Nesbitt Memorial Library

Winter Reading Program

2023-2024 Winter Reading Program

This will be our second Winter Reading Program; running from December 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024 (2-month span). All books for the program must be checked out from the Nesbitt Library or from our Central Texas Digital Consortium (Libby), and then checked in and logged in at the Library on a reading log.

For children (Ages 0-12), every 5 picture books or 125 pages read and logged into their reading log they will receive a prize and a raffle ticket. Activities can be completed for points to go towards books/pages.

Winter Reading Program Sign-Up

For teens (Ages 12-18), every 250 pages read and logged in, participants will receive a price and raffle ticket. Activities can be completed for an extra raffle.

Teen Winter Reading Program Sign-Up

For adults (Ages 18+), every book read and logged, participants will receive a raffle ticket. Up to 6 books can be recorded.

Adult Winter Reading Program Sign-Up

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Drawing Winners

Babies (0-3)

Coen Neumann

Children (3-12)

Josie Leyendecker

Teens (12-18)

Drawing Winner: Laura Henneke

Gift Gard Winner: Brooke-lynn Gilman

Adults (18+)

Mary Straw