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Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 Texas-1 Texas A&M News Article/Abuse of Women Photocopy Houston (Houston Chronicle) 1991
2 Texas-1 Texas A&M Cadets News Article/Sex. Harassment Photocopy Houston (Houston Post) 1992
3 Texas-1 Texas A&M Commencement Program Original Document College Station 1890
4 Texas-1 Texas A&M (Sports) Football Program Original Document College Station 1987
5 Texas-1 "Texas A&M University Press" Magazine Original College Station 2004
6 Texas-1 "Texas A&M Today" Magazine Original College Station 1984
7 Texas-1 Texas A&M vs. Univ. of Texas Football Program Original College Station 1985
8 Texas-1 "Eyewitness Texana" Catalogue Booklet Original Austin, TX 1988
9 Texas-1 Texas Agricultural Ext. Service Booklet Original Colorado County 1987-1990
10 Texas-1 Texas Annexation Book Regarding Original Waco, TX 1935
11 Texas-1 Texas Archeological Society Newsletters, Bulletins Original Documents San Antonio 2001
12 Texas-1 Texas: Births, Deaths Pamphlet Original Austin, TX 1938
13 Texas-1 Texas Books, Review Of Bulletins Originals Beaumont, TX (Lamar University) 1994-2001
14 Texas-1 Texas Book Prices Catalogue Original Austin, TX 1983
15 Texas-1 Texas Books, Review Of Bulletin Original Beaumont,TX (Lamar University) 1998
16 Texas-1 Texas Capitol Marker Letters, Programs Original Documents Austin, TX 1976
17 Texas-1 Texas Catholic Hist. Society Membership Flyer Original Document Austin, TX 1996
18 Texas-1 Texas Centennial Book Regarding Original Washington, D.C. 1945-1946
19 Texas-1 Texas Centennial Letter re: Promotion Original Document San Antonio 1936
20 Texas-1 Texas Centennial Roster Books (2) Originals San Antonio 1936
21 Texas-1 Texas Civics Textbook Original Unknown Early 20th Century
22 Texas-1 Texas Gulf Coast Illustrated Book Regarding Original Corpus Christi, TX 1975
23 Texas-1 Texas Gulf Coast Book Regarding w/Photographs Original Houston 1905-1906
24 Texas-1 Texas Conservation Center Magazine Original Canyon, TX Modern Era
25 Texas-1 Texas Conservation H.P.Attwater Letter Regarding Photocopy Houston 1929
26 Texas-1 Texas Constitution Booklet Original Houston (Univ. of Houston) 1974
27 Texas-1 Texas Constitution (Revised) Booklet Regarding Original Dallas (Southern Meth. Univ) 1962
28 Texas-1 Texas Constitution Book by Revision Commission Original Austin, TX 1973
29 Texas-1 Texan Conventions/Congresses Booklet/Directory Original Austin, TX 1941
30 Texas-1 "Texas Co-op Power" Magazine Original Austin, TX 2007
31 Texas-1 Texas Cotton Crops News Item Typewritten Copy Weimar (Weimar Mercury) 1903
32 Texas-1 Texas Counties Catalogue Of (No. 4) Original Austin, TX 1985-1986
33 Texas-1 Texas County Courthouses Booklets (2) Originals Austin, TX 1989, 1991
34 Texas-1 Texas County Records Project Order Form Original Document Austin, TX 1975
35 Texas-1 "Texas Cultural Heritage" Illustrated Book Original Dallas 1996
36 Texas-1 Texas Department of Housing Letter re: Workshops Photocopy Austin, TX 1992
37 Texas-1 Texas Dept. of Public Welfare Annual Report Original Book Austin, TX 1966
38 Texas-1 "Texas, the Changing Face of" Softcover Book Original Austin, TX 1992
39 Texas-1 "Under Texas Skies" Booklet Original Austin, TX 1954
40 Texas-1 Texas Employers Booklet: Texas Workforce Commission Original Austin, TX 1998
41 Texas-1 "Texas Energy History: 1979 Update" Report Original Austin, TX 1980
42 Texas-1 Texas, Daughters of the Republic of Lineages of members Excerpts from "Founders & Patriots of the Republic of TX"   19th-20th Century
