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Data ID Box Number Main Subject Sub-Topic 1 Sub-Topic 2 Location Time Frame
1 T-1 Tacoma School Principal Newspaper Article Photocopy Tacoma, WA 1970
2 T-1 Tait Plantation Compound News Photo, Brief History Original Documents Colorado County 1964, 1973
3 T-1 Tait Family Obituaries Photocopies Columbus 1923, 1964
4 T-1 Tait, Alice Pohler HR 35 Introduced Version Computer Generated Columbus 2000
5 T-1 Tait House 100th Anniversary Invitation Original Card Columbus 1956
6 T-1 Tait Family History Of Typewritten Original Columbus 20th Century
7 T-1 Tait Family History Of (Houston Post) Photocopy Houston 1963
8 T-1 Tait House Newspaper Clipping Photocopy Houston (Houston Post) 1963
9 T-1 Tait Plantation Depression-Era News Items Photocopies Columbus, Other 1930s
10 T-1 Tait Family Correspondence Letters Photocopies Columbus 1820s-1860s
11 T-1 Tanner, Phryne B. Obituary of Husband Photocopy Helena, Montana 1990
12 T-1 Tartt, Hope Pierce Newspaper Article Original Clipping Houston (Houston Chronicle) 1973
13 T-1 Tarver, A.J., et al Deed to Chas. W. Traylor Original Document Colorado County 1884
14 T-1 Tax Lists and Index Lancaster County, PA Original Booklet Washington, D.C. 1962
15 T-1 Tax Receipts Various Individuals Original Documents Colorado County 1881-1898
16 T-1 Taylor, Eric "Guitarist" Magazine Interview Computer Generated Unknown 2001
17 T-1 Taylor, Eric Publicity Flyers Photocopies Columbus/La Grange Early 2000s
18 T-1 Taylor-McMillian (Matthews) Family Group Sheets Photocopies Colorado, Fayette Counties 1965, 1981, Various
19 T-1 Teachers Exams, Certificates Newspaper Article Photocopy Colorado County 1913
20 T-1 Teachers Register, Contract Booklet, Teacher's Copy Originals Glidden, Eagle Lake 1948-1949, 1953
21 T-1 Team Dairy Queen Bike Tour Flyer Original, Photocopy Columbus 2004
22 T-1 Telephone Service Letter, Map Photocopies Hackberry, TX 1899
23 T-1 Tendick (State Legislator) Notes Handwritten Original Austin 1871
24 T-1 Tendick, Robert P. News Items, Historical Marker Photocopies, Originals Colorado County/New York Unknown, 1991
25 T-1 Tendick, R.P. Brief Biography Typewritten Original Colorado County 1991
26 T-1 Terrell, John F. Family Line Photocopy Unknown 1657-1994
27 T-1 Terrell, Richard S. Newspaper Article re: Death Photocopy New York, NY (New York Times) 1927
28 T-1 Terrorist Attack (9/11/01) Catalog of Films Regarding Photocopy Unknown Unknown
29 T-1 Terrorist Attack, New York "Newsweek" Special Report Original Magazine New York, NY 2001
30 T-1 Terry's Texas Rangers List Of Typewritten Original Colorado County Undated
31 T-1 Terry's Texas Rangers List Of Photocopy Colorado County 1861-1862
32 T-1 Towell, Ike P. Death Certificate/Probate Photocopies Columbus 1934
33 T-1 Texana MHMR Fiscal Report Orginal Rosenberg, TX 2003
34 T-1 Texian Heroes' Song Song Sheet Photocopy Houston 1884, 1975
35 T-1 "Texian" Newsletter Newsletter Original Bay City, TX 2008
36 T-1 Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Photocopy Newark, NJ 1761
37 T-1 Thatcher, Elizabeth Deed Records, Will Original Documents Colorado County 1906
38 T-1 Thatcher, Elizabeth Obituary, Other Items Originals and Photocopies Eagle Lake 1906, Other Dates
39 T-1 Thatcher, George W. Genealogy, Census Listing Photocopies Eagle Lake 19th-20th Century
