Nesbitt Memorial Library


General Archives Q-R
Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 Q-R-1 Queen Elizabeth (England) Silver Jubilee Commemorative Booklet London 1977
2 Q-R-1 Quilts Exhibitions Winedale, Houston Flyer, newspaper article Winedale, Houston 1994
3 Q-R-1 Quinn - Anderson Families Genealogy Written notes Tennessee Undated
4 Q-R-1 Railroad Depot (Weimar) Historic Marker Dedication speech Weimar Undated
5 Q-R-1 Railroad Development William Thomas Eldridge Biography Russell Straw essay Colorado County 1862-1932
6 Q-R-1 Railroads History Notes Colorado County 1860's-1870's
7 Q-R-1 Railroads Buffalo Bayou Brazos & Colorado Railway to Columbus List of subscribers Colorado County 1858
8 Q-R-1 Railroads Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad Co. Illustrations of engines   1900's
9 Q-R-1 Rainbow Girls Annual Grand Assembly of Texas Meeting booklet Amarillo 1946
10 Q-R-1 Resendez-Ramirez, Rafael Serial Killer Internet news article Georgetown 1999
11 Q-R-1 Ramsey Settlement History Essay Colorado County 19th-20th Century
12 Q-R-1 Ranching Early Ranching in Colorado County Commissioners Court Minutes Colorado County 1901, 1919
13 Q-R-1 Ranching in Texas Coastal Bend History of Books published   2008
14 Q-R-1 Rangel, Irma Lerma History of / Symposium Booklet Kingsville 2005
15 Q-R-1 Rangers of Austin's Colony Historical Marker Correspondence Columbus 1980's
16 Q-R-1 Rape Plant History, Culture, and Uses Dept. of Ag. Booklet   1893
17 Q-R-1 Rare Books Catalog, Wm. Reese Co. Booklet   Undated
18 Q-R-1 Rau, Doug Baseball Major Leaguer Pitching, Batting Statistics Columbus 1970's
19 Q-R-1 Rau, Doug Appearance at Nesbitt Memorial Library Flyer, News articles Columbus 2002
20 Q-R-1 Rau, Doug Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher News clippings Columbus 1974
21 Q-R-1 Rau, Doug Truman McMahan correspondence (Referenced photographs missing) Columbus 1977
22 Q-R-1 Rau, Hope Hiller Girl Scout Card Registration card Colorado County 1923
23 Q-R-1 Rau, Laura Ann & Buddy Hosting events in Houston, Mexico City Newspaper articles Columbus 1974
24 Q-R-1 Rau, Laura Ann & Family Restoration Projects Correspondence Columbus 1988
25 Q-R-1 Rau, Maud Land / Tax Rendition Correspondence Colorado County 1954
26 Q-R-1 Rau Family Family History Joe Rau essay Columbus 19th-20th Century
27 Q-R-1 Raumonda Historic Home History Brochure Columbus 1887-
28 Q-R-1 Raumonda Historic Home News articles Columbus 1973
29 Q-R-1 Rauh, Gwendolyn Rauh/Brumann Marriage News article Eagle Lake 1942
30 Q-R-1 Rauh House History Natalie Perry essay Columbus 19th-20th Century
31 Q-R-1 Rayburn, Sam Sam Rayburn House Museum Invitation, Program for Dedication Bonham 1975
32 Q-R-1 Readers Challenging the Gifted Reader Article   1986
33 Q-R-1 "Rebels on the Rio Grande" Advertisement Bookmark with information   Undated
34 Q-R-1 Recipes In German From German Cookbook From Dorothy Albrecht Colorado County 2002
35 Q-R-1 Reconstruction Bastrop County Typed research Bastrop County Undated
36 Q-R-1 Reconstruction Colorado County Typed research Colorado County 1865-1874
37 Q-R-1 Reconstruction Election Returns Photocopies Colorado County 1866
38 Q-R-1 Reconstruction Violence Typed Notes Colorado County 1870-1871
39 Q-R-1 Reconstruction Colorado County Handwritten Research Colorado County Undated