43 Texas-1 Texas Family Land Heritage Registry 1977-78; Vol 4 Booklet Austin, TX 1978
44 Texas-1 Texas Farming / Ranching Rick Perry, Commissioner of Agriculture News article   1991
45 Texas-1 Texas Feral Hogs "The Feral Hog in Texas" Booklet Austin, TX 1991
46 Texas-1 Texas Festival Institute at Round Top 2008 Concert Program Book Program Round Top 2008
47 Texas-1 Texas Flags "Flags in the History of Texas" Booklet Dallas 1991
48 Texas-1 Texas Folklore Society Newsletter   Nacogdoches 1996
49 Texas-1 Texas Football State Football Champions 1920-1992 Booklet   1993
50 Texas-1 Texas Fuel Company Advertising Blotter   San Antonio Undated
51 Texas-1 Texas Game and Fish Laws Digest Booklets Austin, TX 1955
52 Texas-1 Texas Garden Clubs Coastal Prairie Council Spring Convention Program Houston 1969
53 Texas-1 Texas Garden Clubs Coastal Prairie Council Spring Meeting Program Wharton 1967
54 Texas-1 Texas Garden Clubs The Lone Star Gardener Programs, Annual Report   1966-67
55 Texas-1 Texas General Land Office "Three Centuries on the Land" History of the Archives & Records Austin, TX 2004
56 Texas-1 Texas General Land Office Acreage by Counties Map Austin, TX 1986
57 Texas-1 Texas Geologic Atlas - Austin Sheet Bureau of Economic Geology Map & Booklet Austin, TX 1974
58 Texas-2 Texas Germans A Short Bibliography of Books and Articles in English Booklet Round Top 1974
59 Texas-2 Texas German Society Texas German Heritage Convention Program Shelby, TX 2002
60 Texas-2 Texas Germans in State / National Politics 1850-1865 MA Thesis, Ada Maria Hall Booklet Austin, TX 1938
61 Texas-2 Texas German Society State and Colorado County Chapter Newsclippings, Flyers, Bulletins   1985-1994
62 Texas-2 Texas Government Fees For 1/4 of a League of Land Record of payment by Joseph Ehlinger Colorado County 1838
63 Texas-2 Texas Governers 1691 - 1991 Printed report   1691-1991
64 Texas-2 Texas Groundwater Resources Cooperative Extension Booklet   2002
65 Texas-2 Texas Gulf Historical Society Historical and Biographical Record Journals Beaumont 1992, 1993
66 Texas-2 Texas Hardware & Implement Association History: Seymour Collection 1962 Convention Dallas 1962
67 Texas-2 Texas High Speed Rail Project Environmental Impact and Final Report Booklets   1993
68 Texas-2 Texas Highway Problems Donated by Ralph Meadows Correspondence, Pamphlet   1920-1930's
69 Texas-2 Texas Highways Magazine "Happy Birthday, Columbus" Illustrated article Columbus 1973
70 Texas-2 Texas Highways Magazine "Columbus - A Texas Classic" Illustrated article Columbus 1989
71 Texas-2 Texas Highways Magazine "Year-round cheer at Columbus' Santa Claus Museum Illustrated article Columbus 1994
72 Texas-2 Texas Historian March 1974 issue Journal Austin 1974
73 Texas-2 Texas Historic Buildings Locations of Historic Interest Xeroxed listings, photos   Undated
74 Texas-2 Texas Historical Commission Biennial Report Booklet Austin 1989-1990
75 Texas-2 Texas Historical Commission Trinity Lutheran Church Marker Correspondence Colorado County 1977
76 Texas-2 Texas Historical Commission "La Salle Shipwreck" Issue The Medallion Magazine Austin 1996 Reprint
77 Texas-2 Texas Historical Commission 1975 Annual Meeting Meeting Correspondence Nacogdoches 1975
78 Texas-2 Texas Historical Commission Texas Contract Archeology Planning and Review: Abstracts Austin 1988
79 Texas-2 Texas Historical Commission Awards Guidelines   Austin 2001
80 Texas-2 Texas Historical Commission R.I.P. Program (Record, Investigate, Protect) Map: Fastest Growing Counties Austin Undated
81 Texas-2 Texas Historical Commission Texas in the Civil War Brochure Austin 1988