40 T-1 Thatcher Family Genealogy/Family Record Typewritten Original Colorado and Wharton Counties 1774-1947
41 T-1 Thatcher House List of Furnishings Handwritten Original Columbus Undated
42 T-1 Thatcher, Myrah Death Of Handwritten Original Colorado County 1902
43 T-1 Thatcher, Sarah M. Obituary Typewritten Copy Eagle Lake 1897
44 T-1 Thatcher-Lookup Families History, Cemetery Records Photocopies Colorado County 19th-20th Centuries
45 T-1 Thatcher-Lookup Families Legal Documents Photocopies Colorado County 1860s-1870s
46 T-1 Thomas, Ethel Lee Obituary Original Newspaper Clipping Columbus 1981
47 T-1 Thatcher, Thornton Brief Biography Typewritten Index Card Columbus/Eagle Lake Modern Era
48 T-1 Thomas, G.E. and Family Family History Original Softcover Book Raleigh, NC 2006
49 T-1 Thomas, Raymond, Sr. and Jr. Newspaper Article Original Newspaper Clipping Houston (Houston Post) 1987
50 T-1 Thomas, Dr. Raymond HR 700, Texas Legislature Computer Generated Austin 2001
51 T-1 Thompson, Rep. Clark W. List of Agriculture Leaflets Original Document Washington, DC Mid-1940s
52 T-1 Thompson, Gen. Ernest O. Memorial Booklet Original Document Amarillo, TX 1966
53 T-1 Thompson, Silas Brief Biography, Photographs Original, Photocopies Colorado County Modern Era
54 T-1 Thompson, Virgil Certificate of Promotion Photocopy Columbus 1961
55 T-1 Thornton, R.A. Constable's Sales Record Original Document Columbus 1884
56 T-1 Three Centuries Club History Of, Photos Originals and Photocopies Columbus/Glidden 2000
57 T-1 Tinkler, Joseph Deeds, Maps Originals and Photocopies Colorado County Mid-1800s
58 T-1 Tobacco Culture Newspaper Item Typewritten Copy of Original Weimar (Weimar Mercury) 1904
59 T-1 Tolison, W.A. Newspaper Article re: Murder Typewritten Copy of Original Weimar (Weimar Mercury) 1906
60 T-1 Toliver, Bettie Funeral Notice Original Document Columbus 1902
61 T-1 Toliver, Nettie Obituary Original Newspaper Clipping Columbus 1983
62 T-1 Toliver, J.A. Deed Original Document Columbus 1881
63 T-1 Toliver-Cone-Glueck House History Of Notebook,Photocopies Columbus 1985
64 T-1 Tomlinson, William Newton Obituary Original News Clipping Austin County, TX Undated-Modern Era
65 T-1 Took (?), J.D. Murder Charges Photocopies Colorado County 1871
66 T-1 Toscanini, Arturo Program Original Document Houston 1950
67 T-1 Tourism Local History Of Original Documents Columbus/Colorado County 20th-Early 21st Century
68 T-1 Towell, Juanita Autobiography, Memoirs Original Notebook, Typewritten Colorado County Modern Era
69 T-1 Towell Family Family History Original Notebook, Photographs Colorado County Modern Era
70 T-1 Towell Family Family Lineage Typewritten Notebook Colorado County 1983
71 T-1 Towell, Ike News Reports, Columns Re: Photocopies Colorado County 1934
72 T-1 Towell, Ike Photograph, Death Photocopy Eagle Lake 1934
73 T-1 Towell, Juanita Autobiography, Memoirs Notebook, Photograph Colorado County Modern Era
74 T-1 Towell and Related Families Genealogy Typewritten Notebook Colorado County Modern Era
75 T-1 Town and Country Homes Tour Flyers Original Documents Colorado County 2007
76 T-1 Townes, E.D. Letter to Voters Original Document Travis County 1863
77 T-1 Townsend, Annibet Letters to/from Husband Photocopies Liberty, TX 1862
78 T-1 Townsend, Asa Brief History Of Photocopies Colorado County 19th Century
