Nesbitt Memorial Library


General Archives W
Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 W-1 Waddell, Thomas T. Scrapbook of News Articles Originals Colorado County 1927-1982
2 W-1 Waddell, Mary A. Funeral Program Photocopy Eagle Lake 1908
3 W-1 Waddell, Tom News Items re: Shooting Photocopies Colorado County 1948-1949
4 W-1 Waelder Cemetery Association Newsletter; Fundraiser Notice Original Typed Documents; Photocopies Waelder, TX 1978
5 W-1 Waelder, TX, History Of News Article (Express-News) Original Clipping San Antonio 1979
6 W-1 Wegenfuhr, Henry Death Notice Typed Copy Columbus 1892
7 W-1 Wagner and Related Families Genealogy With Photos Photocopies Colorado County 19th-20th Centuries
8 W-1 Waldrip, James P. Newspaper Column Regarding Photocopy Dallas Mid-1800s
9 W-1 Waldvogel Opportunity Center County MHMR Photograph Colorado County 1985
10 W-1 Waldvogel, Harriet Obituary Photocopy Columbus/Houston 2001
11 W-1 Waldvogel, Willard B. Engagment Announcement Original Newspaper Clipping Columbus Modern Era
12 W-1 Walker, Anna Karolina Confirmation Certificate Original (In German Language) Fayette County 1894
13 W-1 Walker, Ezekiel Brief Biography Photocopy Waelder, TX 1894
14 W-1 Walker, Milly Poisoning Accusation Typewritten Original Colorado County Mid-1870s
15 W-1 Walker, Quin F. Biography/Obituary Typewritten Copy Eagle Lake 1904
16 W-1 Walker, William Marriage Certificates; Letters Photocopies Frelsburg Mid-1850s
17 W-1 Wallace, Col. Joseph W.E. News Item re: Historical Marker Original Newspaper Clipping Columbus 1971
18 W-1 Wallace, William B. "Bill" Sports Biography Typewritten Original Eagle Lake 1986
19 W-1 Wallace, Robert Genealogy including "Big Foot Wallace" Beard, Anderson, Miller, Sharp & Smith families   13th Century -
20 W-1 Waller County Cemeteries A Directory of Cemeteries in Waller Co. Waller County 1977
21 W-1 Wallace, William B. "Bill" Short Biography Rice Football All-American Houston, El Campo 1912-1993
22 W-1 Walnut Bend School District Deed   Walnut Bend 1873
23 W-1 Warner, J. Letter home from Washington D.C. Xerox copies Colorado County 1900
24 W-1 Washington, Booker T. Address to Farmers' Improvement Society Article by Robert Lloyd Smith Columbus 1900
25 W-1 Washington County Civil War History (Waul's Legion) Booklet Washington County 1861-62, 1988
26 W-1 Washington County Genealogical Society Newsletters   Washington County 2007
27 W-1 Washington, D.C. Ford Theatre Floor Plan Washington, D.C. Undated
28 W-1 Washington, George Decendants in Colorado County Houston Post article Colorado County 1967
29 W-1 Washington, Dr. L. A. Death Notice Grand Nephew of George Washington Denison Undated
30 W-1 Washington-on-the-Brazos Brief History by John P. Landers Washington-on-the-Brazos 1821-
31 W-1 Water, Controversy over Caldwell County American-Statesman articles Caldwell County 2007
32 W-1 Water Crisis Colorado County American-Statesman articles Colorado County 2007
33 W-1 Water Management Colorado Coastal Plains Project Public Meeting Information Colorado County 1983
34 W-1 Water Management Lower Colorado River Hearings: Shaws Bend Project Colorado County 1984
35 W-1 Water Management Columbus Bend Application for Emergency Orders Colorado County 1984
36 W-1 Water North America National Geographic Booklet   1993
37 W-1 Water Quality Advertisement Brochure   Undated
38 W-1 Water Quality Water Supply and Demand Assessment LCRA Book Colorado County 1990
39 W-1 Water Quality Issues about Meeting Handbill Colorado County 1999
40 W-1 Water Rainwater Harvesting Booklet   Modern Era