82 Texas-2 Texas Historical Commission "Mr. Sam" : Sam Rayburn The Medallion Magazine Austin 2001
83 Texas-2 Texas Historical and Genealogical Organizations Livingston's Directory of Booklet Lake Jackson 1984
84 Texas-2 Texas State Historical Association "Wealthy Texans, 1860" Excerpt, Southwestern Historical Quarterly Includes Colorado County 1967
85 Texas-2 Texas State Historical Association One Hundredth Annual Meeting Program Austin 1996
86 Texas-2 Texas Historical Commission R.I.P. Program (Record, Investigate, Protect) Magazine article: Cemeteries   2000
87 Texas-2 Texas Historical Foundation Budget     1968-1969
88 Texas-2 Texas Historical Foundation Programs Brochure, Correspondence Austin 1976-77
89 Texas-2 Texas Historical Markers Guide to Official Markers Humble Oil Booklet   Modern Era
90 Texas-2 Texas Historical Organizations List of     1977
91 Texas-2 Texas Historical Records Advisory Board Strategic Planning Project Brochure Austin 1996
92 Texas-2 Texas History "Early Texas History" Texas Information Bulletin Austin 1686-1876
93 Texas-2 Texas History Naylor's Epic-Century Magazine October 1936 Issue San Antonio 1936
94 Texas-2 Texas State Historical Association 104th Annual Meeting Program Austin 2000
95 Texas-2 Texas History Early History Sketches   Various
96 Texas-2 Texas History Assassination of La Salle from "The Struggle for a Continent"   1902
97 Texas-2 Texas History Texas at a Glance Brochure Austin 1987
98 Texas-2 Texas History "Texas" Booklet by Walter T. Rolfe   Undated
99 Texas-2 Texas History Early History, including the Alamo Columbus Newspaper articles Columbus 1881
100 Texas-2 Texas History Early History; William Menefee Booklet, Correspondence   1796-1875
101 Texas-2 Texas History Early Era of Republic Memoirs of Mrs. Malzena Zumwalt Columbus 1937
102 Texas-2 Texas History "Texas History Movies" Illustrated Booklets   1928
103 Texas-2 Texas History "Texas - The Lone Star State" from King's Handbook of The United States   Undated
104 Texas-2 Texas History "Texas History Illustrated" Children's Booklet   1974
105 Texas-3 "Texas" Houston Chronicle Magazine Original Houston 1990
106 Texas-3 Texas, Images Of Illustrated Softcover Book Original Fredericksburg, TX 1982
107 Texas-3 "Texas: Imperial State" Softcover Book w/Photographs Original Houston 1904
108 Texas-3 "Texas In Maps" Softcover Booklet Original Austin (University of Texas) 1961
109 Texas-3 Texas Independence Trail History Of, Tour Info, Map Originals and Photocopy Austin (State Hist. Commission) 2004
110 Texas-3 Texas Independence Trail History Of, Tourism Original Fold-Out Brochure Austin (State Hist. Commission) 2001
111 Texas-3 Texas Independence Trail Tourism Brochure, Map Original Austin (State Hist. Commission) 2000
112 Texas-3 Texas Indians, Artifacts Of Book Cover Photocopy Unknown Modern Era
113 Texas-3 Texas Indians Loose Magazine Pages Original Documents New York, NY (Harper's Monthly) 19th Century
114 Texas-3 Texas, Journey To Manuscript Typewritten Document Mill Creek, Austin's Colony 1833
115 Texas-3 Texas, Journey To Manuscript Handwritten Document Unknown Undated
116 Texas-3 Texas, Journey To Manuscript Handwritten Document Unknown Undated
117 Texas-3 Texas, Journey To Manuscript, Publishing Contract Typed Document, Original Contract Austin, TX 1987
118 Texas-3 Texas, Journey To Manuscript, Footnotes Typed Document Round Top, TX 1989
119 Texas-3 Texas Junior Ranger Handbook Booklet Original Dallas 1937
120 Texas-3 Texas Land, History Of Booklet (4 Copies) Originals Austin, TX 1961
121 Texas-3 Texas, Land of Contrast Tourism Magazine Original Austin, TX Modern Era, 20th Century
