 S-5 Stafford, C. B. News Item Photocopy Columbus/Glidden 1933
266 S-5 Stafford vs. Dunovant Court Case Original Booklet Colorado County Modern Era
267 S-5 Stafford, I.G. News Item Handwritten Original Columbus 1935
268 S-5 Stafford Ranching/E.M. Yates Yates Obituary Photocopy Colorado County 1926
269 S-5 Stafford, Robt. E. Biography Photocopy Columbus 1892
270 S-5 Stafford, R.E. and Bob Land Purchases Handwritten Original Columbus Early to Mid-1860s
271 S-5 Stafford, Mrs. Sarah E. Obituary Photocopy Columbus 1911
272 S-5 Stafford (and Feud) News Articles, Miscellaneous Various Columbus Various
273 S-5 Stafford, Ben Bookkeeping Ledger Original Ledger Columbus 1881
274 S-5 Stafford, B.F. Deed Dispute Photocopy Eagle Lake 1882-1899
275 S-5 Stafford, B.H. Letters, Biography Typewritten Originals Columbus, Round Rock Early 1990s
276 S-5 Stafford, Charles B. Request for Presidential Pardon Handwritten Original San Antonio 1950
277 S-5 Stafford, Joseph Gravestone Found Original Photographs Colorado County Undated
278 S-5 Stafford Mansion News Item re: Renovation Photocopies Colorado County 1978
279 S-5 Stafford, R.E. News Article Re: Shooting Photocopy New York, N.Y. 1890
280 S-5 Stafford, Robert Deed to M.S., M.L. Lewis Photocopy Lavaca County, TX 1859
281 S-5 Stafford Opera House One of 3 Historical Buildings Original Documents Columbus 1883, 1886, 1892
282 S-5 Stafford Opera House News Item Photocopy Columbus 1891
283 S-5 Stafford Opera House History, Owners Typewritten Index Card Columbus 1886-1972
284 S-5 Stafford Opera House News Item Original Clipping Columbus Undated
285 S-5 Stafford Opera House Program, News Articles Originals and Photocopies Columbus, Houston 1975, 1991
286 S-5 Stafford Opera House/Home History Of Photocopy Columbus Modern Era
287 S-5 Stafford Opera House Program, Flyer Original Documents Columbus 2008-2009
288 S-5 Stafford Opera House History of Typewritten Original Columbus 1990
289 S-5 Stafford Opera House Flyers Original Documents Columbus 2006-2007
290 S-5 Stafford Opera House Flyers, News Photos, Other Originals and Photocopies Columbus Various Modern Era
291 S-5 Stafford Opera House History, Programs, Other Original Documents Columbus Various Modern Era
292 S-5 Stafford Opera House Program Original Document Columbus 1991
293 S-5 Stafford Opera House History Of Handwritten Original Columbus 20th Century
294 S-5 Stafford Opera House Re: Bidding on Renovation Typewritten Original Columbus 1986
295 S-5 Stafford Opera House Events Schedule Original Brochure, Flyer Columbus 2001-2002
296 S-5 Stafford Opera House Flyer Original Document Columbus Modern Era
297 S-5 Stafford Opera House Events Schedule Original Document Columbus 2004-2005
298 S-5 Stafford Opera House News Item, Houston Post Photocopy Houston 1975
299 S-5 Stafford Opera House Flyers, Schedule Original Documents Columbus 2002
300 S-5 Stafford Opera House Flyers, Postcards, Schedules Original Documents Columbus 2002-2008
301 S-5 Stafford Opera House History of, Flyers, Prospectus Original Documents Columbus Undated
302 S-5 Stafford Opera House Flyers, News Items, Schedule Original Documents Columbus 1908, 1976, 2002-2003
303 S-5 Stafford Opera House Programs, Flyers, Other Original Documents Columbus 19th-20th Century
304 S-5 Stafford Opera House News Article Photocopy San Antonio 1994
305 S-5 Stafford Opera House Invitation Photocopy Columbus 2006