41 W-1 Water Rights (Trial) Oscar Bunge et al vs American Water Company et a; Records Colorado County 1947
42 W-1 Waterfowl Central Flyway Indentification Booklet   1986
43 W-1 Watkins, David Payment to widow of Civil War Soldier   1866
44 W-1 Watkins, Isaiah Martin Obituary Black Educator Wharton 1918-1999
45 W-1 Watson, Olevia Washington County Cemeteries Cataloged by Gary McKee Washington County 2005
46 W-1 Watts, Coral Eugene Confessed Murderer Colorado County Citizen article Columbus 1982
47 W-1 Wearden (Decendency) Genealogy By Willie Ann McColloch Colorado County 19th-20th Century
48 W-1 Webb and Related Families Genealogy Genealogy Society of Southern Illinois   2003
49 W-1 Weber, Daniel Henry Brief Biography School teacher Colorado County 1836-1911
50 W-1 Wedding Ball Newspaper article Colorado Citizen Colorado County 1879
51 W-1 Wednesday Club Social Club Journal, Membership Record Columbus 1917-1923
52 W-1 Wegenhoft, Sue Author of Accounting book for farmers, ranchers Colorado County Citizen article Eagle Lake 1950
53 W-1 Wegenhoft, Victor Charles Genealogy, Biography Correspondence Colorado County 2000
54 W-1 Weimar Advertisements   Weimar Undated
55 W-1 Weimar Brass Band Article in German Weimar 1882
56 W-1 Weimar Baseball / Softball Texas Co-op Magazines, News article Weimar 2002, 2003
57 W-1 Weimar Bear on the Loose Mercury, Citizen articles Weimar 1893
58 W-1 Weimar Brown School Vollie Strunk and Sybil Chapman, teachers Weimar 1912
59 W-1 Weimar Cemetery Maps Odd Fellows and Masonic Weimar 2005
60 W-1 Weimar Centennial Celebration Schedule Weimar 1973
61 W-1 Weimar Chamber of Commerce Banquet Program Weimar 2001
62 W-1 Weimar Christmas Homes Tour Flyer Weimar 2005
63 W-1 Weimar Weimar Daily Informer, New newspaper Announcement flyer Weimar 1887
64 W-1 Weimar Main Street Postcard Weimar Undated
65 W-1 Weimar Fireman's Park and Pavilion Postcard Weimar 1912
66 W-1 Weimar First 100 Years. Index to Index by Willie Ann McColloch Weimar 1973
67 W-1 Weimar First State Bank Records Weimar 1922-1924
68 W-1 Weimar Gedenke Gar Fest Flyer Weimar 2001
69 W-1 Weimar Garbage Service Victoria Advocate article Weimar 2004
70 W-2 Weimar Hangings & other local news Bill Stein notes from the Mercury Weimar 1903-1907
71 W-2 Weimar George Herder House Description by John E. Ermis Weimar 1904-1957
72 W-2 Weimar Heritage Society Museum Brochures, Ticket Weimar Undated
73 W-2 Weimar Heritage Society Museum Alamo Images Exhibition Weimar 2008
74 W-2 Weimar High School Commencement Mercury article, Invitation Weimar 1915, 2005
75 W-2 Weimar Bank Deposits Ledger sheets Weimar 1917
76 W-2 Weimar History of Correspondence Weimar 1930's
77 W-2 Weimar History Weimar articles Weimar 1898
78 W-2 Weimar Brief History Handbook of Texas article Weimar Undated
79 W-2 Weimar Human Interest Story Leon Hale article Weimar 1970
80 W-2 Weimar Index to 1st Hundred Years (1873-1973) Willie Ann McColloch Weimar 1973
81 W-2 Weimar Weimar Literary Guild Yearbook, 1999-2000 Weimar 1999-2000
82 W-2 Weimar Xeriscaping LCRA News Weimar 1988
83 W-2 Weimar Local News Colorado Citizen article Weimar 1898
84 W-2 Weimar Lynching (1898) News article Weimar 1898
85 W-2 Weimar Lynching and Critics of (1885) News article Weimar 1895
86 W-2 Weimar Miscellaneous items Various documents Weimar Various
87 W-2 Weimar Wedding Announcement Mercury article Weimar 1907
88 W-2 Weimar Weimar Mercury Copies of Issues Weimar 1893, 1894, 1898
89 W-2 Weimar Weimar Mercury Copied notes of varied topics Weimar 1889-1890
