Nesbitt Memorial Library

Hahn Completes Census Index

October 2002
Thanks to the efforts of David Hahn (pictured at right in the library's Texas Room), Colorado County historians and genealogists now have a powerful new tool. In October 2002, Hahn, a native of Columbus who lives in Fort Bend County, completed an index of the recently-released 1930 United States census of Colorado County. Hahn transcribed the names and some relevant information about each of the 19,129 people who lived in the county in 1930. Hahn sent the index to the library. There, staff examined it for mistakes and omissions, and added names and other information Hahn could not read. The library posted the audited index on its website on November 4.
    At first, Hahn worked only from copies printed from a microfilm version of the census. As he proceeded, the Nesbitt Memorial Library Foundation, Inc., paid to get the census put onto a CD and posted on the Internet. Now, with both Hahn’s index and the manuscript version of the census on the Internet, researchers can easily locate an individual and view the page on which he appears, and they never have to leave their homes