Nesbitt Memorial Library


General Archives G
Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 G-1 Galveston Historic Preservation Booklet; Drawings   Modern Era
2 G-1 Galveston Police News Abductions/Murders Flyers   2006
3 G-1 Galveston Whites in Copies of listings   Undated
4 G-1 Galveston Railroads Printed history   Undated
5 G-1 Galveston Drawings/Illustrations     Undated
6 G-1 Game & Fish Laws Booklet     1955
7 G-1 Game Laws Farmers' Bulletin 910     1917
8 G-1 Game Laws of Texas Copies of Letters     1990
9 G-1 Garden Club Photo   Columbus 1984
10 G-1 Garden Club Lone Star Gardener Booklets   1961; 1966
11 G-1 Garden Club Flower Show Program Flyer Weimar Undated
12 G-1 Gardening Oktober Gartenfest Proceedings Booklets Round Top 1996; 2001-2002
13 G-1 Garner, Sarah Deed Photocopy Eagle Lake 1862
14 G-1 Garrard, Mrs. Louie Todd Death Certificate   La Grange 1973
15 G-1 Garten Verein Drawing   Galveston 1876
16 G-1 Garwood Bank Robberies Photocopies of accounts   Garwood 1934-1935
17 G-1 Garwood Bank Robbery Copy of news clipping   Garwood 1934
18 G-1 Garwood Garden Club Handbooks   Garwood Modern Era
19 G-1 Garwood $5.00 Dept. Store Photo of Token Garwood Undated
20 G-1 Garwood High School Band Concert Program     1961
21 G-1 Garwood High School Copy from Yearbook; news clipping     1964
22 G-1 Garwood Highway Bridge Letter   1976
23 G-1 Garwood History Marker Dedication Program   1985
24 G-1 Garwood History Marker Dedication Program   1985
25 G-1 Garwood Historic Marker Dedication Program   1985
26 G-1 Giddens, Angie Singer/Pianist/Choreographer Resume   Undated
27 G-1 Garwood History Research Notes   Undated
28 G-1 Garwood History Research Notes   Undated
29 G-1 Garwood General Items     Modern Era
30 G-1 Garwood History Items Newspaper clippings   20th Century
31 G-1 Garwood History Items Copies   Various
32 G-1 Garwood First Irrigation Pump Research Notes   Early 1900's
33 G-1 Garwood History/Notes on Founder     1996
34 G-1 Garwood Area Land Deals Research Notes   19th-20th Century
35 G-1 Garwood Library Opening Newspaper clipping   1950
36 G-1 Garwood Lions Club History Newsapaer clipping   1948; 1959
37 G-1 Garwood Post Office Postmaster's Instructions Typed copy   1953
38 G-1 Garwood High School Commencement Announcement     1926
39 G-1 Garwood Public Schools Student Handbooks     1959-1964
40 G-1 Garwood School Superintendent's Report Copy of Document   1934-35
41 G-1 Garwood School District Laws Photocopies   1937
42 G-1 Garwood School District Student Lists     1909; 1912-1914
43 G-1 Garwood School Reports     1952-1961
44 G-1 Garwood State Bank Account Book     Undated
45 G-1 Garwood Supply Company Suit To Recover Debt Original Document   1917
46 G-1 Garwood Temperance Union Cook Book Original Document   1927
47 G-1 Garwood Texas Independence Community Certificate Original Document   1986
48 G-1 Garwood Maps     1898
49 G-1 Garwood Town Plat     Undated
50 G-1 Garwood Stampede Typed Account     1933
51 G-1 Garwood Water Control Plan   Colorado County 1956
52 G-1 Gaskell Literary Review Journal     1890
53 G-1 Gates, Doris Ann (Judy) Library Commendation     2006
54 G-1 Gay, Rufus K. Civil War Soldier Typed Note   Civil War Era
55 G-1 Gay Marriage Copy of Internet Posting     2003
56 G-1 Gegenworth Family Research Notes     Undated
57 G-1 Genealogy Family Group Sheet Blank Forms   c. 1969
58 G-1 Genealogical Mail Miscellaneous Correspondence     1987
59 G-1 Genealogical Forms Miscellaneous Research Info Blank Forms, etc.   Undated
62 G-1 Genealogy Black Family DNA Matches Copies of Research   2002-2003
63 G-1 Genealogy Newsletter/Microfiche     1993-1994
64 G-1 Genealogical Resources Texas State Archives Booklet   1984
65 G-2 Genealogy American Church Records Book   1960
66 G-2 Genealogy Book of Remembrance Forms /Instructions/Guide   No Date
67 G-2 Genealogy Genealogy Research Primer/Instructions   No Date
68 G-2 Genealogy Federal Forms, for Book   1975
69 G-2 Genealogy Libraries' Role Booklet/Pamphlet Carrollton, TX 1978
70 G-2 Genealogy and Local History Archival and Bibliographical Guide Book   1958
71 G-2 Genealogy Book Publishing Advertisement Page of Advertising    
72 G-2 Genealogy General Information Photocopy of Handwritten Letter Columbus, TX 1992
73 G-2 Genealogy Books Advertised Clipping    
74 G-2 Genealogy York County, PA Inhabitants 1779 Two Books    
75 G-2 Genealogy Norwood Family Charts Book South Carolina  
