Nesbitt Memorial Library

Anders Saustrup, Eccentric Historian, Found Dead

null Anders S. Saustrup, former professor at Yale University and the University of Texas, and a powerful, positive influence on the development of the archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, was found dead in his home near Round Top on February 9, 2008. Saustrup, pictured at left in 2006, was born in Denmark on February 7, 1930. In addition to his teaching duties, he worked for the Texas State Historical Association and was instrumental in initiating the production of The New Handbook of Texas. He was also an historical advisor to James Michener when Michener was writing his novel Texas. Michener correctly described him as "most knowledgeable in the minutiae of Texas history." Saustrup spent years working on an edited translation of Reise nach Texas, which was published in Bremen in 1834 and is often said to be the first book in German about Texas. That work brought Saustrup to Columbus where, as he discovered, the book's author's wife and other family members had lived and were buried. Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, Saustrup's advice helped mold the archives into the outstanding facility it is.