79 T-1 Townsend Estate Petition Computer Generated Copy Florida 2001
80 T-1 Townsend, Everett Ewing Thesis re: Life Of Photocopy Alpine, TX 1948
81 T-1 Townsend Family Family Records Photocopies Colorado County 1800s
82 T-1 Townsend Family Family History, Genealogy Original Document, Photograph Various Locations 1692-Modern Era
83 T-1 Townsend Family Personal Correspondence Original Documents Various Locations 1862
84 T-1 Townsend Family Newspaper Articles, Obituaries Photocopies Columbus 1930
85 T-1 Townsend, J. Frank Funeral Card Original Document Columbus 1994
86 T-1 Townsend, Capt. Asa Light News Articles re: Death Photocopies San Antonio 1932
87 T-1 Townsend, Marcus H. History, Townsend-West Home Typed, Handwritten Originals Columbus 1973
88 T-1 Townsend/Burford Marriage Record Photocopy Columbus 1883
89 T-1 Townsend, M.H. Obituary Photocopy San Antonio 1915
90 T-1 Townsend, M.H. Letter, Will Photocopy Houston Civil War Era
91 T-1 Townsend, M.S. Letter Photocopy Unknown 1862
92 T-1 Townsend, Moses Civil War Records Photocopies Unknown 1862-1863
93 T-1 Townsend, Moses Court Petition Photocopies Colorado County 1854
94 T-1 Townsend, Colo. Cnty. Sheriff News Article Photocopy Columbus Undated
95 T-1 Townsend-Reese Feud News Articles Regarding Typed and Photocopies Various Locations Late 1800s, Early 1900s
96 T-1 Townsend, Related Families Genealogy, Family History Photocopies Colorado County 19th-20th Centuries
97 T-1 Townsend-West House History Of Handwritten, Typed Originals Columbus 1973
98 T-1 Thomas, L.P. Sr. Letter To Handwritten Original Weimar 1907
99 T-1 Thompson, Wells Letters to/from Bill Stein Typewritten Originals Columbus/Ausin 1989
100 T-1 Thompson, Wells Brief Biography Photocopy Bay City, TX D: 1914
101 T-1 Towell, Dr. Isaac Remembrance Card (Death) Photocopy Shaw's Bend 1890
102 T-1 Townsend, Ira Dance News Item-Sports Photocopy Boston 1921
103 T-1 Townsend Homestead History Of Typewritten Original Columbus Modern Era
104 T-1 Townsend Playground History Of, Includes Photos Photocopies Columbus 1998
105 T-1 Townsend Brothers History Of Handwritten Originals, Card Columbus Modern Era
106 T-1 Townsend Family Genealogy, Letters Originals, Photocopies Various Sites 1988, 1990
107 T-1 Townsend, Howard A. Biography, Obituary Typewritten Copies San Antonio, Columbus 1912-13, Modern Era
108 T-1 Townsend, S. Texas Ranger Enlistment Photocopy Karnes County, TX 1911
109 T-1 Townsend, Samuel Lucky Autobiography, Memoirs Photocopy Mexico, Texas 1800s
110 T-1 Townsend, W.W. and J.M. Confederate Service Records Photocopy Colorado County 1997
111 T-2 Tracey, Jesse Biography Handwritten Original Sheridan 1963
112 T-2 Tracy, Emma Biography Typewritten Columbus 19th Century
113 T-2 Trail Ride Video Tape Of, Letter Originals San Antonio 1973
114 T-2 Trainer, Thomas Obituary Photocopy Columbus Undate (B: 1812)
115 T-2 Trans-Texas Corridor Opposition Flyer Original Documents Colorado/Austin Counties Area 2005
116 T-2 Travis, William B. Appeal for Help at Alamo Photocopy San Antonio 1836
117 T-2 Traylor, Charles Tax Receipt and Check Original Documents Matagorda/Galveston Counties 1890
118 T-2 Traylor, et al Deed, Lawsuit Documents Original Documents Matagorda/Galveston Counties 1880-Early 1900s
119 T-2 Traylor, Roberta Songbook Original Unknown 1897
120 T-2 Traylor, Charles and Lura Olive Obituary, Dr.'s Report re: Chas. Original, Photocopy Columbus 1881; 1925