306 S-5 Stafford Opera House Brochure, Calendar Original Document Columbus 1996
307 S-5 Stafford Opera House Dedication Buddy Rau Room Original Documents Columbus 2004
308 S-5 Stafford Opera House Programs Original Documents Columbus 2008-2009
309 S-5 Stafford Opera House Programs, Flyer, Publicity Original Documents Columbus Modern Era
310 S-5 Stafford Opera House Flyers, Brochure, Script, News Originals and Photocopies Columbus 1900, 1993-2007
311 S-5 Stafford Opera House Magnolia Homes Tour Brochure Original Document Columbus 1999
312 S-5 Stafford Opera House History of Handwritten Original Columbus 1963
313 S-5 Stafford Opera House Music CDs, Angie Giddens CD Recordings Columbus 1983-1984
314 S-5 Stafford Opera House News Items Typewritten Columbus 1887
315 S-5 Stafford Opera House Magnolia Homes Tour Fan Original Columbus Modern Era
316 S-5 Stafford Opera House Dinner Theatre Schedule Original Document Columbus 2000-2001
317 S-5 Stafford Opera House Manual for Sound Equipment Original San Antonio Modern Era
318 S-5 Stafford Opera House Events Calendar Original Columbus 2000-2001
319 S-5 Stafford, W.D. Re: Shooting Original Handwritten Document Columbus 1882
320 S-6 Texas Stage Lines History of, Formed 1839 Photocopies Univ. of Texas, El Paso 1971
321 S-6 Stage Plays Program Original Document Houston 1930s
322 S-6 Stain Removal Recipes for Removal Handwritten Original Unknown Undated
323 S-6 Stall, David Political Flyer Original Document Columbus Modern Era
324 S-6 Stall, David Political Campaign Flyer Original Document Fayette County Modern Era
325 S-6 Stall, David K. Brief Business Biography Original Document Columbus 2004
326 S-6 Stall, David K. Calling Cards (City Manager) Original Documents Columbus Modern Era
327 S-6 Stancik Home Brief History of Original Document Glidden Modern Era
328 S-6 Stansberry, Cora Obituary Original Newspaper Clipping Columbus Modern Era
329 S-6 Stapleton Family History Of Handwritten Original Colorado County 1963
330 S-6 State Baseball Championships Booklet Program Original Austin, TX 2001
331 S-6 Austin, Houston Statues Book Original Washington, D.C. 1905
332 S-6 Stech, Henrietta M. Breithaupt Funeral Program Original Weimar 2005
333 S-6 Stein, Alma Photograph Photocopy Industry, TX Undated
334 S-6 Stein, Ewald Leo/ Stein, Leroy Short Biographies Typewritten Original Colorado County 1980s
335 S-6 Stein, Harold J. Obituary Original Newspaper Clipping San Antonio 2004
336 S-6 Stein, James D./Barnett, Natalie Marriage License Original Document Colorado County 1995
337 S-6 Stein Family History Of Original, Photocopies of Photos Colorado County 2001
338 S-6 Stein/Burt Marriage Invitation Original Document Columbus 1950
339 S-6 Stein, Russell Funeral Notice (Card) Original Document Columbus 1984
340 S-6 Stein, Le Roy Obituary Orginal Newspaper Clipping Houston 1997
341 S-6 Steitz, Frank Motion to Dismiss Photocopy Colorado County 2005
342 S-6 Steitz, Frank Donation/Fine Check Photocopy Columbus/Weimar 1998
343 S-6 Steitz, Frank News Report, Photographs Photocopies Columbus 1997
344 S-6 Stephens, Bettie T. Will Photocopies Colorado County 1906
345 S-6 Stevenson, Coke R. Dedication of Historical Marker Original Booklet Junction, TX 1967
346 S-6 Stephens, Mattie Obituary Original Newspaper Clipping Columbus 1972
347 S-6 Steubing, Fred Sr. Biography Photocopy Waelder, TX 1926