122 Texas-3 Texas, Bringing the Law To Flyer w/ Order Form Original Documents (2 Copies) La Grange, TX Early 2000s
123 Texas-3 Texas Law re: Court of Appeals Murder Appeal Reprint Photocopy Unknown 1890
124 Texas-3 Texas Lawn Care Brochure Photocopy Columbus 1991
125 Texas-3 "Texas Laws Made Plain" Dictionary of Texas Laws Original Columbus 1921
126 Texas-3 "Texas Laws Made Plain" For Farmers, Businessmen, etc. Original Columbus 1921
127 Texas-4 Texas Legion, The First Manuscript re: During Civil War Typed Document (Author Unknown) Unknown 20th-21st Centuries
128 Texas-4 Texas Legislators Members of, 1846-1962 Original Typewritten Document Colorado County Area 1962
129 Texas-4 Texas Legislature, Members of (1846-1962) Softcover Book Original Texas 1962
130 Texas-4 Texas Legislative Manual Book Original Austin, TX 1917
131 Texas-4 Texas Libraries Typewritten List Of, Statistics Computer Generated Original Unknown 2003
132 Texas-4 Texas Library Association Annual Conference Program Original Austin, TX 2004
133 Texas-4 Texas Longhorn Basketball Re: Columbus Native Photocopies Austin, TX 1984
134 Texas-4 Texas Lottery Winners Various News Items Regarding Original Clipping, Others Eagle Lake 2003
135 Texas-4 Texas Tourism/History Magazines (2) Originals Austin, TX 20th Century
136 Texas-4 Texas Magazine, The The Circuit Riders of Texas Original Houston 1912
137 Texas-4 Texas, Map Of Cartoon Page (3 Copies) Originals Kilgore, TX Modern Era
138 Texas-4 Texas Marriages 1824-1850 Book, Vol. I, A-L Original Round Rock/St. Louis, Mo. 1981
139 Texas-4 Texas Marriages 1824-1850 Book, Vol. II, M-Z Originals (2 Copies) Round Rock/ St. Louis, Mo. 1981
140 Texas-4 Texas Masons Membership, Returns, Convention Photocopies Texas 1872-1894
141 Texas-4 Texas Memorial Museum Brochure of Exhibits, Site Map Original Document Austin, TX Modern Era
142 Texas-4 Texas, Mier Expedition Cover of Souvenir Brochure Original Document Fayette County 1938
143 Texas-4 Texas Museum Directory Original Austin, TX 1978
144 Texas-4 "Texas Music History" Magazine Original San Marcos (Texas State Univ.) 2010
145 Texas-4 Texas, National Register of Historic Places In Softcover Directory Original Austin, TX 1979
146 Texas-4 Texas, Native Flora Of Handbook With Illustrations Original Austin, TX Modern Era
147 Texas-4 Texas, New Handbook Of Typewritten Guidelines, Letter Photocopies and Originals Austin, TX/Columbus Modern Era, 2004
148 Texas-4 Texas Newspapers Clippings From Originals Houston/Temple 1933, 1935, 1939
149 Texas-4 Texas Newspaper Austin American Original Austin, TX 1933
150 Texas-4 Texas Newspapers Houston PostClippings, etc. Originals Houston 1935, 1945
151 Texas-4 Texas, Our Heritage Poster Original Washington, TX Modern Era
152 Texas-4 Texas, Our Texas Scrapbook, History of Texas Original Unknown Point of Origin 1936
153 Texas-4 Texas & Pacific Railroad Map Computer Copy Colorado and Surrounding Counties 2001 (Map, 1873)
154 Texas-4 Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine Original Austin, TX 1986
155 Texas-4 Texas Parks & Wildlife Newsletter Original Austin, TX 2005
156 Texas-4 Texas Penitentiary Reports Booklet Original Austin, TX 1873 (For Years 1871-72)
157 Texas-4 Texas Pioneer Trail Brochure, News Clipping Original, Photocopy Colorado County and Area Undated, 1989
158 Texas-4 Texas Pioneer Trail Tourism Brochure Original Colorado County and Area Undated
159 Texas-4 Texas Pioneer Woman, Statue Of Dedication Program Original Austin 1998
160 Texas-4 Texas Polka Music Museum Flyer Original La Grange 2005