121 T-2 Traylor, Charles Account Statement Original Document Columbus 1919
122 T-2 Traylor, Charles Accounty Statement Original Document Columbus 1919
123 T-2 Traylor et al, Kemper Versus Documents re: Lawsuit Original Documents Colorado County 1880
124 T-2 Traylor, Charles Judgment Against Original Documents Matagorda County 1892
125 T-2 Traylor, Charles Business Records, Notebook Original Documents Columbus, Colorado County Late 1880s
126 T-2 Traylor, Charles Charter Member Certificate Original Card Columbus 18th or 19th Century
127 T-2 Traylor, C.W. Receipts for Lodge Membership Original Documents Columbus 1897
128 T-2 Traylor, Charles Miscellaneous Notes, Accounts Original Documents Columbus Late 1890s-Early 1900s
129 T-2 Traylor, Mrs. Lura V. Quitclaim Deed Original Document Fayette County 1926
130 T-2 Traylor, Maude Invitations To Original Documents Colorado County 1898-1900
131 T-2 Traylor, Maude Various Business Papers Original Documents Colorado County 1880s
132 T-2 Traylor, Maude Correspondences Original Documents Colorado County Late 1800s-Early 1900s
133 T-2 Traylor Family Members Business Papers Original Documents Colorado County Late 1800s-Early 1900s
134 T-2 Traylor, Jas. L. Deed from Townsend, R.B. Original Document Colorado County 1872
135 T-2 Travis, W.B. Lecture Regarding Original Lecure Booklet Victoria, TX (Victoria College) 1986
136 T-2 Travis County Hist. Comm. Marker Dedication Original Program Austin, TX 1976
137 T-2 Traylor, Charles News Item Typewritten Copy Columbus 1879
138 T-2 Treasure (Buried) Story Of Handwritten Original Sheridan Modern Era
139 T-2 Treasured Thoughts of My. . . Booklet, Columbus Civic Club Originals (3) Columbus Early-Mid 1900s
140 T-2 Tree Planting Guide Booklet, Texas Forest Service Original Area Counties 2005
141 T-2 Trenckmann, W.A. Autobiography Photocopy Colorado/Austin Counties 1931-1933
142 T-2 Trenckmann, William Andreas History of Austin County Photocopy Austin County Late 1800s-20th Century
143 T-2 Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Cemetery Records Typewritten Frelsburg Early 19th-Mid 20th Centuries
144 T-2 Trinity Lutheran Church Historical Marker Dedication Original Documents Frelsburg 1978
145 T-2 "Trip Through Texas" Letter Original Document Monahans, TX 1987
146 T-2 Triumphs Reunion Tour Newspaper Article Photocopy El Campo 1992
147 T-2 Troubador, El Booklet Re: Mockingbird Original Houston 1932
148 T-2 Trustee Sale Record Of Original Document Columbus 1879
149 T-2 Tumlinson, Elizabeth League Land, Deed Records Photocopies Colorado County 1833 (Original)
150 T-2 Tumlinson, Elizabeth Plemmons Biography, Land Grant c. 1822 Typewritten Copy Colorado County Modern Era
151 T-2 Tumlinson Family History re: Hist. Marker; Letter Typewritten Copy Colorado County 1998
152 T-2 Tumlinson Family Genealogy Photocopy in Notebook Various Texas Locations Modern Era
153 T-2 Tumlinson, Peter/Joe Photos, TX Ranger Memorabilia Photocopies Various Locations Various Dates
154 T-2 Turkeys (Wild) Re: Hunting Ban Original Documents Austin/Colorado County 1959
155 T-2 Turnbough Family Family History, Correspondence Original Documents Missouri/Fayette County 19th-20th Centuries
156 T-2 Turner-Chapman Gallery Flyer Original Document Columbus Post 2000
157 T-2 Turner-Chapman Gallery Showing Invitation Original Documents (2) Columbus 2008