90 W-2 Weimar Weimar Mercury, District Clerk Items, Opera House Bill Stein notes Weimar 1888-1903
91 W-2 Weimar Odd Fellows Cemetery Records compiled by Elinor McCormick Vinson Weimar 1973
92 W-2 Weimar Fayetteville-La Grange-Schulenburg-Weimar Phone Book Weimar 1995-96
93 W-2 Weimar Poll List: School District Trustee Election Poll list Weimar 1917
94 W-2 Weimar Post Oak Groundwater Conservation District Election Card Weimar Undated
95 W-2 Weimar Public Library History of Weimar 1963-
96 W-2 Weimar Public School Tuition fees, teacher contract Weimar 1917
97 W-2 Weimar Weimar - Schulenburg Hospital Proposed hospital district on ballot Weimar 2003
98 W-2 Weimar Remembrances of Agnes Stanley Schenk David Orphan train survivor Weimar 1900-1999
99 W-2 Weimar Shopping Business advertisements Weimar Modern Era
100 W-2 Weimar Shooting / Suicide Mercury article Weimar 1896
101 W-2 Weimar Snippets of History Remembering Weimar Weimar Undated
102 W-2 Weimar Texas Highways Magazine "Gedenke! Weimar's Willkommen Ways" Weimar 1998
103 W-2 Weimar Tourism City Map and Landmarks Weimar Undated
104 W-2 Weimar Tragic Deaths of 4 Chadwick Children Houston Chronicle article Weimar 1991
105 W-2 Weimar Youens Hospital Smiles Booklet Weimar Undated
106 W-2 Weimar Veterans Fundraiser Ticket Weimar 2002
107 W-2 Weiss Jr., Harold W. Brief Career Biography Photocopy Jamestown, NY Modern Era
108 W-2 Weller, Annie Cordie Funeral Notice Original Document Columbus 1881
109 W-2 Weller, Samuel McCleary Magazine Column Regarding Photocopy Columbus Early 1900s
110 W-2 Wellmer, William Collection of Personal Papers, Correspondence, Photographs Originals and Photocopies Travis County Early 1900s to Later 1900s
111 W-2 Wendish Fest/Museum Brochures w/History Of, Site Map Original Documents Serbin, TX 2008
112 W-2 West, T.B. Correspondence Original Documents Columbus 1913-1921
113 W-2 Western Outlaw-Lawman History Association Journal (WOLA) Magazines (2) Originals Apache, OK 2006
114 W-2 Western Outlaw-Lawman History Association Newsletters (4) Originals Apache, OK 2004, 2005, 2006
115 W-2 Wends, Newspaper History Flyer, Order Form Original Warda, TX Modern Era
116 W-2 Westbury High School Graduation Invitations (2) Originals Houston 1969, 1978
117 W-2 Western History Association Program, Annual Conference Original Albuquerque, NM 2001
118 W-2 Westmoreland, Nannie (Mrs. J.T) Obituary Photocopy Colorado County 1921
119 W-2 Wheat, Amanda News Article re: Bombing Photocopy Eagle Lake (Headlight) 1912
120 W-2 Wharton County 1850 Census Photocopy Wharton County 1994
121 W-2 Wharton County Courthouse Invitation to Rededication of Restoration Original Document Wharton 2007
122 W-2 Wharton County Fair Guide/Schedule Booklet Original Wharton 1952
123 W-2 Wharton County Taxes General Land Office Receipts Original Documents Wharton County 1884-1895
124 W-2 Wharton County Historical Commission Membership List, Correspondence Photocopies Hungerford, TX 1979-1983
125 W-2 Wharton County News Article re: Old Camp Tucket Photocopy Unknown Modern Era
126 W-2 Wharton News Article re: Flood, Includes Photographs Photocopies San Antonio (The Light) 1935
127 W-2 Wharton News Article re: Hanging Photocopy Hallettsville (Herald) 1892
128 W-2 White County, IL History, Marriage Records, Etc. Originals and Photocopies Various Illinois Sites 19th-20th Centuries
129 W-2 White, Ham Biography, Chronology of Crimes Photocopy Various Texas Sites Modern Era
130 W-2 White Man's Party News Article Regarding Photocopy Columbus 1906
