Nesbitt Memorial Library


General Archives D
Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 D-1 D Club Dance Lessons History of Columbus 1948-1977
2 D-1 Dance Announcement     Undated
3 D-1 Dancy, Leonard Obituary   Eagle Lake Modern Era
4 D-1 Daily, Ben H. Obituary   Eagle Lake 1949
5 D-1 Dallas Historic Landscaping Old City Park Dallas 1978
6 D-1 Daniels, James Obituary   Columbus 1946
7 D-1 Darden, Fannie Family History/Will   Columbus 19th Century
8 D-1 Darden, William J. Post Office Dept. Photocopy of Appointment   1840
9 D-1 D.A.R. Newspaper clippings   Columbus 1960's
10 D-1 D.A.R., U.D.C., D.R.T. Luncheon Flyer   Columbus 2003
11 D-1 D.A.R. Founding Members Photo   1957
12 D-1 Daughters of Confederacy Cert. of Eligibility Adam Braden Columbus 1913
13 D-1 Daughtry, Josiah Deed Dispute Wm. Johnson, B. F. Stafford Eagle Lake 1899
14 D-1 David, Billy Mamma's Kitchen Door Newspaper clipping Huntsville 2005
15 D-1 Davis, Jefferson Papers of UTNetCAT Index   2007
16 D-1 Davis, Lottie Obituary Businesswoman Columbus 1978
17 D-1 Davidson, J. K. Obituary/Bio Physician Eagle Lake 1912
18 D-1 Dawson Massacre Book Synopsis Men of The Fayette Company San Antonio area 1842
19 D-1 Dawson, Mrs. Death Notice Newspaper clipping Alleyton 1903
20 D-1 Death Penalty Controversy Typed notes Allen Wayne Janecka   2000
21 D-1 Dedich, Elizabeth Bio Texas Revolution   Revolutionary Era
22 D-1 Deer, White-Tailed Hemorrhagic Disease Brochure   Modern Era
23 D-1 Darden/Harbert Families Alice G. Martin letter     1987
24 D-1 Daughters of The Nile Yearbook   Houston 1958-1959
25 D-1 D.A.R. Memorabilia   Columbus 1936-1956
26 D-1 Daughters of The Confederacy Magazine 114th Ann. Genl. Convention Rogers, Arkansas 2007
27 D-1 Daughters of The Confederacy Ritual Booklet Memorial Day Houston 1900
28 D-1 Davis, Lottie C. Obituary CHS Home Ec. Teacher Columbus 1978
29 D-1 Davis, E. J./Oran Roberts Correspondence   Columbus 1872
30 D-1 Davis, J. M. Letter; Photo of Jane Davis   Greensville, TN 1864
31 D-1 Declaration of Independence 50th Anniversary Celebration Typed photocopy Columbus 1976
32 D-1 Delaney, William Shelby Bio; App. For Historical Marker   Columbus 1991
33 D-1 Delaney-Davenport Copy of Marriage Announcement   Eagle Lake 1904
34 D-1 Delaney Historical Marker Dedication Program   Columbus 1995
35 D-1 Delaney, William S. Historical Marker Dedication Program Columbus 1995
36 D-1 Democratic Nat'l. Convention Official Souvenir Program   Houston 1928
37 D-1 Democrats, Colorado County Memorabilia   Columbus 1996
38 D-1 Democrats, victory in 1884 Newspaper clipping     1884
39 D-1 Denley, Virgie Obituary   Columbus 1976
40 D-1 Dennis, Beth Newspaper clipping   Columbus/New Mexico 1994
41 D-1 Dennis, Donald Family Photos     Undated
42 D-1 Dept. of Bexar (Mexico) Land Titles Photocopies   1853
43 D-1 Deed Records/misc. Colorado County Photocopies   1841, 1886, 1889, 1925
44 D-1 Deer, Herd Management Various booklets, papers     Modern Era
45 D-1 Deer Hunting Harvey Creek Recom. Harvest   Harvey Creek 1997
46 D-1 Delaney, William S. Teacher/Lawyer/Legislator Bio   Civil War Era
47 D-1 Descendants of Colonial Clergy Membership Roster     1973
48 D-1 Dewees-Bufords History/Geneology Various correspondence   1993, 1998
49 D-1 Dewees Correspondence regarding     2000
50 D-1 Dewees, William Civil Case Photocopy   1841
51 D-1 Dewees, William B. Research Various papers   1990's
52 D-1 Dewees, William B. Book index     Undated
53 D-1 Dewees, William B. Land Grants Photocopies Colorado County 1831
54 D-1 Dewees Deeds Original Docs. Columbus 1847, 1860, 1868
55 D-1 Dewees, William B. Business/Govt. Docs. Photocopies   1840
56 D-1 Dewees, William B. & Family Pioneer History & Photos     Various
57 D-1 Dewees, William Columbus Founder Records   1803-1852
58 D-1 Dewees Family History Notes, corres., articles     Various
59 D-1 Dewees Family Research Notes     2000
60 D-1 Dewees Family Migration to Austin Colony Book excerpt   Undated
61 D-1 Dewees, W. B./Beeson Frontier Times Article Photocopy Columbus 1923
62 D-1 Dewees, W. B. History     1876
63 D-1 Dewees, W. B. Pioneer History Research notes   1800's
64 D-1 Diamond Grove Academy Letter     2002
65 D-1 Diamond Grove Academy Geneology Research   19th Century
66 D-1 Dial Family Geneology Letter of Inquiry   1988
67 D-2 Dick Family Memorabilia Certificate, photos, newsletters Columbus 1941, 1948
68 D-2 Dick, George Day books, account books   Columbus 1910's-1930's
69 D-2 Dick-Gillette Home Historical Marker material History by Mary Lynn Skinner, photos Columbus 2001