76 G-2 Gerbermann, Mathilda Short Biography Handwritten Page Cat Spring/Nada, TX 1972-1948
77 G-2 Genealogy German Genealogy Digest Two Books   1990, 1991
78 G-2 Germans Notes Handwritten Page Texas 1835-1845
79 G-2 German Americans Texas Immigration Typed and Handwritten Pages    
80 G-2 German Casino Typed By-Laws Pages Photocopies Columbus, TX  
81 G-2 German Documents Documents, Other Information Photocopies    
82 G-2 German, Hans, Sr. Copy Newspaper Article Columbus, TX 1950
83 G-2 German Heritage/History Travel Brochure   Columbus, TX 2000
84 G-2 German Immigrants Gardening and other information Typed/Handwritten Pages/ Magazine Columbus 1989, 1990, 1991
85 G-2 German immigrants Short Immigration List Photocopy Texas 1846-1861
86 G-2 German Immigration Local German History Typed Pages Colorado County, TX To Ca. 1900
87 G-2 German Immigration Schmidt Article Magazine Clipping Llano County 1840s-1850s
88 G-2 German Document In German Language Photocopy Philadelphia, PA 1830
89 G-2 German Immigration Family Histories Students' Handwritten Pages Colorado County, TX 1963
90 G-2 German Immigration Boehm and Related Families Students' Handwritten Pages Colorado County, TX 1963
91 G-2 German Immigration Family History Student's Handwritten Pages Texas 1963
92 G-2 German-Czech Immigration Family History Student's Handwritten Pages Colorado County, TX  
93 G-2 German Immigration Hodge and Related Families Student's handwritten Pages Colorado County, TX  
94 G-2 German Americans Practical Western Germans Photocopy of Newspaper Article St. Louis, MO 1900
95 G-2 German Illustrations Editorial-type illustrations Photocopy   1847
96 G-2 German Immigration Personal History Typed pages, News Article in German Industry/Roder's Mill, TX  
97 G-2 German Immigration Neu-Braunfelser Zeitung Newspaper Photocopies, in German Language New Braunfels, TX 1922
98 G-2 German Immigration Personal History/Travel Diary Typed Pages   1852
99 G-2 German Public School Booklet Photocopy Holman, TX  
100 G-2 German Prisoner Transcript of Interview Typewritten Garwood, TX 1989
101 G-2 German-Texan Brief Newsletter Original Document Texas 1999
102 G-2 German Immigrants Family Histories Photocopies Austin and Colorado Counties 1830s-1840s
103 G-2 German Immigration German Immigration to Texas Photocopy of Booklet   1844-1847
104 G-2 German Immigration Germans in Texas Photocopies, Handwritten Correspondence Texas 1853-1913
105 G-2 German Immigration History of Henneke/Middeke Families Book Colorado County, TX  
106 G-2 German Immigration List of Names, German Emigration Co. Photocopies   1845
107 G-2 German Immigration Various Newspaper Biographies Photocopies Colorado County, TX 1950
108 G-2 German Immigrants Churches Serving Immigrants Photocopies    
109 G-2 German Immigrants Conditions in Texas Typed, andwritten, Photocopies Texas  
110 G-3 German Immigration Lists, Census, Articles Includes newsclippings   1820-1900
111 G-3 German Immigration "Nassau Plantation" Manuscript James C. Kearney; edited by Bill Stein   1840's
112 G-3 German Immigration Reports, Biographies, Passenger Manifests     19th Century
113 G-3 German Language Documents Genealogy, letters in German   19th Century
114 G-3 German Language Letter Original and photocopies   1920
115 G-3 German Language "Badilches Kochbuch" German Cookbook   1840
116 G-3 German Language German-English Primer and Revised New First Reader     1911
117 G-3 German Language English-German Dictionary Laird & Lee's Vest-Pocket Kaiser Dictionary   1901
118 G-3 German Language Grammar Book "Langenscheidts Grammatiktafel Deutsch" Donated by James C. Kearney   1968
119 G-3 German Language German Newspaper articles Belville Wochenblatt, August 20, 1896   1896
120 G-3 German Pioneers Friedrich Ernst, Louise Ernst Stohr First German woman in Texas & her family   1831
121 G-3 German POWs Nazi Prisoners at Camp Swift Weimar Mercury article Colorado County 1943
122 G-3 German Settlements Letters, Notebook, Notes Arliss Treybig Colorado County 19th Century
123 G-3 German Society, Texas 18th Annual Convention Program Shelby, TX 2002
124 G-3 Germans in Texas Politics "The Texas Germans in State and National Politics, 1850-1865 Manuscript by Ada Maria Hall Austin, TX 1938
125 G-4 German-Texans Study Unit by Theodore M. Brown Texas Heritage Conservation Plan Austin, TX 1981
126 G-4 German Violence News article   Fayette County 1847
