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The Friends of the Nesbitt Memorial Library is a dues-paying organization without elected officers, bylaws, meetings, or duties. The dues paid by members directly benefit the Nesbitt Memorial Library Foundation, Inc. Members will receive invitations to and are guaranteed admission to events sponsored by the Friends.

Since 1997, the Friends of the Nesbitt Memorial Library have sponsored talks and book-signings by a number of authors and historians, including  Elmer Kelton, Randolph B. Campbell, Robert Flynn,  Barry A. Crouch,  Susan Wittig Albert, Donaly E. Brice,  Leon Hale, James L. Haley, Stephen L. Hardin, Judith Henry Wall,  Bill Crider,  Donley Watt,  Charles D. Spurlin,  William C. Foster,  Chuck Parsons, Bob Huffaker, Veva Vonler, Charlene S. Ragsdale, William Clamurro, Michael Corcoran, Bill Crawford, Mike Cox, Wyman Meinzer, and Gail Folkins.

In 2001, the Friends conducted the first annual Lee Quinn Nesbitt Symposium on Texas History and Culture, which featured  T. R. Fehrenbach,  Wolfram M. Von-Maszewski, and  Joe Tom Davis. The second symposium, in 2002, brought Robert Flynn, James L. Haley, and Jean Flynn to the library. The third symposium, in 2003, featured talks on subjects connected to the Texas Rangers by Robert M. Utley, Paul N. Spellman, Harold J. Weiss, James C. Kearney, Chuck Parsons, and Allen G. Hatley. The fourth, in 2004, featured talks on the ethnic history of Texans by the general editor and some of the authors of the Texans All series, including James M. Smallwood, Allan O. Kownslar, Phyllis McKenzie, and Sara Massey.

 The Nesbitt Memorial Library Foundation was founded solely to support the library. Their website is

NML Foundation eBay Bookstore: 

Board members: Jim Kearney, Tracey Wegenhoft and Kenneth Wegenhoft