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List of Colorado County Men Killed and Wounded in World War I

World War I Killed and Wounded

(Adapted from Colorado County Historical Commission, "Colorado County Men Killed or Wounded in Wounded in World War I" Colorado County Chronicles, vol. 1, ch. 8, 1986, pp. 301-302)

This page provides a list of 68 persons who died while in the service of the United States military effort during World War I (WWI), whether as the result of enemy action or otherwise, and who had close ties to Colorado County. Hundreds, if not thousands, of other men from the county served in the armed forces during the war.


Otto, Herman Hugo, died of disease 

Ulbright, Eddie, died of disease

Lee, Hilliard, died of disease 

Winkler, died of disease

Kaller, Lewis, A.E.F., killed in action

Metcek, John, died of disease(pneumonia)

 Schneider, John, died of disease (pneumonia)

Fried, Adolph, died of disease (pneumonia)

Feyrer, Edward, drowned (boat hit by submarine)

Worrel, Hamilton, killed while crossing ocean (accident)

Rahleves ,Otto, killed in action

Onchen, Henry, Jr., died of disease

Leidolf, Edgar, died of disease

Hill, Horace, wounded (railroad accident)

Herzik, Steven, wounded in action

Matthews, John, Jr., gassed

Sens, Charlie, died of disease (pneumonia)

Brast, Otto, died of disease

Fritsch, Harry, severely wounded

Kozurek, Peter, gassed

Baker, Edwin C., wounded severely

Miller, J. C., shell shocked

Schultz, Gustav, wounded

Neshyba, John, wounded

Anderson, Murphy W. (Col.), gassed, shell shocked, wounded

Christal, Ellis (Col.), wounded

Hines, Squire (Col.), died of disease

Jackson, Clyde W., wounded

Drapela, gassed

Twausik, Frank, wounded

Feiday, Irven, wounded

Ashford, William, accidentally killed

Brune, Ernest, died of disease

Schobel, Walter, killed in action

Teichert, William, wounded

Gay, Creston, gassed

Duncan, Lel, gassed

Seaborn, Benjamin T., killed in action

Jackson, August, killed in action

Burt, James, gassed

Kaller, Louis, killed in action

Pavaleck, Rudolph, died of disease

Hawkes, John P., died of disease.

Nohavitza, Eddie, gassed

Taylor, Leslie, wounded in action(severely)

Doggett, John, gassed

Mosmeyer, John, died of disease (pneumonia)

Beyer, Alfred, severely wounded

Michura, Rudolph, gassed.

Larson, Raymond, died of disease

Hooper, John F., wounded severely

Vogelsang, Robert, died of disease

Schultz, Willy, wounded

Williams, Tom (Col.), gassed and shell shocked

McGrew, Clint (Col.), died of disease

Smith, Ellis (Col.), died of disease

Falber, Joseph, severely wounded

Danklif, Wesley, gassed

Bacon, Graham, wounded

Krause, Henry F., wounded and gassed

Mahalite, Joe, died of disease

Johnson, Elmo (Col.), wounded

Ray, Lida (Col.), died of disease

Yackel, Guy, wounded

Freeman, Frank, killed in action

Hollien, Fritz, wounded

Dick, Walter, wounded (accident)

Cherry, Harry, gassed