127 G-4 Gerstenberg, Gottfried/Getfree New Bielau Founder Weimar Mercury article 1975 Colorado County 1856
128 G-4 Gertrude Weber Foundation Twentieth Anniversary Luncheon Program   1954
129 G-4 Gertson, Clinton R. Soldier killed in Iraq Houston Chronicle article Eagle Lake 2005
130 G-4 Gettysburg, Battle of 50th & 75th Reunions Booklet by Stan Cohen   1982
131 G-4 Gilcrease, Mary Obituary Newsclipping Columbus 1872-1972
132 G-4 Gillespie Family Alpha, Allen, & Hope Photograph    
133 G-4 Gillespie, Fannie McGary Photograph      
134 G-4 Gillespie, Fannie McGary Calendar of Life Fannie Rachael McGary Gillespie   1849-
135 G-4 Gillespie, Hope Photograph Hope Gillespie Victor    
136 G-4 Gillespie, James, Jr. Photographs James Wright Gillespie, Jr.    
137 G-4 Gillespie, Mattie Photograph Mattie (Sales) Gillespie    
138 G-4 Gillespie, Stella Photograph Stella (Kerr) Gillespie    
139 G-4 Gillespie-Wright Families Genealogy Notes, Bible entries   1796-1877
140 G-4 Ginn, D. H. Obituary DeLeslyn Harbert Ginn Columbus 1860-1937
141 G-4 Girls Raised by Wolves Newspaper Clipping   British India 19th Century
142 G-4 Glass, Gladys Papenberg Obituary Eagle Lake Headlight article   1908-1935
143 G-4 Glass, James L. Articles on Texana Letter, copies of publications   1983-1989, 2001
144 G-4 Glenn Family Genealogy Edward Musgrove Glenn   1810-
145 G-4 Glenn, George Black Trail Driver Obituary / History Glidden, Columbus 1852-1932
146 G-4 Glidden, Texas Deed Copy of original Glidden, Texas 1885
147 G-4 Glidden, Texas Spanish-American War News article: Soldiers Arrive Glidden, Texas 1898
148 G-4 Glidden, Texas Local Interest Items Colorado Citizen Article Glidden, Texas 1886
149 G-4 Glidden, Texas New Newspaper "Sunset News"    
150 G-4 Glidden, Texas Centennial Photograph   1985
151 G-4 Glidden, Texas History Report by Belinda Stancik   19th & 20th Century
152 G-4 Glidden, Texas Human Interest Story Leon Hale article: Rudolph Schobel    
153 G-4 Glidden, Texas History of Southern Pacific Railroad Reports by Gayle Commander and doug Green   1885
154 G-4 Glidden, Texas History of Glidden & Glidden Hill/Gregory Heights Reports by Maty Bankson & Sandra Green Glidden, Texas 19th & 20th Century
155 G-4 Glidden, Texas History Colorado County Citizen Newspaper Glidden, Texas 1926
156 G-4 Glithero Family Genealogy Charles Glithero Columbus 1859-1980's
157 G-4 Glithero, Charlie Marriage Certificate Marriage to Katie Miller Columbus 1889
158 G-4 Glover, Willie Obituary Colorado County Citizen article Columbus 1908-1970
159 G-4 Glueck Place Glueck Land in Cat Spring Report by Theresa Marie Glueck Cat Spring 1875-
160 G-4 Glyptodont The Tail of the Glyptodont Illustration    
161 G-4 Goeppinger, John Interview James Kearney    
162 G-4 Goeppinger, R. & Co. Letters about Disputed Bill B. Hirsch Columbus 1890
163 G-4 Goeppinger Family Genealogy Robert Goeppinger Colorado County  
164 G-4 Golf Tournament Texas and Colorado Invitational     1958 and 1973
165 G-4 Gollin, Wilhelm German POW in Colorado County Letter from Germany after the war Garwood 1946
166 G-4 Goliad History Booklet by Vernon Blake    
167 G-4 Good Family Genealogy   Eagle Lake 1880's
168 G-4 Goode, Obe Trail Driver Over-80 Club Osage 1950
169 G-4 Goode, Robert Deputy Marshall Murdered by John Bowen   Columbus 1868
170 G-4 Gordy, Carl Funeral Program     1922-1997
171 G-4 Goree, Thomas J. Superintendent, Texas State Penitentiaries Biography   1835-
172 G-4 Grain Smuts Cause and Prevention USDA Bulletin   1898
173 G-4 Grant, Dr. H.L. Suicide Married to Miss Willie Shaver    
174 G-4 Grant, Willie Shaver Obituary Married to Dr. H.L. Grant Colorado County 1914
175 G-4 Grape/Fruit Husbandry Wine Industry Compiled by James G. Hopkins Colorado County  
176 G-4 Grasses and Forage Plants Cooperative Experiments USDA Booklet   1900
177 G-4 Grass-Roots Reconstruction in Texas Exerpt from book by Randolph B. Campbell Concerning error within Colorado County 1865-1880
178 G-4 Gravel Industry History in Colorado County News article by Bernard Braden Colorado County 1992
179 G-4 Gravel Industry Business Papers   Colorado County, Others 1951, 1952
180 G-4 Gravel Industry History in Colorado County Speech by Ernest Lawrence to Rotary Club Colorado County  
181 G-4 Green, Rowan Genealogy   Colorado County 19th Century
182 G-4 Green, Samuel L. Obituary Houston Post Colorado County 1860-1936
183 G-4 Green, Thomas Randolph Genealogy   Colorado County 19th Century