70 D-2 Dick, Hattie Mae Everett Biography, obituary Bio by Mary Elizabeth Hopkins Columbus 1974
71 D-2 Dick, Louise News article NASA information officer Columbus, Washington D.C. 1964
72 D-2 Dick, Louise Certificate Elementary School graduation Columbus 1937
73 D-2 Dick, Mrs. Walter Correspondence Hotel register, postcards Columbus Undated
74 D-2 Dick, Walter Gresham Birth certificate   Columbus 1895
75 D-2 Dick, Walter Scrapbook Unidentified photographs Columbus 20th Century
76 D-2 Dick, Walter World War I service Documents and photographs Columbus 20th Century
77 D-3 Dickerson, A. Frank P. Steitz ancestors Letter, Revolutionary soldiers listing Columbus, Morris County 1994
78 D-3 Dickey-Perry Promisory note   Columbus, Matagorda County 1877, 1898
79 D-3 Dike Sports article Article by Alan Finger Columbus 2006
80 D-3 Dillard, Bennie Murl Biography   Columbus b. 1948
81 D-3 Dillard, Robert Obituary   Columbus 1977
82 D-3 Dillard, Simon Obituary   Columbus 1974
83 D-3 Dilue Rose Harris House History of Narrative for docents Columbus  
84 D-3 Dilue Rose Harris House History of Jerry Krenek Columbus 1963
85 D-3 Dilue Rose Harris House News articles   Columbus 1961, 1969
86 D-3 District Court Index Criminal Cases, 1837-1879 Colorado County 1837-1879
87 D-3 District Court Judge R. M. Williamson- "Three-legged Willie" Narrative by Bernice Koliba Columbus 1837
88 D-3 Dittman, C. A. Letter to Mrs. Annie Dittman   Alleyton, Galveston 1893
89 D-3 Divining Rods Booklet by Norman C. Krischke   Schulenburg 2000
90 D-3 Dockery, Louis K. Confederate service muster rolls     1861-1865
91 D-3 Doctors of Early Texas Genealogical Society Bulletins     1820's-1853
92 D-3 Dolen, Dr. N.P. Abstract of Title   Houston  
93 D-3 Donnel Plantation Thomas Donnel homestead Plat and title Alleyton 1877
94 D-3 Donning Company Publishers, local history     1996
95 D-3 Dotson, Alvin News article State record 440-yard run Columbus 1965-1967
96 D-3 D'Oyly Carte Opera Company Internet article Cast of players   Late 19th Century
97 D-3 Draper, Jack Certificates County School Trustee   1947
98 D-3 Draper, Myrah Jane News article Leon Hale Columbus 1971
99 D-3 Draper, Myrah Jane Correspondence      
100 D-3 Dromgoole Family Genealogy Hebert-Montgomery-Dromgoole Bible entries   1878-1992
101 D-3 Drum Clinic Daniel C. Perez   Weimar 2006
102 D-3 Dubina, TX Centennial booklet   Dubina 1856-1956
103 D-3 Dubina, TX Business History Nell's Dubina Steakhouse    
104 D-3 Drug Trafficking News article Deputy shot Eagle Lake 1991
105 D-3 Dulaney & Fleming Business ledger Attorney firm Columbus 19th Century
106 D-3 Dulany, Larry L. News article Felony theft charge Eagle Lake 2004
107 D-3 Dungen, Dwain Columbus Mayor Papers Columbus 1992
108 D-3 Dungen, Dwain Columbus Mayor Papers Columbus 1992
109 D-3 Dungen Family Genealogy Correspondence    
110 D-3 Dungen Family Genealogy     19th & 20th Century
111 D-3 Dunklin, Hallie Obituary   Columbus 1924
112 D-3 Dunlavy, Bettie Poem in Memory of Lillie T. Shaver   Undated
113 D-3 Dunovant, William World War I Manuscript Includes Dunovant murder Colorado County  
114 D-3 Dunovant, William Colorado County Planter Death account Eagle Lake 1902
115 D-3 Dunovant Estate Suit over debts   Colorado County  
116 D-3 Dunt, Detlef "Journey to Texas" manuscript English translation    
117 D-3 Dype, Tom News article on his murder Bruce Elton Jordan convicted   1943
118 D-3 Dick, Gus Sr. Business Records   Columbus 1854 & 1901
119 D-3 Dancey, Lula J.T. Flournoy     1900
120 D-3 The Deserted Village & Elegy in a Country Churchyard Goldsmith & Gray Progressive School Classics Chicago 1915
121 D-3 Denk, Leo Warranty Deed with Vendor's Lien   Colorado County 1934
122 D-3 Dean's Café Menu   Columbus 2011
123 D-3 Daniel, Price (TX Governor) Christmas Card From Original Austin 1950s Era
124 D-3 Daughters of the American Revolution Local History Of; Correspondence; Election Carbons, Photocopies Columbus 1932-1971
125 D-3 Daughters of the American Revolution Re: Hattie Mae Dick (Alleyton), Texas State Regent Originals, Carbons, Photocopies Columbus 1960s-1970s
126 D-3 Democratic Party in Texas Election Materials, News Clippings Originals and Photocopies Texas 1988
127 D-3 "Die Augst" German Language Magazine Articles Re: Texas Original Germany 1992
128 D-3 Dobie, J. Frank Brochures, Invitation, Correspondence Originals Houston/Austin 1965, 1966
129 D-3 Documents, Historical Confederate Money, Catalogs, News Clippings Originals and Photocopies Texas 1830s-1840s; 1980s-1990s
130 D-3 Dubina Heritage Days Brochure Original Dubina, TX Modern Era