161 Texas-4 Texas Polka News Newspaper Original Houston 1998
162 Texas-4 Texas Poll Report, The Newsletters Originals (10 Copies) Austin, TX 1986-1989
163 Texas-4 Texas, "The White Scourge:…" Book Review Computer Generated (Internet) Unknown 2003
164 Texas-4 Texas, Index to Probate Cases Booklet (Liberty County) Original Fort Worth, TX 1972 Reprint
165 Texas-4 Texas, Public Free Schools Booklet of Statutes Relating To Original Austin, TX 1881
166 Texas-4 Texas Public Libraries, Summary Booklet, Other Originals, Photocopies Austin, TX 1996
167 Texas-4 Texas, Tell Me About and Austin Booklet Original Austin, TX 1935
168 Texas-4 Texas, Quizzer On Booklet Original Unknown Modern Era
169 Texas-5 Texas Railroad Hist. Marker Newspaper Clipping Original Houston (Houston Chronicle) Modern Era
170 Texas-5 Railroad Pocket Map Booklet Original Houston Modern Era
171 Texas-5 Texas Railroad Commission Pipeline Information, Letter Photocopies, Original Austin, TX 1997
172 Texas-5 Texas Rangers Birthplace Article re: Marker Controversy Photocopies, Original Colorado County, Houston 1986
173 Texas-5 Texas Rangers Marker Dedication Program Original Document Colorado County/Columbus 1986
174 Texas-5 Texas Rangers, Controversy re: Book Excerpts re: Early 1900s Photocopies Texas Modern Era
175 Texas-5 Texas Rangers, Cortina Attacks Newspaper Clippings Photocopies Columbus (The Citizen) 1875-76
176 Texas-5 Texas Rangers, Organization Of Typewritten Document Originals Columbus 1986
177 Texas-5 Texas Rangers, McNelly Newspaper Clippings Photocopies Columbus (The Citizen) 1875, 1877
178 Texas-5 Texas Rangers at Clinton, TX Newspaper Clippings Photocopies (2) Columbus (The Citizen) 1876
179 Texas-5 Texas Rangers, Article re: Texas Highways Magazine Original Austin, TX 1985
180 Texas-5 Texas Real Estate Commission Booklet re: License Act Original Austin, TX 1973
181 Texas-5 Texas Red River Colony Typed, Handwritten, Deed, Map Original, Photocopies Colorado County 1999, 1843
182 Texas-5 Texas, First Ladies of Booklet Original Denton, TX (TX Woman's Univ) 1978
183 Texas-5 Texas, Republic Of Martin Ruter Personal Letter Photocopy Washington, TX 1838
184 Texas-5 Texas, Republic Of Marriage, Death Records Photocopies Various Texas Counties 1964 Reprint
185 Texas-5 Texas History, Rare Books Re: Catalog, Typewritten Price List Originals Austin, TX Modern Era
186 Texas-5 Texas, Republic Of, Social Life Book Excerpt Photocopy San Antonio 1936
187 Texas-5 Texas, "Unearthing the Alamo" Newspaper Article Original Document Dallas (Dallas Morning News) 1988
188 Texas-5 Texas Revolution, Veterans Handwritten Pages Photocopies Colorado/Robertson Counties 1874
189 Texas-5 Texas Revolution, Conventions, Congress Typewritten Copies Originals Colorado County 1832, 1835, 1836
190 Texas-5 Texas Revolution, Map Movements Across Colo. River Photocopy Colorado County 1836
191 Texas-5 Texas Revolution Softcover Book w/Photographs Original Houston 2000
192 Texas-5 Texas Revolution, Veteran Of News Items, Photos, Deeds, etc. Originals and Photocopies Colorado County B: 1813, Various Other Dates
193 Texas-5 Texas Revolution, Mexican Army Book, Artifacts From Campsite Original Wharton County 1998
194 Texas-5 Texas Revolution, Memoirs Handwritten Copy of News Item Original Document Colorado County 19th-20th Centuries
195 Texas-5 Texas, Battle of San Jacinto Variety of Papers re: Era Originals, Photocopies Colorado and Other Counties 19th-20th Centuries
196 Texas-5 Texas, Dilue R. Harris Memoirs Handwritten Pages Photocopies Columbus/Colorado County 1834-1836