40 Q-R-1 Reconstruction Incl. Columbus Tap Business History Various Documents Texas Undated
41 Q-R-1 Reconstruction Role of Confederates Typed Copy of Letter Texas 1865
42 Q-R-1 Reconstruction Incl. Throckmorton's Removal Book Excerpts Texas 1866
43 Q-R-1 Reconstruction Colorado County Misc. Documents Colorado County Various
44 Q-R-1 Recreation Recreational Activity Handwritten Notes Sheridan 20th Century
45 Q-R-1 Red Cross In Colorado County Typed Information Colorado County 1942
46 Q-R-1 Red Cross WWII Home Nursing ID Cards Colorado County 1942
47 Q-R-1 Red Family Residence "Jubilee" Typed Notes Old Gay Hill 1852-Present
48 Q-R-1 Red River County Census Photocopy Red River County 1850
49 Q-R-1 Red Scare U. of Chicago Investigated Newspaper Clippings Chicago 1935
50 Q-R-1 Redbirds Baseball Roster Copy of List   1950
51 Q-R-1 Redgate, Samuel Joseph Legislator Bio Colorado County 1800-1893
52 Q-R-1 Redgate, Samuel Legislator Family History Items Colorado County 1850's
53 Q-R-1 Redus, Trula   Obituary Columbus 1908-1975
54 Q-R-1 Reed, Tom Politician Newspaper Clipping Colorado County 1998
55 Q-R-1 Rees, Carl A.   Obituary Garwood/Rock Island 1941
56 Q-R-1 Rees, Leslie W. Fireman Obituary Weimar 1907
57 Q-R-1 Reese Conservatory of Music Banquet Invitation Original Austin 1955
58 Q-R-1 Reese, Lillian Musician (Columbus Music Club) Newspaper Clipping Columbus 1966
59 Q-R-1 Reese, Mrs. Sam Obituary News Clipping/Memorial Service Program Columbus 1945
60 Q-R-1 Reese, Walter Deputy Sheriff Newspaper Clipping Weimar 1910
61 Q-R-1 Reese/Coleman Shooting   Copy of Handwritten Note Columbus Undated
62 Q-R-1 Refrigerated Railroad Cars   Handwritten Note Columbus 1886
63 Q-R-1 Reichardt Papers (Charles & William) Deeds, Taxes, Etc. Original Documents Colorado County 1880's
64 Q-R-1 Reichardt Papers (Charles & William) Deeds, Taxes, Etc. Original Documents Colorado County 1880's
65 Q-R-1 Reichardt, William Tax Receipts Original Documents Colorado County 1930's
66 Q-R-1 Reichardt Family Genealogy Typed Research   1894-Modern Era
67 Q-R-1 Reichle, Marvin N. College Professor Obituary Columbus 2008
68 Q-R-1 Relay For Life ACS   2005 Program Columbus 2005
69 Q-R-1 Relay For Life ACS   Newsletter   2006
70 Q-R-1 Republican (TX) Campaign Committee   Flyer Dallas Undated
71 Q-R-1 Republic of Texas Early Deed Original Document Colorado County 1841
72 Q-R-1 Republic of Texas Elections Dewees' Bond   1840
73 Q-R-1 Republic of Texas Houston Described Copy of Letter Houston 1838
74 Q-R-1 Republic of Texas Mexican Invasion of Copy of News Clipping   1842
75 Q-R-1 Republic of Texas Museum Flyer Washington-on-the-Brazos Undated
76 Q-R-1 Republic of Texas Officials of Index   1835-1846
77 Q-R-1 Republic of Texas Officials of Index   1835-1846
78 Q-R-1 Republic of Texas Paper Money Original Documents   Undated
79 Q-R-1 Republic of Texas Pension Application Abstracts   1870's
80 Q-R-1 Republic of Texas thru Civil War Post Offices Handwritten Notes   Undated
81 Q-R-1 Republic of Texas Yankees In Booklet   1952
82 Q-R-1 Rerrino, Professor G. J. Black Educator Typed Copy of Obituary Eagle Lake 1928
83 Q-R-1 Resendez III, Frank   Obituary Columbus 2007
84 Q-R-1 Revolutionist Handbook   Booklet   Undated
85 Q-R-1 Rezba, Mollie Land Abstracts Letter Detailing Colorado County 1956
86 Q-R-2 Rhiannon's Place (for young single mothers) St. John's Episcopal Church Brochure Columbus Undated
