Nesbitt Memorial Library

SRP 2013

Dig Into Reading was the 2013 Summer Reading Program theme. We truly appreciate our volunteer storytellers that came each Tuesday: Glenda Lambert, Jacob Truchard, Erin Koehl, Jessica Neath, Mary Mattingly, Danette Cantu, Shana Neisner and Deborah Mitchell. Of the 162 children that signed up for the reading program, 115 received certificates for reading at least 10 books or 250 pages. Thirty-five children completed the goal to read at least 70 books, or 1750 pages by July 29. After every 10 books logged, each child entered his or her name in a box for a drawing for one of eight $25 gift cards. The names were drawn at the closing program on July 30. Magician/Storyteller Julian Franklin was the headliner for the closing program for the 112th year in a row and got oohs and ahhs from the crowd of 94 children and 39 adults. Overall, at least 508 children and 156 adults attended the Tuesday programs.



August 6 kick started our year round Preschool storytime and no better way than with Puppeteer and Storyteller, Nitsana Lazerus!  She performed two shows. A morning show for Storytime and afternoon show about bullying for school aged kids. Together she entertained 85 viewers in all! Now every Tuesday at 10 am the library hosts storytime for preschoolers.* 

  * December 24 and 31 there will be no Storytime.

Susan Jayme and Nancy      Jayme

Author, Jayme Lynn Blaschke, presented his new book Ghosts of the Chicken Ranch. His presentation included a slide show of pictures from the book that were photographed by Lisa Elliot Blaschke, as well as, photographs that he had taken that were never before seen by the public eye. Jayme squashed  some rumors surrounding the brothel and re-told memories the brothel’s last madam, Miss Edna, shared with him at their meeting two years before her death. Jayme also read excerpts from two chapters of his work in progress.

load2013 citycemsign

The 11th Annual Live Oaks and Dead

 Folks Cemetery Tour was held on November 1 & 2 at the Columbus City Cemetery. There were 12 "haints" which included William B. Dewees, the founder of Columbus.  Photos from the event are linked below. 

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