131 W-2 Whitfield, Miss Callis Obituary Original Newspaper Clipping Columbus (Colorado County Citizen) 1980
132 W-2 Whitfield Family Genealogy, Correspondence Originals and Photocopies Colorado County 1960s-1970s
133 W-2 Whitehead, Richard The Troubled Times of, Manuscript Original Bastrop and Fayette Counties 2001
134 W-2 Whitener, James William News Article re: Murder Photocopy Eagle Lake/Houston (Chronicle) 1991
135 W-2 Wied and Related Families Genealogy Photocopy Colorado County Through 1970s
136 W-2 Wild Man of the Navidad Newspaper Article Regarding Computer-Generated Copy Victoria, TX (Advocate) 2002
137 W-2 Wild Game, Hunting Of Newspaper Articles Regarding Originals Kerrville (Times), Dallas (Morning News), Fort Worth (Press) 1953
138 W-2 Wildlife in Colorado County Under Siege Paper Photocopy Colorado County 1990s
139 W-2 Wildlife Management Association Newsletter Original Colorado County 2008
140 W-2 Wildlife News Newsletter Original Edna, TX 2006
141 W-2 Wildlife News Newsletter, Flyer Originals La Grange, TX 2007
142 W-2 Wildlife News Newsletter Original La Grange, TX 2007
143 W-2 Wildlife News Newsletter Original Colorado County 2003
144 W-2 Wildlife News Newsletters Originals La Grange, TX 2001, 2002
145 W-2 Wild Man of Skull Creek Newspaper Article (Citizen) Typed Copy Columbus Modern Era
146 W-2 Wild Man of Skull Creek Newspaper Article, Photo re: Capture Of Photocopy Columbus 1898
147 W-2 Wild Man of the Navidad News Clippings Regarding Original and Photocopy Victoria (Advocate); La Grange 1851, 2007
148 W-2 Wild Man of the Navidad News Item re: Missing Marker Computer-Generated Copy Victoria, TX (Advocate) 2007
149 W-2 Wildlife News Newsletter Original La Grange, TX 2004
150 W-2 Wildlife News Newsletter Originals (2) La Grange, TX 2004, 2006
151 W-2 Wild Plants, Useful Newsletter Original Austin, TX 2003
152 W-2 Wilde Family History Correspondence re: Family History Originals and Photocopies Wall, TX 1987
153 W-2 Wildflowers Art Print by H.Rather Photocopy Unknown Unknown
154 W-2 Williams, Creasie W. Obituary Original Newspaper Clipping Eagle Lake 1985
155 W-2 Williams, Leslie Sr. Funeral Program Photocopy Glidden, TX 2007
156 W-2 Williams, Edward R. Jr. Funeral Program Photocopy Glidden, TX 2007
157 W-2 Williams, Marge Newspaper Article Original (Houston Post) La Grange, TX 1979
158 W-2 Williams, Rose Mary Obituary Photocopy (Houston Post) Columbus 1983
159 W-2 Williams, Sammie Obituary Original Newspaper Clipping Columbus (Citizen) 1975
160 W-2 Williamson County Pension Applications (Confederate) Photocopies Williamson County 1904
161 W-2 Williamson, Robert McAlpin Biography Handwritten Original Garwood, TX 1963
162 W-2 Wilson Family Genealogy Handwritten Original Columbus Modern Era
163 W-2 Wilson Quarterly Magazine Original Washington, D.C. 2001
164 W-2 Windsplitter (Movie) Autographed Photographs of Actor Photocopy Columbus 1970
165 W-2 Wind Energy Texas Co-op Power Magazine Original Austin, TX 2008
166 W-2 Windham, Marshall (Tex) World War II Poem By Photocopy Columbus Modern Era
167 W-2 Windrow, C. Deed Original Eagle Lake 1862
168 W-2 Windsplitter (Movie) Flyer, Program With Movie History, Letter Originals and Photocopies Columbus 1970-1971
169 W-3 Winedale Flyer Original Fayette County Modern Era
170 W-3 Winedale Museum Brochure, Flyer-Spring Symposium Originals Fayette County 2006
171 W-3 Winedale Gardening Symposium Original Round Top, TX 2004
172 W-3 Winedale Program, Spring Symposium Original Fayette County 2006
173 W-3 Winedale Stagecoach Inn Postcards (3) Originals Fayette County Modern Era