87 Q-R-2 Rhode, Elizabeth Deed Photocopy Colorado County 1869
88 Q-R-2 Rhodes, Ester May Homemaker Funeral Program Glidden 2008
89 Q-R-2 Rhodes, Paul Innis   Copy of Funeral Program San Antonio 1972
90 Q-R-2 Rhodes, Willie   Obituary Eagle Lake 1983
91 Q-R-2 Rice Culture History Typed Research Colorado County Undated
92 Q-R-2 Rice Culture History Newspaper Clipping Colorado County 1963
93 Q-R-2 Rice Culture History Research and Photos Colorado County Undated
94 Q-R-2 Rice Culture So. Rice Growers Assn. Newspaper Clipping Eagle Lake 1914
95 Q-R-2 Rice Culture History Newspaper Clipping Eagle Lake Undated
96 Q-R-2 Rice Culture History Newspaper Clipping Eagle Lake 1912
97 Q-R-2 Rice Culture History Various Papers Eagle Lake 1970's
98 Q-R-2 Rice Culture Marker Dedication Program Garwood 1985
99 Q-R-2 Rice Irrigation Pump Red Bluff Rice Company Typed Research Garwood Circa 1900
100 Q-R-2 Rice Medical Center   Clinic Calendar Eagle Lake 2008
101 Q-R-2 Richards, Ann Politics/Career Copy of News Clipping   1991
102 Q-R-2 Ricks, Irene   Funeral Notice Weimar 1889
103 Q-R-2 Riesing Cemetery   Book Shaw's Bend 2007
104 Q-R-2 Riesing Cemetery Reunion of Descendants Flyer Columbus 2007
105 Q-R-2 Rios Family Genealogy Inquiry Letter Eagle Lake 2001
106 Q-R-2 River Keepers LCRA Booklet Colorado County 1998
107 Q-R-2 River Navigation Steamship "Kate Ward" Copy of Announcement Matagorda 1846
108 Q-R-2 Rivers, Robert Jones Orator/Advocate Various Papers & Corres.   1988-1990
109 Q-R-2 Rizzuto, Errol C. Jazz Musician Memoir New Orleans 2007
110 Q-R-2 Road Paving Protest Frank Steitz Newspaper Clipping Columbus 1997
111 Q-R-2 Roberts, Pierre N. Houston Salesman Obituary Brenham 1985
112 Q-R-2 Roberts, Shawn Artist Brochures   Undated
113 Q-R-2 Robinson, Joel W. Pioneer Bio La Grange 1830's
114 Q-R-2 Robson, Robert Petition to TX Legislature Photocopy Columbus 1866
115 Q-R-2 Robson, Robert Scottish Castle Leon Hale Article Columbus 1980
116 Q-R-2 Rock Island History Correspondence Rock Island 1968
117 Q-R-2 Rock Island Short History Typed Notes Rock Island Undated
118 Q-R-2 Rock Island History Various Booklets Rock Island 1980
119 Q-R-2 Rock Island History Typed Notes Rock Island Undated
120 Q-R-2 Rock Island History Handwritten Papers Rock Island 19th-20th Century
121 Q-R-2 Rock Island Death of Jerrald Keith Barouch Newspaper Clipping Rock Island 1965
122 Q-R-2 Rock Island Myrtle Cemetery Assn. Grave Identification Listings Rock Island 1902-Modern Era
123 Q-R-2 Rock Island Contribution to WWII Newspaper Clipping Rock Island Undated
124 Q-R-2 Rodeo/Livestock Exposition   1938 Souvenir Program Houston 1938
125 Q-R-2 Rodeo, Huntsville Prison   Program, Booklet, Pictures Huntsville 1949
126 Q-R-2 Rodeos Early History Typed Research Colorado County Undated
127 Q-R-2 Rodessa Oil Field   Royalty Statement Arkansas Undated
128 Q-R-2 Roever Family Genealogy Printed Research Colorado County Undated
129 Q-R-2 Rogers, (M. L.) "Tex" Newsman Death Notice Columbus 2003
130 Q-R-2 Rogers, Nita Sue Foster Honored by Nesbitt Library Original Document Columbus 2006
131 Q-R-2 Rolling Hills Artists' Studio   Booklets; Announcements Columbus 2005; 2007; 2008
132 Q-R-2 Romberg Family Emigration to Texas Book Excerpt   1840's
133 Q-R-2 Roosevelt, Franklin D. Short Bio Newspaper Clipping   1940's
