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  • Bibliography of Printed Material

    Colorado County Bibliography In Eight Sections Compilation and commentary by Bill Stein through 2008. No other titles have been added to this list since then but a more complete list of Colorado County related items can be generated by using our catalog, or by searching our online collections. Call numbers or other locators for several entries were added to this bibliography in 2013. "Call #" indicates an item on the main library catalog system. "GA" refers to the General Archives collection, and "Bill Stein" the Bill Stein Collection in the vault, followed by the box label and file number. The locations of starred entries are being researched. Several entries need no other locator; they refer to titles in the Bill Stein Texas Room, including: Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal, The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Texana, Stirpes, Colorado County newspapers and several Texas magazine titles.

  • Bill Stein Collection

    Bill Stein, was the Nesbitt Memorial Library director/archivist from 1997 until his untimely death in December 2008.

  • General Archives Collection Index

    Local History Subject Files in Alphabetical Order, letter to legal sized items.

  • Hopkins Collection Index

    James Gillespie Hopkins and his wife Mary Elizabeth Brune Hopkins were history enthusiasts who researched and presented Colorado County's colorful past for current and future generations. Their writings and extensive collection of articles and photographs pertaining to the county and surrounding region have been given to the Nesbitt Memorial Library archives. The Hopkins Collection is the largest collection in the archives. It contains material on all facets of Colorado County’s history, including political, economic, and socio-cultural information.

  • Lee Nesbitt Collection Index

    Miss Lee Nesbitt was the benefactor of the library. This is an index to the correspondence and other papers of Lee Quinn Nesbitt relating to the establishment and operation of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, and to other matters.

  • McCormick Collection Index

    This collection was donated by the family of George McCormick, 1841-1905. McCormick was a confederate army veteran, attorney, judge, and was elected attorney general of the State of Texas in 1878 and served until 1880. He was one of sixty-nine lawyers who met in Galveston in 1882 to organize the State Bar Association.

  • Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal
  • Towell Collection

    This collection is comprised of family correspondence, legal documents dealing with Spindletop and genealogical information on the Towell Family of Columbus, Texas. Information on the Shaver, Shaw and McAdams families is also included.

  • Daughters of the American Revolution Collection