174 W-3 Winedale Spring Festival Announcement Cards Originals Fayette County 2006
175 W-3 Wink Family Genealogy Photocopy Colorado County Modern Era
176 W-3 Wink/Hillebrand Shooting Newspaper Article (Weimar Mercury) Typed Copy Shaw's Bend 1903
177 W-3 Wintermann, David Newspaper Article (Houston Post) Photocopy Eagle Lake Modern Era
178 W-3 Winterman (sic), David R. News Article re: Princeton Honor Society Photocopy New York, NY/Eagle Lake, TX 1934
179 W-3 Wintermann, Eula HR 50 Bill Texas re: Death Of Computer Generated Copy Austin/Eagle Lake 2000
180 W-3 Wintermann Library Dedication Program Originals Eagle Lake 1975
181 W-3 Wirtz Family Deed Original Documents Columbus 1915
182 W-3 Wirtz Family Newspaper Article Regarding (Texas Coaster) Photocopies Richmond, TX 1953
183 W-3 Wirtz, Alvin J. News Articles re: Federal Appointment Photocopies Austin, TX; Washington, D.C. 1940
184 W-3 Wirtz, A.J. News Article w/Photograph re: Presidential Appointment Photocopy New York, NY (Times) 1940
185 W-3 Wirtz, A.S. and Sons, Builders History; Letter; Lists of Local Homes Built By Photocopies Columbus 1891; Modern Era
186 W-3 Wirtz, Alvin-Dam Program, Dedication Of Photocopy Burnet and Llano Counties 1952
187 W-3 Wirtz, Alvin J. Photograph Of Original Unknown 1900s
188 W-3 Wirtz Family History Newspaper Clippings; Funeral Notice; Correspondence Originals Colorado County, Austin, TX, Washington, D.C. 1917; 1930s-1940s
189 W-3 Wirtz, J.G. Receipt For Real Estate Purchase Original Document Columbus 1875
190 W-3 Wirtz, J.G. Obituary Typewritten Copy, Photocopies Columbus 1921
191 W-3 Wirtz, Lewis M. World War I Correspondence Original Documents Colorado County; Unknown Military Site 1918
192 W-3 Wirtz, Phebe Jane (Mrs.) Funeral Notice Original Columbus 1935
193 W-3 Wirtz, Lewis M. Obituary; Death Certificate Photocopies Columbus; Houston 1965
194 W-3 Wise, Mittie Obituary Original Newspaper Clipping (Citizen) Columbus 1978
195 W-3 Witmer, Betty Jo Stewart (Hope) Obituary Computer-Generated Copy Houston (Houston Chronicle) 2005
196 W-3 Witte Place Essay Regarding Handwritten Original Bernardo/Cat Spring Modern Era
197 W-3 Wolters Country House Homes Tour Brochure Regarding Original Columbus 1964
198 W-3 "Women in Mourning" Museum of the Confederacy Catalog Original Richmond, VA 1985
199 W-3 Woods, Mrs. Pearlie Stewart Funeral Program Original Document Houston 2005
200 W-3 Woolridge-Hasty-Middleton Families Family Reunion Booklet w/Genealogy Original Colorado County 2002
201 W-3 Woolridge-Hasty Family Reunion Booklet wi/ Genealogy Original Colorado County 2001
202 W-3 Woolridge, Thomas Marriages Pencil on Paper Texas Unknown
203 W-3 Wooten, J.H. Obituary (Colo. County Citizen) Photocopy Columbus 1966
204 W-3 Wooten, J.R. Biography/Obituary Typed Copy (From Weimar Mercury) Columbus 1915
205 W-3 Wolters-Herder Family Reunion Newspaper Article Photocopy Columbus 1938
206 W-3 Woodward, Caesar Obituary Handwritten News Article Columbus 1925
207 W-3 "Women in Texas History" "They Made a Difference" Texas Historical Commission Booklet Austin, TX 1988
208 W-3 Women's Christian Temperance Union Menu Original Unknown 1925
209 W-3 Women's Rights Essay Regarding Typewritten Copy Unknown 1895
210 W-3 Wood, Howard Suicide Note Photocopy Brenham, TX 1932
211 W-3 Works Projects Administration (WPA) Papers Regarding Project Original Documents Colorado County 1930s-1940s
212 W-3 Wood Preserving Booklet, Flyer - Great Southern Wood Preserving Photocopy; Original Columbus Modern Era
213 W-3 Woods, Leila Funeral Notice Original Weimar 1888