134 Q-R-2 Roosevelt, Franklin D. Signing New Law Photo   1935
135 Q-R-2 Root-Knot Disease In Peaches, Oranges, Etc. Dept. of Ag. Booklet   1889
136 Q-R-2 "Rosalie" Antebellum Home Brochure Natchez, MS 1820
137 Q-R-2 Rose, Curtis "Dike" Coach Newspaper Clipping San Jacinto 2006-2007
138 Q-R-2 Rosenfield, John Golden Wedding Anniversary Invitation Columbus 1885
139 Q-R-2 Rotary Club (Columbus) Meetings Programs Columbus 1980, 1999, 2008
140 Q-R-2 Rotary Club (Columbus) Banner   Columbus  
141 Q-R-2 Rotary Club (Eagle Lake) Newsletter   Eagle Lake 2006
142 Q-R-2 Rough Riders Spanish-American War Newspaper article   (1898)
143 Q-R-2 Round Top The Festival at Round Top Program Round Top 1977
144 Q-R-2 Round Top Octoberfest Antiques Fair Flyer Round Top Undated
145 Q-R-2 Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts Report to the Commissioners Booklet London 1968-1969
146 Q-R-2 Ruffin, W. R. Fraud Legal documents Colorado County 1894-1896
147 Q-R-2 Ruhmann, Lee Biography Live Oak Art Center Exhibition Colorado County 1997
148 Q-R-2 Runaway Scrape Trailride Sesquicentennial Dance Dance Ticket   1973
149 Q-R-2 Runnels, Hardin R. Governor's Message Booklet Austin 1858
150 Q-R-2 Rural Texas "Leavin' a Testimony" Patsy Cravens, author   2005
151 Q-R-2 Rural Texas Environmental Movement Houston Chronicle article   2003
152 Q-R-3 Riceland Regional Mental Health Authority Documents   Modern Era
153 Q-R-3 Riceland Regional Mental Health Authority Manual, Casework   Modern Era
154 Q-R-3 Riceland Regional Mental Health Authority Documents   Modern Era
155 Q-R-3 Riceland Regional Mental Health Authority Announcement of Celebration   1996
156 Q-R-3 Riceland Regional Mental Health Authority Documents   1997-1998
157 Q-R-3 Riceland Regional Mental Health Authority Documents   1997-1998
158 Q-R-3 Rhodes, Jimmy Roy Funeral Program   Houston 2003
159 Q-R-3 Rice Raiders Playoff Program Basketball Brazos Cougars 2007
160 Q-R-3 Relay for Life Program   Columbus 2009
161 Q-R-3 Rice High School Graduation Invitation   Eagle Lake 2010
162 Q-R-3 Rock Island School District Deed   Rock Island 1948-62
163 Q-R-3 Rock Island Parent Teacher Org. Deed   Rock Island 1968
164 Q-R-3 Reconstruction, Colorado County Research Manuscript Woolery-Price, Wooten & Wooten Colorado County Written 1985
165 Q-R-3 Relay for Life ACS Program   Columbus 2012
166 Q-R-4 Quincentennial Various Materials Originals and Photocopies Columbus 1992
167 Q-R-4 Quincentennial Press Packets Photocopies Columbus 1992
168 Q-R-4 Railroads Histories Of; Timetables; Other Originals (CARE IN HANDLING) Area 19th-20th Centuries
169 Q-R-4 Reed, Tom News Clippings; Postcard W/Ad Originals and Photocopies Eagle Lake 1986; 1995
170 Q-R-4 Rice Independent School District Football; Graduation Articles Originals Eagle Lake Area 1931; 1994
171 Q-R-4 Republican Party, Texas Campaign Flyer; Jack Cox Obituary Original and Photocopy Texas 1990s
172 Q-R-4 Rice University Various News Items Regarding Photocopies Houston 1991; 1993
173 Q-R-4 Richards, Ann (TX Governor) Re: Campaigns Originals and Photocopies Austin/Texas 1989-1994
174 Q-R-4 Round Top Concert Calendar, Other Originals Round Top, TX 1990s
175 Q-R-4 Ruhmann, Lee Exhibit Info, Photos of Paintings By Originals; 1 Velox Columbus 1986-1996; 1997
176 Q-R-4 Riehs, Charles F. & Ophelia M. German language certificates   Austin County 1923