158 T-2 Turner, Ken Career Biography, CD, Letter Original Documents Columbus 2005
159 T-2 Turner Family Genealogy Letters, Family Group Sheet Colorado County/Missouri 1988-1989
160 T-2 Turner, William Wild Man of the Woods Typewritten Copy from 1898 Colorado County Modern Era
161 T-2 TV Guide Tanya McQueen Item Photocopies Columbus 2005
162 T-2 TV Guide T. McQueen Item, Photo, Pg. 24 Original Magazine Columbus 2005
163 T-2 Twice Told Tales of Texas Booklet (DRT Copyright) Original Texas 2000
164 T-2 Tyler, Clifton Pamphlet (Goose Hunting) Original Document Colorado County 2001-2002
165 T2-A Tricil Waste Summaries, Letters Originals, Photocopies Colorado County Mid-1990s
166 T2-A Tricil Application, Information Photocopies Colorado County 1991-1992
167 T2-A Tricil Special Waste Issues Photocopies Colorado County Mid-1990s
168 T2-A Tricil Court Pleadings Photocopies Colorado County 1991-1992
169 T2-A Tricil Methane Gas Issues Photocopies Colorado County 1993-1995
170 T2-A Tricil Correspondence, Memos Photocopies Colorado County 1991-1995
171 T-2 Truchard, Tony California Wine Grower Flyer   Modern Era
172 T-2 Thompson, Alvin Poetry Collections Alive & Well;I Have Seen Your Tears, I Have Heard Your Prayers Columbus 1990's
173 T-2 Todd, David Texas Legacy Project Presentation   Columbus 2011
174 T-2 Taylor, Eric Concert Flyer Computer Generated La Grange 2000s
175 T-2 Texas German Society Registration Form/Newsletter Re: State Convention, Other Bellville, TX 2008
176 T-2 Town & Country Homes Tour Flyers (2) W/Map Colorado County 2007
177 T-3 Tennis, Columbus High School Schedules Originals Columbus 1988-1990
178 T-3 Tidelands Controversy Annexation Agreement, U.S. & Texas Original Booklet (SOMEWHAT FRAGILE) Austin 1845; 1950
179 T-3 "Tierra, La" Magazine (Archeological) Article Re: Colorado County Original Magazine San Antonio 1989
180 T-3 Tom Waddell Outdoor Nature Club Newsletters, Brochures Originals Eagle Lake/Colorado County 1995
181 T-3 Tower, John Controversy Regarding; Death Of Photocopies of Newspaper Clippings Austin 1988-1989; 1991
182 T-3 Track, Columbus High School Schedules Originals Columbus 1990s
183 T-3 Travis County, TX Map Of Photocopy Austin/Travis County 1981
184 T-3 Travis, William B. News Clippings Re: Slave Ownership Photocopies Bryan, TX 1989
185 T-3 Tricil Re: Hazardous Waste Debate Originals, Photocopies of Clippings, Letters Altair/Colorado County 1991-1997
186 T-3 Trinity Lutheran Church History Of, Cemetery Records, Other Originals Frelsburg, TX 1995
187 T-3 "True Orange" Newsletters Re: Univ. of Texas Sports Originals Columbus/Austin 1990
188 T-3 Turner, Jim (TX State Senator) News Clippings; Newsletter Originals and Photocopies Austin 1991
189 T-3 Turner, Ken (Artist) Professional Bio; Catalog; Business Card Originals New Ulm/Colorado County Modern Era
190 T-3 Tyler, Tony (Artist) Price List Original Eagle Lake Modern Era
191 T-3 Townsend-Reese Feud College Term Paper Howard William Townsend Colorado County 1936
192 T-3 Tornado Milentz Mobile Home Park Houston Post Newspaper Article Columbus 1991
193 T-3 Townsend, Asa & Rebecca Historical Marker Dedication Program Columbus 1998
194 T-3 Tait Family Tait-Rives Incident Two Written Accounts Alabama 1844
195 T-3 Toliver, John Deed Records Vol. O; Pgs. 61-62 Photocopies Colorado County 1870