Nesbitt Memorial Library

2023 Summer Reading Program "All Together Now" in Review

This year we had 96 children, 23 teens, and 27 adults participate in this years reading program.

Children read 102,751pages and 2,913 books with 54 children finishing the program!

Teens read a total of 75,806 pages with the highest recording being over 37,091 pages!

Adults read a total of 208 books, which is over double the number from last year (72 books)!

We had 81 programs this summer with a total around 980 attendees! Thank you for joining us in our programs.

Thanks to all our patrons who joined us for our 2023 Summer Reading Program!

Bundle Winners

Devyn Krc

Faith Stratton

Giselle Rodriguez

Katherine Anderson

Landry Venghaus.jpg

Landry Venghaus

Seth Ray

Henry Jones, and Robbie Jones

Boa & Jack Neal

Micah Polasek

Lincoln Commanda

Dewey Turk

Brooke-Lynn Gilman

Abigail Turner

Jennifer Rosales in place of winner April Sanchez, Andrea Rosales, Cesar Sanchez

Mary Ann Mikulenka

  SRP Ending Partyfireworks-drawing-vector-3 flip.png

Ending Party Raffle Winners

Dani Fuentes, Brynlynn Shifflett, Rhett Rosenbaum

George Bergfeld III, Landon Weaver, Jason Dooley

Krc, Charlotte Hassin, Audrey Theriot

Sarah Henneke, Easton Price, Evan Johnson

Pria Escamilla

Wesley Obenhous, Jett Luedecke, Michelle Stratton

Zach Johnson, Nicole Bergfeld

Samuel Vanterpool