184 G-4 Green's Brigade Tom Green's Brigade Visits Eagle Lake Overton TX Newspaper article Eagle Lake 1888
185 G-4 Green's Brigade History, Civil War Overton Newspaper serialized   1888
186 G-4 Green's Brigade Confederate Reunion Colorado Citizen articles Colorado County 1894, 1924
187 G-4 Greyhound Bus Bus Tickets Eagle Lake to Columbus and Weimar Colorado County  
188 G-4 Griffith, C.L. Obituary Rancher; News clippings Colorado County 1896-1974
189 G-4 Griffitts, Warwick Meredith Obituary Farmer, Justice of the Peace Colorado County 1861-1948
190 G-4 Grimes County 1850 Census Booklet by V. K. Carpenter   1969
191 G-4 Groundwater Conservation District Flyer      
192 G-4 Gulf Messenger Illustrated Magazine of the Gulf States Two copies   1895
193 G-4 Gulf of Mexico Book Order, "The Gulf of Mexico, Its Origin, Waters, and Marine Life" Garwood Implement & Supply Company Garwood 1956
194 G-4 Gulf of Mexico "The Gulf of Mexico, Its Origin, Waters, and Marine Life" US Dept of Interior Bulletin   1954
195 G-4 Guynn, William J. Texas Ranger Biography Colorado County 1840-1882
196 G-4 Guynn, William J. Legal Cases District Court Records Colorado County 1870's-1880's
197 G-4 Guynn, Kittie Bridge Confederate Pension Application Widow of James William Guynn Columbus 1909
198 G-4 Good, W.H. Obituary Colorado County Citizen Eagle Lake 1932
199 G-4 Garner, Haslip Pension application Photocopies   1878
200 G-4 Game & Fish Laws Booklet     1955
201 G-4 Greathouse, B.A. Supplemental Lien     1908
202 G-4 Garwood High School Class History Photocopy Garwood, TX 1935
203 G-4 Geddie, Tom Texas Music/Top Albums Includes Eric Taylor (Local) Texas 2000
204 G-4 Grace Lutheran Church Last Service Program   Eagle Lake 2012
205 G-4 Gabriel, Annie (B: 1886) Biography, Including Info Re: Calif. Library Donation Original California Modern Era
206 G-4 Galveston Tourism Materials Originals and Photocopies Galveston, TX Modern Era
207 G-4 Galveston Railroads, Trains: History Of, Maps, Sketches Originals and Reproductions Galveston Various Dates
208 G-4 Galveston Navy of Republic of Texas; Pen & Inks; List Originals and Reproductions Galveston 1818-1938
209 G-4 Garwood History Of: News Articles, Flyer, Brochure Originals and Photocopies Garwood, TX 1940s-Modern Era
210 G-4 Germans List of Immigrants to Colorado County; Other History Carbons and Photocopies Colorado County 19th C; Modern Era
211 G-4 Giddings Chamber of Commerce Brochure Original Giddings, TX 1989
212 G-4 Glidden Centennial Celebration Invitation Original Glidden 1985
213 G-5 Goliad County (F: 1721) Historical and Tourism Information Original Goliad, TX Modern Era
214 G-5 Governor's Mansion (Texas) Brochure Regarding Original Austin Modern Era
215 G-5 Gramm, Phil Script for Columbus Visit; Newspaper Clippings Photocopies Columbus 1988-1994
216 G-5 Granbury Tourism Information Original Granbury, TX Modern Era
217 G-5 Gravel Re: Colorado County Gravel Industry Photocopies Colorado County Various 1920s-1990s
218 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Rules & Regulations, Management Plans Brazos Valley, Barton Springs Edwards Aquifor, Gonzales Central Texas late 1990's
219 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Advertising Newspaper Colorado County 2002
220 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Advertising Radio Scripts/Schedule Colorado County 2002
221 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Advisory Board/Committee Correspondence/Fliers Colorado County 2000-2002
222 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Advisory Committee Notebook-Historcal Files Colorado County 2000
223 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Correpondence/Notes Original/Handwritten Colorado County 2002
224 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Board Candidates Photocopies Colorado County 2002
225 G-6 Groundwater Consrvation District Trans-Texas Corridor Booklet Colorado County 2002
226 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Brazos Valley GCD Flier, Brochures Brazos & Robertson Counties 2002
227 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Brochures/ Cards Photocopies Colorado County 2002
228 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Citizens for District Agendas, Sign-in Sheets Colorado County 2002
229 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Central Appraisal District Correspondence Colorado County 2000-2001