348 S-6 Stevens, Karen D. Obituary Photocopy Victoria, TX 1998
349 S-6 Stewart, Willie C. PTA Recognition Original (Computer Generated) Tacoma, WA 2007
350 S-6 Stewart, Willie C. Sr. Biography, Letter Original, Photocopy Colorado County 2006
351 S-6 Stewart, Willie Flyers, Letters, Miscellaneous Originals, Photocopies Seattle, WA 2006-2008
352 S-6 Stewart, Willie C. High School Yearbook Original Tacoma, WA 1972
353 S-6 Stewart, Willie Biography, Career Variety of Documents Tacoma, WA 2002-2004
354 S-6 Stewart, Willie Biography, Career Variety of Documents Tacoma, WA 2004-2005, 1980
355 S-6 Stewart, Willie Various Materials Variety of Documents Tacoma, WA 2003-2004
356 S-6 Stewart, Willie C. Wrestling Invitational Original Program Tacoma, WA 2007
357 S-6 Stirpes Genealogy Journal Original Journals San Antonio 2001, 2002 (Incomplete)
358 S-6 Stirpes Genealogy Journal Original Journal San Antonio 2007
359 S-6 Stock and Watz Families Letter, Business Card Original Document Houston 1983
360 S-6 Stockton, B.F. Estate (Will) Photocopy Colorado County 1852
361 S-6 Stockton, Lou News Item re: Pecan Crop Photocopy Weimar 1906
362 S-6 Stormont, John W. Lecture Announcements Original Documents Victoria, TX 2003, 2004
363 S-6 Stormont, John W. Lecture Announcement Original Document Victoria, TX 2003
364 S-6 Stormont, John W. Lecture Announcement Original Document Victoria, TX 2003
365 S-6 Stoudenmeyer(-mire), Dallas Letters Regarding History of Original Documents Columbus 1988-1989
366 S-6 Stoudenmire, Dallas Biographies, Certificates Photocopies Colorado County, Various Sites 19th-20th Century
367 S-6 Stoudenmier Family Genealogy, Family History Photocopies Colorado County 2007
368 S-6 Stover, Dora Lee Obituary Original Newspaper Clipping Columbus Undated
369 S-6 Stoves, Wood, Coal Burning Advertisement Original Document Unknown 1905
370 S-6 Strahan, Carroll H. Lawsuit Deposition Original Notebook Colorado County 1955
371 S-6 Strahan, J.R. Re: Soldier's Pension, Other Photocopies Colorado County 1913-14, 1940s, 1957
372 S-6 Strahan, William H. Gravestone Original Photograph Reel's Bend Modern Era (D: 1866)
373 S-6 Strahan Family Family History Original, Photocopies Colorado County 1981
374 S-6 Strange Bedfellows Goldesberry Gallery Showing Original Postcard Houston 2008
375 S-6 Strauss, Gus Campaign Flyer Columbus Hallettsville 20th Century
376 S-6 Strumburg (Olive and) Builder's Loan Original Document Colorado County 1883
377 S-6 Strauss, Gus Photos, Campaign Materials Originals Colorado County Undated
378 S-6 Struss, W.A. Miscellaneous Business Papers Original Documents Colorado County 1910s-1930s
379 S-6 Sublime History Of Handwritten Originals Sheridan, TX Modern Era
380 S-6 Sugar Cane Photograph Computer Generated Eagle Lake Undated
381 S-6 Sugar Cane Culture Brief Area History Of Typewritten Original Colorado County Undated
382 S-6 Sugar Culture Statistical Reports, Marker Photocopies, Originals Colorado County, Austin 1904,-1905, 1976
383 S-6 Sugar Industry Texas History Of Original Booklet Houston 1961
384 S-6 Sugar Industry Business History Newspaper Clipping Houston 1991
385 S-6 Sulak, Bessie Anna Birth Certificate Photocopy Richmond, TX 1959
386 S-6 Summer Camps Registration Form Original Document Columbus 2006
387 S-6 Supreme Court, U.S. New York Times Article Photocopy New York, NY 1910
