Nesbitt Memorial Library

Transcription of 1825 Census

Census Report,

Colorado District,

Austin's Colony,

December 31, 1825


(Adapted from Eugene Campbell Barker, ed., The Austin Papers, (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1924), vol. 1, p. 1244, augmented and in a different form, with spelling corrections)


 Summary of data:


Total people 201

Male heads of households 59

Female heads of households 1

Wives 25

Sons 39

Daughters 35

Sisters 1

Hired hands 14

Negro servants 6

Other servants 21

Farmers 18

Farmers and stockraisers 19

Tanners 15

Surveyors 1

Carpenters 1

Blacksmiths 1

Gunsmiths 1



List of Families:



Alsbury, Horatio A. (farmer)

Cummins, James (farmer); wife [Rebecca]; daughter [Eliza] 16; daughter [Nancy] 14; son [Willie] 7; daughter 3, daughter 1; three servants


Ross, James (farmer); wife [Mariah]; daughter [Elizabeth] 1; six servants


Holloway, Louis (farmer); wife


Holloway, James (farmer); wife


Harrison, Henry (blacksmith)


Tumlinson, Elizabeth, a widow (farmer); son [John Jackson] 20; son [Andrew] 19; son [Joseph] 14; daughter [Elizabeth] 12


Hopkins, Jonathan (tanner); wife


Gray, Thomas, a widower (tanner)


Duty, George (tanner)


Duty, Joseph (tanner)


DeMoss, John (tanner) wife; daughter 16; sister


Anderson, Asy (tanner); wife; daughter 13; son 11; one servant


Tovar, John (tanner); wife [Theresa]; daughter 10; four servants


Burnam, Jesse (tanner); wife [Temperance]; daughter 11; son 10; son [John] 8; daughter [Minerva] 5; daughter [Nancy] 3; daughter 1; two hired hands


Nalls, Robert (tanner)


Tumlinson, James (tanner); wife [Elizabeth]; son [Littleton] 20; son [James] 18, son [David C.]; son [George W.] 10; son [John] 8; son 5; daughter 4; son 2


Beeson, Benjamin (tanner); wife [Elizabeth]; daughter [Lydia G.] 17; son [Collins] 15; daughter [Nepsey] 14; son [Abel] 11; son [Leander] 9; son [Benjamin] 3; one hired hand, seven servants


Snyder, Gabriel S. (tanner); wife [Polly]; daughter 2; five hired hands


Holloway, Daniel (tanner)


Osborn, Nathan (tanner)


Dewees, William B. (gunsmith); five hired hands


Kuykendall, Robert (farmer and stock raiser); wife [Sarah]; son [Robert] 10; daughter [Molly] 8; daughter 6; son [J. F. Trespalacios] 3


Rabb, William; wife [Mary]; son [Ulysses]; one negro servant


Rabb, Thomas J. (farmer and stock raiser)


Rabb, Andrew (farmer and stock raiser); wife [Margaret]; son [William] 1


Cooper, William


Jackson, Alexander (farmer); daughter [Mary Ann] 12; daughter [Martha] 10; daughter 8; son 7; four negro servants


Kincheloe, William (farmer and stock raiser); wife [Mary]; daughter [Nancy] 15; son 14; daughter [Maria] 14; son [Daniel] 8; son [Augustus] 5


Rawls, Daniel (farmer and stock raiser); wife; son 14; son 10; daughter 5; son 1


Rawls, Amos (farmer and stock raiser); daughter 12; son 8


Rawls, Benjamin (farmer)


Sojourner, Lloyd (farmer)


Chance, Samuel (farmer)


Williams, Thomas (farmer and stock raiser); wife [Nancy]; son [Thomas Johnson] 19; daughter [Nancy] 17; daughter [Mary] 15; one hired hand


Bell, Thomas B. (farmer and stock raiser); wife; daughter 6; daughter 4; son 1; one negro servant


Harrison, A. (farmer and stock raiser); wife; son 15; son 12


Morrison, Moses (farmer and stock raiser)


Burnett, Pumphrey (farmer and stock raiser)


Robinson, Caleb R.


Bowman, John (farmer and stock raiser)


Hunter, Eli (farmer and stock raiser); wife [Sally]


Bright, B. [David] (farmer and stock raiser); wife [Judy]; daughter [Mary] 17; son [George] 15


DeMoss, M. (farmer and stock raiser); wife; son 23; son 22; son 21; daughter 14; daughter 12; daughter 10


DeMoss, Peter (farmer and stock raiser); wife; son 5, daughter 3


Brotherton, Robert (farmer and stock raiser)


Park, William (farmer and stock raiser)


Buckner, Aylett C. (farmer and stock raiser)


Alley, Rawson (surveyor)


Alley, Thomas V. (farmer)


Alley, William (farmer)


Alley, Abraham (farmer)


McNair, James


Cook, James (farmer)


McLain, Andrew W. (tanner)


Petty, John (farmer)


Patton, Robert (carpenter)


Williams, M. (farmer); wife


Osborn, Nathan (farmer)


Toras, Joseph (farmer)