230 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Commissioner's Court Workshop Outline Colorado County 2001
231 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Rural Texas and Water Conference Materials Austin, TX 2001
232 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Various Consultant Solicitations E-mails/Letters Colorado County 2001-2002
233 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Correspondence Regarding E-mails Colorado County 2002-2003
234 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Formation of… Planning materials Colorado County 2000-2001
235 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Groundwater Conservations Districts in Texas Magazine A&M Extension Office 2002
236 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Insurance- Groundwater District TWCA Annual Report Austin, TX 2000
237 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Groundwater Model Manual University of Wisconsin 1995
238 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Harris, Galveston, Ft. Bend Rules, Regulations, Annual Report Harris County 1990's
239 G-6 Groundwater Conservation District Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments Booklet, Newsletter Harris County 1998-1999
240 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District "Landscapes" Magazine Southern U. S. 2001
241 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Legislative, Political Issues Regarding Photocopies Colorado County 2002-2003
242 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Maps Photocopies Colorado County 1965
243 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Meeting Notes Handwritten Colorado County 2002
244 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Election Results Photocopies/Business Card Texas 2002
245 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District News Articles Internet copies Colorado County 2002
246 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Nursery Grower's Meeting Re: Water Issues Colorado County 1999-2000
247 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Opposition to… E-mails/Fliers Colorado County 2002
248 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Aquifers Posters Colorado County Modern Era
249 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Presentations Notes, Scripts Colorado County 2001
250 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Public Forum Press Release/Outline Colorado County 2002
251 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Puretex WaterWorks Advertising Houston, TX 2002
252 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District State Bill Concerning water districts Photocopies Colorado County 2000-2001
253 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District State Water Data Program Outline & Agreement of Participation Colorado County 2001
254 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Temporary Board of Directors Rules & Resolutions Colorado County 2002
255 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Texas Ag. Extension Service Booklets Texas A&M 1999, 2001
256 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Texas Dept. of Water Resources Report 270 Austin 182
257 G-7 Groundwater Conservation Districct TX Groundwater Management Water Code Photocopies Vernon's Texas Codes 2001
258 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District "Texas Parks & Wildlife" "The State of Water" Austin, TX 2002
259 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Texas Water Development Board Loans Forms Colorado County 1996
260 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Texas Water Development Board Meeting Packet Austin, TX 2002
261 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Wharton Workshop Agenda and Notes Wharton, TX 2001
262 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District SNRC's Groundwater Collaborative Group Historical Notebook Colorado County 2000
263 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Post Oak Groundwater Conservation District Historical Notebook Colorado County 2002
264 G-7 Garwood Town lots - owners Ledger Colorado County Modern Era
265 G-7 Gertson, Dan Oral Video Interview Agreement/Summary Original Documents Colorado County 2011
266 G-7 Groundwater Conservation District Definition of a Groundwater District Questions & Answers Colorado County 2002