388 S-6 Surles, Cody Profile (Houston Chronicle) Photocopy Houston 2007
389 S-6 Sutton, Aaron Union Prisoner of War (Civil) Photocopies Texas 1864
390 S-6 Svetlik and Allied Families Family History Notebook Colorado and Fayette County 2005
391 S-6 Swedish Immigrants History Of Handwritten Original Cat Spring, TX Modern Era
392 S-6 Swine Diseases, Abnormal Conditions U.S.D.A. Booklet Washington, D.C. 1931
393 S-6 Symphony, San Antonio Grand Opera Festival Program Booklet San Antonio 1946
394 S-6 Simmons, Randa Harrison, William Photographs-East Bridge Columbus  
395 S-6 Southern Pacific Switch List from Lucy Wray Todd Columbus 1960
396 S-6 St. Anthony Catholic Church Announcements   Columbus 2007-2011
397 S-6 Shook, John K. Deed of Trust   Colorado/Bextar County 1908
398 S-6 Sebesta, George C. Funeral Program   Columbus 1922-2011
399 S-6 St. Michael Catholic Church Centennial   Weimar 1889-1989
400 S-7 "Snappy Songs for Closing Day" Songbook Original Ohio 1928
401 S-7 Stafford Opera House Architect, Building Of Booklet, Magazine Excerpts Galveston, Columbus 1800s; Modern Era
402 S-7 St. Anthony Catholic Church Catholic Daughters Program & Flier Columbus 2012
403 S-7 St. Anthony Catholic Church Fliers Fall Festival Columbus 2012
404 S-7 St. Anthony Catholic Church Bulletin & Flier Fr. Augustine Asante Columbus 2012
405 S-7 Stein, Jim Wall Street Journal Article JOBS Act Houston 2012
406 S-7 St. Anthony's School Brochures, Graduation, Yearbooks, Other Originals Columbus 1980s-1990s
407 S-7 San Antonio Postcards, Tourism Materials Originals San Antonio, TX 1960s-Various Dates
408 S-7 San Augustine Tourism, Historical Information Originals San Augustine, TX 1960s
409 S-7 San Jacinto, Battle Of Brochure, News Articles Re: Battle Originals and Photocopies Near Houston 1917, 1960, 1980s
410 S-7 Saunders, Robert (TX State Rep.) Newsletter Original Austin/La Grange, TX 1989
411 S-7 Schulenburg Tourism Information Originals Schulenburg, TX Modern Era
412 S-7 Scull, Sally (1820-?) Biography, Deeds, Legal Documents Photocopies Columbus/Mexican Border 19th, 20th Centuries
413 S-7 Sesquicentennial (Texas) Booklets, Planning, Various Materials Originals Texas 1986
414 S-7 Sesquicentennial (Texas) Planning Materials, Packets Originals Texas 1986
415 S-7 Sharp, Frank News Clippings Re: Death Of Photocopies Houston 1993
416 S-7 Sharp, John Report Re: Healthcare Reform Original Austin 1994
417 S-7 Sheridan News Clipping Re: Splashway Water Park Photocopy Sheridan, TX 1999
418 S-7 Shiner Church, Brewery Information Original Shiner, TX Modern Era
419 S-7 Smith, Preston (TX Governor) Inaugural Invitations, Program Originals Austin 1971
420 S-7 Smith, Richard (TX State Sen.) Campaign Materials Originals Austin/College Station, TX 1990
421 S-7 South Texas Area Variety of Tourism-Type Materials Originals South Texas Modern Era
422 S-7 Southern Methodist University News Clipping Re: Lawsuit Photocopy Dallas, TX 1991
423 S-7 Sports, Columbus Jr., Sr. High Schools Schedules, Other (No Football) Originals Columbus 1987-1988
424 S-7 Sports, Columbus High School Schedule; All-Sports Banquet Program Originals Columbus 1988-1990
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427 S-7 Stafford Opera House Programs, Publicity, Other Originals and Photocopies Columbus 1990s
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430 S-7 "School Days" Song/Poem Photocopy Unknown Modern Era