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Section 3

Dissertations and Theses

Atkinson, Lillie E. "Slavery in the Economy of Colorado County." Master's thesis, Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1954.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Boswell, Angela. "’Separate and Apart’: Women’s Public Lives in a Rural Southern County, 1837-1873." Dissertation, Rice University, 1998.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Brown, Dewey Homer. "The History of Education in Columbus, Colorado County, Texas." Master's thesis, Sul Ross State Teachers College, 1942.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Carroll, Robert. "Robert Lloyd Smith and the Farmer's Improvement Society of Texas." Master's thesis, Baylor University, 1974. GA F-1 8

Gawlik, Dale Edward. "Competition and Predation as Processes Affecting Community Patterns of Geese." Dissertation, Texas A&M University, 1994. Call # TR S1 976.44

Hobaugh, William Carl. "Wintering Ecology of Geese in the Rice Prairie Area of Southeast Texas." Dissertation, Texas A&M University, 1982.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Loessin, Jon K. "A Study of Transportation Needs Among Senior Citizens in Colorado County, Texas." Master's thesis, Sam Houston State University, 1984.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Shaw, Norma. "The Early History of Colorado County Organized as a Model for Teaching a Local History Unit." Master's thesis, Southwest Texas State Teachers College, 1939.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Terry, Katherine Lynn. "An Evaluation of Avian Use of a Rice-Wetland System." Master's thesis, Texas A&M University, 1996.  Call # TR S1 976.44

Thrower, Omi Bailey. "The History of the Leading Industries of Colorado County Compiled as a Model for Teaching Local Industries in Social Science." Master's thesis, Southwest Texas State Teachers College, 1938.  Call # TR S1 976.44