197 Texas-5 Texas Rural Schools, Study Of Book Original Austin (University of Texas) 1914
198 Texas-5 Texas Sesquicentennial Brochure Original Document Austin, TX 1985
199 Texas-5 Texas Sesquicentennial Press Party/Planning Meeting Original Announcement Columbus 1972
200 Texas-5 Texas Sesquicentennial Materials Regarding Originals, Photocopies Texas 1980s
201 Texas-5 Texas Sesquicentennial Handbook, Notes, etc. Originals Colorado County 1984
202 Texas-5 Texas Settlement Region Newsletter Original Document Victoria, TX 2003
203 Texas-5 Texas Settlement Ind.Region Newsletter Original Document Victoria, TX 2001
204 Texas-5 Texas Settlement Region Newsletters (3) Original Documents Victoria, TX 2000-2002
205 Texas-5 Texas Settlement Region Booklets-Visitors Guides (2) Originals Victoria, TX 2004
206 Texas-5 Texas Settlement Region Newsletters, Visitor's Guide Original Documents Victoria, TX 2003-2004
207 Texas-5 Texas Settlement Ind. Region Newsletters Original Documents Victoria, TX 1999, 2002
208 Texas-5 Texas Settlement Ind. Region Newsletters Original Documents Victoria, TX 2000
209 Texas-5 Texas Settlement Region Booklets-Visitor's Guides (2) Originals Victoria, TX 2003
210 Texas-5 Texas Settlement Ind. Region Newsletters Original Documents Victoria, TX 1999-2001
211 Texas-5 Texas Sources: A Bibliography Booklet Original Austin, TX 1976
212 Texas-5 Texas Southern Gas (RR Comm.) Notebook/Court Inquiry Photocopy Unknown 1979
213 Texas-5 Texas Southern University News Item re: Football Title Photocopy Los Angeles (Los Angeles Times) 1953
214 Texas-5 Texas Special Tax Statement Of Photocopy Austin, TX 1896-1897
215 Texas-5 Texas State Capitol Hist. Marker Printed Invitation Original Austin, TX 1976
216 Texas-5 Texas Constitution w/Amend. Booklet Original Austin, TX 1963
217 Texas-5 Texas State Genealogy Society Quarterly Magazines (4) Originals Austin, TX 2005
218 Texas-5 Texas State Almanack Softcover Book Original Unknown 1977
219 Texas-6 Texas State Historical Assoc. Annual Meetings Programs (6) Originals Austin, TX 1961, 1974, 1975, 1979, 1989
220 Texas-6 Texas State Historical Assoc. Annual Meeting Program Original Austin, TX 2003
221 Texas-6 Texas State Historical Assoc. Catalog, Correspondence Originals Austin, Columbus, Victoria, TX 2003
222 Texas-6 Texas State Historical Assoc. Annual Meeting Programs (7) Originals Austin, TX 1967-1972, 1997
223 Texas-6 Texas State Historical Assoc. Annual Meeting Programs (2) Originals Austin, TX 1980, 1982
224 Texas-6 Texas State Historical Assoc. Programs, Auction Catalogs Originals Austin, Tx 1955-56, 1958-59, 1961-66, 1973, 1994-95
225 Texas-6 Texas State Hist. Committee History Of Handwritten Original Columbus Undated
226 Texas-6 Texas State Historical Markers List Of Typewritten Original Colorado County c. 1960s-1970s
227 Texas-6 Texas State Hist. Survey Committee Announcement, Invitation Originals Austin, TX 1968
228 Texas-6 Texas State Hist. Survey Committee Letter, Form, Map Photocopies Colorado County 1973
229 Texas-6 Texas State Hist. Survey Committee Letter, Report Original Colorado County 1973-1974
230 Texas-6 Texas State Library Brochure Original Austin, TX Modern Era
231 Texas-6 Texas State Library & Archives Staff Report Original Austin, TX 2006
232 Texas-6 Texas State Library Archives Brochures Originals Austin, TX Modern Era
233 Texas-6 Texas State General Laws Title Page of Booklet Original Austin, TX 1891
234 Texas-6 Texas State Parks Brochure Original Austin, TX 1988
235 Texas-6 Texas/Texans, History Of Book Original Dallas 1936
236 Texas-6 Texas, The Dallas Story Booklet (Autobiography) Original Dallas 1971