214 W-3 Wooldridge Family Family History; Correspondence Photocopies Virginia 2003
215 W-3 Woolery-Price, Patti Letter To Original Columbus 1986
216 W-3 Woolery-Price, Patti Certificate re: Spanish Language Original Columbus 1983
217 W-3 Woolsey Home Newspaper Article Regarding (Citizen) Photocopy Columbus 1963
218 W-3 Woolsey, John M. and Related Families Family History, Genealogy Photocopy Oakland, TX Through 1900s
219 W-3 Wooten Interview Handwritten Notes in Theme Book (Feud Included) Original Columbus 1989
220 W-3 Wooten, James Columbus High School Diploma Original (In Binder) Columbus 1930
221 W-3 World Atlas Scholastic Original New York, NY Modern Era
222 W-3 World's Fair, Chicago Book of Photographs Original Chicago 1893
223 W-3 World War I News Articles Regarding/Lists of Soldiers, Veterans Typewritten Originals w/Editing Marks Colorado County 1917-1918
224 W-3 World War I List of Casualties Photocopy of News Item (New York Times) New York, NY 1919
225 W-3 World War I Draft List; Other Items Originals Colorado County 1917-1918
226 W-3 World War I Newspaper Article (Citizen) Photocopy Columbus 1941
227 W-3 World War I List of Killed and Wounded Photocopy Colorado County 1919
228 W-3 World War I Poem Regarding by S. Seymour IV Typewritten Original Columbus Modern Era
229 W-3 World War I Notebook-Home Guard, List of Members; History Of Photocopies; Typewritten Copies Colorado County 1918
230 W-3 World War I-Demobilization Newspaper Clipping Original Houston 1918 or 1919
231 W-3 World War I History Of In Colorado County Photocopy Colorado County 1917-1919
232 W-3 World War I Killed or Wounded, Local Typewritten Copies Colorado County 1919
233 W-3 World War I List of Veterans (2) Photocopies Colorado County Late 1910s-Early 1920s
234 W-3 World War I Local Red Cross History Original and Photocopy Colorado County 1917-18, 1942
235 W-3 World War I Red Cross Photograph w/Caption (Citizen) Photocopy Colorado County 1955
236 W-3 World War I List of Men Registered (Notebook) Photocopy Colorado County 1917-1918
237 W-3 World War I Information re: Book Computer Generated Unknown 2002
238 W-3 World War I Craven, C.L., News Item Regarding Photocopy Chicago (Defender) 1943
239 W-3 World War II Title Page: "Home From Siberia" Photocopy College Station (Texas A&M Press) 1990
240 W-3 World War II Letter To Huebel, Audrey Jean Original Document Houston 1942
241 W-3 World War II Office of Defense Transportation Pamphlet Original Washington, D.C. 1942
242 W-3 World War II Edward Mattern Classification Cards Original Colorado County 1943-1945
243 W-3 World War II List of Local Draftees Typewritten Copy Colorado County 1942, 1981
244 W-3 World War II Wartime Election Ballot Original New York, NY 1944
245 W-3 World War II   Original San Antonio 1943
246 W-3 World War II Booklet re: French Cities Original New York, NY 1945
247 W-3 World War II Texas Honor List of Dead and Missing Original Washington, D.C. 1946
248 W-3 World War II News Article re: Manila Battle Photocopy Chicago (Defender) 1945
249 W-3 World War II Article re: Texas During World War II Photocopy Austin, TX 2005
250 W-3 World War II Era and Previous Decade Sheet Music, Books Of Originals Various Publishers 1930s-1940s
251 W-3 World War II, Pacific Theatre Letter re: Battle for Ryukyus, Japanese Currency Originals The Ryukyus 1941-1945
252 W-3 World War II Photographs of Rome, Italy w/Captions on Back Originals Rome, Italy 1944
253 W-3 World War II Ration Books, Cards Originals Columbus, Other Locations 1945
