Nesbitt Memorial Library

Smallwood, Howell, Kearney on Texas History

null Three Texas history authors that have been active in the work of the Nesbitt Memorial Library spoke to 55 attendees on May 6, 2010, about their most recent publications, all in the Nesbitt Memorial Library collection.

Dr. James Smallwood presented several of his books, including his most recent one, The Feud That Wasn't, which reinforces the interpretation that Reconstruction was actually just a continuation of the Civil War in another guise.  This work was designated the "Most Significant Scholarly Book of 2008" by the Texas Institute of Letters. Smallwood is Emeritus Professor of History at Oklahoma State University.

null Dr. Kenneth W. Howell's latest book, The Seventh Star of the Confederacy: Texas During the Civil War, received the Pate Award in Civil War History, presented each year by the Fort Worth Civil War Round Table for outstanding original research on the Trans-Mississippi sector of the war. The book contains written by  Dr. Smallwood, and by former Nesbitt Memorial Library director Bill Stein.
null James Kearney presented his book, Nassau Plantation: The Evolution of a Texas Slave Plantation, a study of the organization of German noblemen who attempted to settle thousands of German emigrants on the Texas frontier in the 1840s, and the role of the slave plantation from the German point of view. Kearney currently teaches German at Katy High School and has been a featured speaker at numerous conventions and symposia on Texas-German subjects.