237 Texas-6 Texas Titles of Record Abstract Photocopy Austin, TX 1964 (1830s Information)
238 Texas-6 Texas Tourism Booklet, Conventions Guide Originals San Antonio, Port Aransas 2007, 2008
239 Texas-6 Texas Town & City Magazine, Tax and Debt Survey Original Austin, TX 1992
240 Texas-6 Texas Trail Riders Assn., 1955-94 Magazine, Original Columbus 1994
241 Texas-6 Texas Travel Handbook Booklet Original Austin, TX 1950s
242 Texas-6 Texas Travel Handbooks Booklets (2) Originals Austin, TX 1950s, Modern Era
243 Texas-6 Texas Travel Guide/History Magazine Original Austin, TX 1998
244 Texas-6 Texas Travel Guide/History Magazine Original Austin, TX 1998
245 Texas-6 Texas Travel Handbook Booklet Original Austin, TX 1968 (Revised Version)
246 Texas-6 Texas Travel Handbook Booklet Original Austin, TX 1968 (Revised Version)
247 Texas-6 Texas Official Travel Map Folding Paper Map Original Austin, TX Modern Era
248 Texas-6 Texas, Treasure Tempest In Booklet; Letter Regarding Original, Photocopy Austin, TX 1970
249 Texas-6 Texas, A Pageant of Booklet re: Centennial Original McAllen, TX 1921
250 Texas-6 Texas Vinyard Guide Booklet Original College Station (Texas A&M U) 1982
251 Texas-6 Texas, Washington County Tourism Magazine Original Brenham, TX 2003
252 Texas-6 Texas, Wendish Heritage Museum Brochure Original Serbin, TX Modern Era
253 Texas-6 Texas, Wildlife In/Other Items Magazine; Prints Originals Austin, TX 1953
254 Texas-6 Texas Wildlife Committee Letter re: Charles Kearney Original Washington, D.C. 1965
255 Texas-6 Texas Women's Hall of Fame Program Original Austin, TX 1986
256 Texas-6 Texas State Historical Association Meeting Program   Austin, TX 1992
257 Texas-6 Texas Reading Club Day Proclamation Rick Perry   2011
258 Texas-7 Texas A&M University Newspaper Clippings, Various Subjects Photocopies College Station, TX 1991-1994
259 Texas-7 "Texas Architect" Magazine Article Re: Columbus Original Magazine Austin 1978
260 Texas-7 "Texas Co-op Power" Magazine Article Re: Columbus Original Magazine Austin 1992
261 Texas-7 "Texas Country" Magazine Article Re: Columbus Original Magazine Brenham, TX 1985
262 Texas-7 Texas Dept. of Agriculture "From the Land of Texas" Original Demographic Booklet Austin 1974
263 Texas-7 "Texas Evangel, The" (Southern Baptist) Article Re: Columbus Baptist Churches Original Newsletter (FRAGILE) San Antonio 1940
264 Texas-7 Texas Financial Statement Receipts and Expenditures Original Pamphlet (VERY FRAGILE) Austin 1847
265 Texas-7 "Texas Fireman, The" Magazine Columbus Fire Chief on Cover & Story Original (REQUIRES CAREFUL HANDLING) Seguin, TX 1949
266 Texas-7 "Texas Highways" Magazine Article Re: Columbus Original Magazine Austin 1989
267 Texas-7 Texas Land Office Booklet "History of Texas Land" Original Austin 1958
268 Texas-7 Texas Scrapbook, Judge S.W. White "Oh You Texas!" Original Booklet Corpus Christi 1963
269 Texas-7 Texas Tech University Bibliography Handbook: "Bold Land" Original Booklet (Library Bulletin) Lubbock, TX 1970
270 Texas-7 Texas Tourism/Guidebook "Texas - Land of Contrast" Original Booklet Austin Modern Era
271 Texas-7 Texas Tourist Booklet "Texas - America's Fun-Tier" Original Booklet Austin 1960s
272 Texas-7 "Texas Travel Handbook" TX Highway Dept. Travelguide Original Booklet Austin 1968
273 Texas-7 "Texas Veterans Commission Journal" Veterans' Affairs, News Original Austin 1994, 1996
274 Texas-7 Texas Women, Historic Paintings of Notable Texas Women Prints (8) Unknown; John French, Artist Modern Era
275 Texas-7 "Texas, Our Texas" Song Lyrice & Music Photocopy Unknown: Wright & Marsh creators Modern Era