254 W-3 World War II Cigarette Ration Cards Originals Hutchinson, Kansas 1945
255 W-3 World War II Ration Book Original Waxahachie, TX 1941-1945
256 W-3 World War II Ration Book, Service RegistrationCard Originals Columbus, Other Locations 1940-1945
257 W-3 World War II (Leroy Stein) Photographs, Correspondence, Other Memorabilia Original Documents, Photos Foster Field, TX, Other Locations 1939-1946
258 W-3 World War II V-Mail-Manton Stewart to Wife Original Document San Francisco to Goose Creek, TX 1943
259 W-3 World War II Ration Books Originals Columbus 1943
260 W-3 World War II Wartime Rationing Booklets (2) Originals Washington, D.C. 1942-1945
261 W-3 Wirtz, A.S., and Sons Advertisement Typed Copy, Photocopy Columbus 1893
262 W-3 Wright, Callie Brief Biography/Personal Correspondence Photocopies Colorado County 1840s-1860s
263 W-3 Wright, Callie Personal Correspondence Photocopies (Bound Notebook) Colorado County 1863-1865
264 W-3 Wright, Catherine Obituary Handwritten Original Colorado County 1944
265 W-3 Wright, Catherine Obituary (Citizen) Typewritten Copy Alleyton 1944
266 W-3 Wright, Laura Personal Correspondence Original Documents Columbus 1870s
267 W-3 Writings, Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings; Handwritten Notes Originals Colorado County 1960s-1970s
268 W-3 Wurzbach, Harry Photograph; Congressional Memorial Address Originals Washington, D.C. 1932
269 W-3 Wyandotte Indians Booklet re: History Of Original Document Joplin, MO (Missouri Southern State College) 1974
270 W-3 Walker, Milly Poisoning     1875
271 W-3 Walker, Tanner & Family Personal Correspondence     varied
272 W-3 Wooldridge, Albert Death Certificate   Columbus 1921
273 W-3 Wooldridge, Lottie Death Certificate   Columbus 1915
274 W-3 Wallace, Mary E. Warranty Deed and Transfer of Vendor's Lien Notes   Colorado and Bextar County 1908-1910
275 W-3 Walling, C.H. Warranty Deed   Colorado County 1922
276 W-3 Wesson, S.V. and Wesson Tennis Warranty and Lot Deeds   Colorado and Bexar County, Glidden 1910-1913
277 W-3 Winn, Grace Grant, Bargin, Sell, Convey   Columbus 1945
278 W-3 Wolff, Henry Historical Columns Victoria Advocate Newspaper Victoria, TX 2001
279 W-4 Weimar Businesses Various Sources, Also Article Re: M-G Founder Originals and Photocopies Weimar 1958; 1994; Other
280 W-4 Weimar Centennial Celebration Map; Parade Lineup; Schedule of Events Originals Weimar 1973
281 W-4 Weimar, City Of Various Information Originals and Photocopies Weimar 1950s; 1990s
282 W-4 Weimar High School Graduation Program Original Weimar 1971
283 W-4 White, Mark Campaign Material; Newspaper Clippings Originals and Photocopies Austin 1989-1992
284 W-4 Whitmire, Kathy News Clippings Photocopies Houston 1989-1992
285 W-4 Williams, Clayton Campaign Material; News Clippings Originals and Photocopies Austin 1990-1991
286 W-4 Williamson, Robert McAlpin, Judge AKA: "Three Legged Willie" (1804/96-1859) Photocopy: "True West" Magazine Article Columbus/New York 1966
287 W-4 Wright, Jim (U.S. Congressman) Newspaper Clippings Regarding Photocopies Washington, D.C./Texas 1988-1999
288 W-4 Weimar Masonic Cemetery Plot Map Photocopies Weimar Undated
289 W-4 Wade, Roger & Marilyn "Around Columbus" Book Advertisement Columbus 2012
290 W-4 Waddle, La Adrian NFL Hopes Newspaper - Photocopy Columbus 2012
291 W-4 Walker, Pam Organic Farming Newspaper Article Schulenburg 2010
292 W-4 Westward Environmental Air Quality Permit Booklet Columbus 2012
293 W-4 Wallace, William B. "The Molding of a Champion Athlete" Paper by Rollin H. Baker Eagle Lake 1920's-1930's